First Time
9 Feb 2020

Warm up Routine

I had been chatting to Sandra for a while and making plans for a meet with her. Ok we’d shared some photos, both liking what we saw of each other. Slowly and surely the sexual tension and energy was building up nicely,

‘Maybe give me an idea of what I can expect from you,’ she asked me one evening in a message. ‘Sometimes guys come across like politicians, promising the sun, moon and stars to women. How they’ll last all night, make me cum over and over etc. And then at the end of it all not even show up when arranged.

‘Fair enough, I thought and so thinking along the ‘politician’ analogy, I put together a sort of manifesto or proposal as to what to expect of me once we were in the privacy of a sexual playing space.

‘We will undress each other slowly, ‘I began. Taking our time to caress each piece of flesh that is gradually revealed. Removing hoodies, jackets, blouses, t shirts, skirts, jeans, in a gentle a and dignified manner. Your bra will be removed but you will keep your panties, g string on, as those are a huge turn on for me. I will keep my tight briefs on too so as to contain my erection which I’m sure I will have at that stage.

I will then ask you to lie down on a bed or the floor, depending on where we are located. Starting at your feet I will begin to caress and kiss you there, and then slowly move up your legs to calf muscles and knees. From the knees I will switch my tongue to the inside of your legs and move upwards along the inside of your thighs, kissing and savouring your tender female skin. When I reach your crotch region, I will gently nuzzle your pussy through the fabric of your panties, just to check that you are cooking in there, that the temperature, and wetness is at the correct levels.

Onwards and upwards over the tummy and to your impressive breasts. Ill gladly suck and tease each nipple to ensure its as hard as nature intended it to be under arousal. Then a few kisses around your neck before navigating my way back down the way I came .This time I will delay longer , maybe pulling the g string to one side to examine the honey pot,, licking any juices that have seeped out and flicking around the clitoris to ensure extreme hardness and so set it up for the action later on.

And so it is, that will be my opening warm up action…after that then the sky will be the limit as I will then turn the invite you to work your magic. The ball will then be firmly in your court. That is one promise I will keep, you can bet your life on that.