29 Aug 2018

kate was likeing all this new stuff I was doing to her .she only ever had sex with her husband john before.a man who only thought kate got her needs by him mounting her and filling her with his seed .so I decided to come back the next nite with kates approval .

this time I brought the goody bag ,armed with vibrating anal beads a vib and lube

after a lot of kissing foreplay etc .it was time to rim her lovely bum .working my tonge properly had her turned on that she asked me to put a finger in .I lubed her and gently inserted one bead then two back to one the two she started thrusting her bum for more which she got then I turned it on and omg did she moan as id inserted a vib up her front and put it on kate was in a state of im in heaven it was so intense between her bum and pussy then. she orgasmed and squirted .she couldn't get enough .I gave kate the toys to keep .john was home tomorrow and sex with kate again could be a long way off.i told her practice new positions and think of me when it was playtime.she assured me that would be regular and next time I was lucky she would let me sit and watch her masturbate in ways she like best. we meet in town chat and smile and if john isn't there I tell her I want to fuck you so bad sent john on hols .we smile and look forward to another soaked bed .