Written by mayoman3000

4 Jan 2016

well i'm back to finish this story, i hope i haven't kept you waiting too long, i liked the comments, good and bad, keep them coming please.

as you know i was fucked by what i thought was a young lad, i was hooded so i couldn't tell, well my abuse and rape went on for a few weeks or at least i think it was weeks,just getting bread and water and being hosed down when a customer would be due to fuck me and the young lad would come in every night when everyone was gone, one night he came in and as usual he rammed his hard cock in my by now well loosened ass and went to town on me, he must have been in a fight or something because he was very aggressive with me, pulling my hair, slapping me on my head and ass and fucking me as hard as he could, pulling out all the way and ramming it back in as hard as he could, he started banging my head on the ground, he was really hurting me, i was trying to scream but i was gagged, after about five minutes he came in my ass with 3 or 4 long thrusts, and emptied his balls full of cum in my ass, i was glad he had finished because he would have killed me if he had kept going, i could feel my blood coming from my head and i could also smell it, so did he because he started to panic and started to say he was sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt me, but then the real panic set in for him when he realised that my pimps would see me and they would guess who was fucking me without paying, the only ones who could have freebees was them, so to my good fortune he told me "i know where i can get bolt cutters, i'll go get it and i'll be back in five minutes", and sure enough he was, he cut the chains and the gimp mask on my head and i was free, he again said he was sorry for hurting so much, i told him it was ok and thanked him for setting me free, i asked him if he could tell me where the fucking pigs were who kidnapped me and he showed me their house about 200 meters away, i wrapped the old blanket around me and asked him to help me get away, he agreed, but first something i had to do, i had a look around the place and found a can of petrol and a lighter in a van, i went inside and poured the petrol on the open fire that was dying and it took off,i splashed it around the whole house, i also made sure all the fuckers were home and asleep. as i left the house i had a great feeling of revenge and satisfaction, i asked him if he could drive, he said he could, we took the van( the keys were on the table and i took them) the young lad was scared, i told him we're in this together and i wont tell if you don't, he was ok with that or so he said, i told him where i lived and he drove me there it was about 80 miles away so we got chatting, he told me he was 15 and he had been sneaking into their shed for three years fucking men they would kidnap, he was homeless and he used to squat in sheds and empty houses, stealing food as he needed,his parents were drunks and he got out as soon as he could to escape the beatings. we finely got to my home and i asked if wanted to stay the night, he said yes so i told him to park the van in my garage out of sight and we would return it the following night, i went for a shower and it felt good to be clean again, i asked him if wanted one and he did there was food in the freezer so i made us some dinner when he finished showering we ate, man it was good to be back home, we had a chat for a while and it came up about him raping me every night for three weeks, he said he was sorry, i told him it was ok, after all he set me free, and i would be greatful for the rest of my life, and i told him i was gay and i enjoyed him fucking me despite the conditions i was in, he was surprised to hear me say that, he asked if i would let him fuck me again, i said in a heart beat,with that he came over to me and kissed me on the mouth,i kissed him back put my arms around him and hugged him tight,i told him why don't we go to bed, he agreed and we went upstairs, at last i could see him naked and he was gorgeous,let me tell you, he was seven inches and bare chested wit a little bit of pubes,nice plump balls and a face and body to die for, i lay on the bed and he lay on top of me and we kissed long and hard then he put my feet over his shoulders and pushed his hard cock in my ass, while kissing me, this i was really enjoying, he fucked me lovingly for most of the night,cowboy,reverse cowboy,doggy,you name it he did it to me and i loved every minute, he could cum at the drop of a hat and my hole was dripping all night, but i was in heaven, no need for condoms he had been raping me for three weeks so there was no point, the following night he brought the van back and i followed in my car, no one had seen the place go up in flames, it was well out of the way, so when he had parked the van we were going to say goodbye but i had an idea i asked him if he would like to come live with me, you can have all the ass you want , a place to call home and if you get sick of fucking me you can bring guys home, i wont mind, he thought to himself for a while and said he would try it for a bit, to see how it goes. well he's been my lover,master, housemate and friend for a few months now,and he still fucks me senseless every night, i couldn't be happier.

well that's all folks, hope you enjoy and as always leave comments, good or bad, i like them all