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Sky guy

"Fix my TV"

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"What a fuck"


Well, let me tell you this.

So last week my sky tv decided to stop working leaving me no option but to call sky, after 40mins on the phone I eventually got a visit booked to get it fixed.

Well 3days later and I get the knock on the door, (well fuck me, what a hunk of a lad he is) and here he is to fix the problem. It was 7.50am as I was his first call of the day, and with me only being wakened and still in my pyjamas and dressing gown we got to talking over a coffee as he was doing some tests with something.

As I have multi rrom he had to go to my bedroom which is where he seen my vibrator laying out( forgot to put away). Anyway, with us both embarrassed we laughed it off and the chat took a turn to the naughty side, and within a few minutes, let’s just says I was on my knees, what a bulge he had, I undid his belt and trousers and it nearly hit me in the face, a good 7-8inches and rock hard.

I wasn’t long in getting it in my mouth and running my tongue along the shaft, omg this is big.

Before I know what’s happening he has me on my back on the bed, legs in air pulling my pyjamas off to show my soaking wet pussy to which he dived into head first, what a tongue action, before I knew it I was in full orgasm…

You want to hear what else??

Written by Riley1978

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