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11 Oct 2018

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Rachel sat at her desk, it was late, everyone had left for the evening except herself and Ben. They had been working late an evening or 2 a week as there was a lot to do. The only distraction was knowing he was only a few short steps down the corridor. He had taken to bringing her a mug of coffee about 7pm. He would arrive with 2 mugs and perch himself on the edge of her desk, leg dangling loosely as he discussed some client or other as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She had learned to stay calm, to try look unaffected by his closeness. She enjoyed his chats, the smell of his cologne and his deep gravelly voice. Since she had started the job almost a month earlier she was proud of what a good team they had become, there was a magnetism between them that seemed to be intensifying with each passing week. She felt his attraction towards her, yet to date he had made no move. Rachel couldn’t understand what it was about him affected her in this way, She was used to being in control of her feelings around men and always the dictator of proceedings with her prey. She didn’t enjoy the element of unexpectedness that seem to constantly present itself when Ben was around. Earlier today she had decided to take action, she was going to tackle it head on and take matters into her own hands. She had carefully planned out her moves and all she had to do was wait to execute them. She was surprised at how nervous she felt as she waited for the minutes to tick by.

At exactly 6.30pm Rachel made 2 mugs of coffee, The red light on her phone indicated Ben was on a call. She made her way to his office, knocked swiftly and entered without waiting for his command. He looked surprised to see her and smiled as he continued his call. She placed her coffee on one side of his desk and as she leaned forward with his mug she jerked slightly sending a splash of coffee straight into his lap. In a flash she was around beside him, she pulled a clean tissue from her pocket and began to dab at the coffee stain, She knew it wasn’t burning as she had not completely boiled the kettle. Ben wriggled in his seat trying to remove her hand but Rachel had already felt the hardness beneath her fingers. Ben stood up and Rachel whispered quietly to him that he needed to remove his trousers, as he shook his head she almost laughed at the knowledge that he was having great difficulty ending his call. Quickly Rachel unbuckled his belt avoiding eye contact she expertly pushed his hands away. By the time she had his zipper undone he was so aroused he was bursting to be freed from his boxers. As her hand brushed over the damp coffee spot on his briefs, Rachel could feel the hardness of his manhood. Oh Boy, she thought he is huge…

Rachel was beside herself with excitement, things were going better than she had planned, she had Ben exactly where she wanted him...in the palm of her hand…and he was totally unable to stop her, she was enjoying his discomfort as she knew he was out of his depth not being in control. Raising her eyes to look at him, she cooed softly, ‘I’m so sorry Ben, does it hurt? Maybe I should kiss him better’ Ben gasped as she gently pulled his boxers over his bulging member, she began to plant small gently kisses along his shaft, making her way along each side she cupped his balls in her hand and massaged them lightly. Bens voice became more gravelly and his breathing raspy as he struggled to cope with this unexpected but welcomed assault on his manhood. Rachel kissed and licked and teased him until Ben was almost lifting out of the seat in anticipation of being in her mouth, she didn’t rush, every so often she would stop and looking up at him, lick her lips with desire as she watched his excitement grow, She admired the beauty of him, his long thick length and perfectly shaped mushroom head oozing drops of his love juice. Each time she return her attention to the task at hand she became aware of him becoming more and more engorged. Rachel massaged him with her hands and mouth with expert precision, alternating between sucking on his balls and licking his length. Just as Ben finally finished his call she reached his head, Ben groaned with pleasure as he felt her finally wrap her warm velvety mouth around him, he tried to thrust into her but Rachel pushed firmly against his stomach indicating that she was in control, she flicked and licked his head, using the tip of her tongue to rim his small tip and taste his juice. She moaned with pleasure beneath him as she continued her assault, constantly changing tack tick each time she knew he was near, her teeth grazed up and down his length extracting animal like sounds from him, she could hear his heart thumping in his chest as his arousal continued to grow. When she felt Ben was reaching his peak she wrapped her mouth firmly around him and suck him deeply into the back of her throat, each move sent him deeper and deeper, she felt his fingers grabbing at her hair as he held her firm and finally with a lion like roar he coated the back of her throat with his warm milky fluid. Rachel held still as spurt after spurt he emptied himself into her wanting mouth. As she felt him relax she slowly released him carefully swallowing down his offerings. Licking her lips, she smiled up at him as she stood to her feet. Rachel carefully placed the tissue across his now shrinking member and turn to leave his office.

‘Enjoy your coffee’ she said before he could speak.

Walking back to her office Rachel smiled to herself, she had just given the geekiest guy in school her speciality and it was amazing!!!

Next story in series: Old Friends .....Ben's Story

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