11 Dec 2017

I have used the same hairdresser for years, she is 35 5ft 6 inches tall, a sexy size 8 with the mist stunning looks you have ever seen.

I have done odd jobs for her me being quite handy, and she has my number for any little problems she has. One morning I get a call from the salon, sorry to bother you, are you free? Yes I answer, what’s wrong? She tells me she is at the salon getting ready for a wedding, and she is stuck with something? Ok i’ll Come around. The salon is only ten minutes away, when I get there, I get my tools out and go to open the door, it’s locked but she hears me and opens it. She looks stunning in a beautiful red dress, hair and makeup done, I look at her... wow! Thank you she says, you won’t be needing your tools, what? I answer, I thought you need a job doing? Yes she answers, I can’t get my stockings to fasten onto my basque!

I called Trisha who came in to do my hair and makeup, but she is not answering? You don’t mind do you? No, I answered, if my hands do not tremble to much! In the salon, she pulls out a chair and puts her leg up, the sight of her dress going up, revealing the lovely silk red lace knickers and black sheer stockings and black and red Basque, my mouth is open, holy fuck I say...... you look stunning! She says well thank you and says come on then, please get my stockings attached! I have a look, and she smells incredible! My hands are shaking, there are no clips? Oh no, what are we going to do? I look and say, have you any hair clips? Yes, and she stretches to the shelf and hands me a box. Other than getting my hair cut from her I have never been so close to her, my cock is throbbing, she is driving me to distraction! I get some pliers from my tool box, and make a little clip out of the hair clip. It works! And she changes legs and I do the same for the other stocking, are you ok she ask? Sorry, but you just look incredible! So sexy! She laughs and kisses me on the cheek, your my hero she says. I say look they are on ok, but I will need to bend those clips back with the pliers to get your stockings off! Oh no she laughs, can I call you later? Of course you can. Oh no! I am staying at the hotel where the wedding is! Where is it? Sherring Hill, ah that’s not far, just ring me. Are you sure? Yes, now go and enjoy your wedding, she locks up and I walk her to her car, you look beautiful I say, and hold my hand out to her, she leans in and kisses be full on the lips, thank you, see you later, and she gets in her car, she then puts the window down and says, hey, bring a bottle of prosecco with you, and blows me a kiss. My mind is racing! Is this really happening? I cannot wait for the phone to ring.

I get home and watch some tv, have a take away pizza and then shower and shave, clean clothes and nice smellies and aftershave, it’s only eight o’clock, and I estimate it being 12-1 am that she will call, so I plan to watch a film, only an hour later, my phone rings, hi, how’s it going? It’s dull! She answers, have you got your pliers? Lol, and so does she! And do not forget the bottle! I get the chilled bottle and head for the car, excited, yes, nervous... yes,

More to come.

As I arrive at her room she looks so sexy!

She kisses me and takes the bottle out of my hands..... I want you she says! You do?

Yes! And she starts to sexily undress!

My mouth falls open and she looks just incredible! She pulls me close and kisses me exploring my mouth with her tongue, she unzips my jeans and they fall to the floor, she steps backwards and falls on the bed, the bottle falling on the carpet, but does not break! She pulls at my shirt buttons and tells me she wants me to fuck her all night! I have known this woman for years, doing odd jobs, nights out, mine for dinner, hers for lunch but never anything? And now out of nowhere we are wrapped around each other, like crazed sex starved teenagers! Her body is just glorious, and she tells me how horny she is feeling, her stockinged legs and basque are just class, my cock is rigid and oozing pre cum, she collects some on her fingers and taste it, so nice she says, and she moves down and swallows my cock, oh wow this is unreal, her tongue licking my balls as her mouth is fastened tightly around my pulsing cock, and I feel her pussy through her red lacy briefs, she sucks a bit harder, and I am in heaven. She then sticks a finger up my ass and this sends me over the top! I start shooting hot cum, into her mouth, and I can see Her swallowing every drop!

I then pulled her briefs down to reveal a sexy smooth wet pussy, and she pushed my head down towards it, the taste, the smell, the feel, and she moaned so sexually, as I rolled my tongue around her gorgeous pussy, and as I sensed her coming I slip a finger up her butt, and she was in extercy! She was so vocal and this was making my cock grow so hard again, she flooded my face, and we were both so turned on.

Fuck me, give me your cock! She demanded, as she got on all fours and pushed her ass out, I got behind her and rubbed my cock along her, although wet, she was so tight! I pushed in slowly and she’ gasped, I had never entered a tighter pussy, I was amazed, fuck me she pleaded! So I slowly began and she was screaming and telling me she loved this...... fuck me harder! Harder, and my pace was good enough for my balls to be slapping her tight cute ass. She kept looking around and looking at me. I was grabbing her 32c breast and massaging her and her nipples were like bullets. She was cumming again, and I was not far behind her, she told me she was cumming, so I pounded her as hard as i could, I could feel her juices running down my balls, and I kind of half pulled out, and my cum ran down her as I was trying to spray it on her ass hole, she said oh yes! Cover my ass you dirty fucker.

We had a well earned drink of pressecco and she asked me to get the pliers and take the stockings off, they were shiny with cum juice, she went to the bathroom and I lay back on the bed, my head was spinning, I could hear the shower on, and she shouted me in, the shower was large and she was fully naked, soap me down hunny she asked and I lathered up the sexiest female body I ever had seen, the heat and feel of her baked wet body was just incredible! My cock was rock hard again, and she started to soap me down, she got on her knees and orally started cleaning my cock, she was such a good cock sucker and grabbed my arse cheeks as she pulled me tightly into her. And quite honestly I have never had my balls sucked as good, she was driving me wild!

Back to the bed, I lay her down and kissed her all over, I then went down licking and sucking her clit, and eating her pussy like a very hungry man. She was starting too cum again, and I got on the floor on my knees and finger fucked her, she arched her back and I could see her juices squirt out, wow! What a sight!

So sexy! I sat back on the bed and she straddled me, and rode my cock slowly, we were in sheer heaven- please like-share if you want more?

I woke early next morning and for a few seconds thought that this had been a dream, I looked across at her sleeping, she looked so peaceful and so sexy, her stunning looks her gorgeous angelic face. She woke up saying hey sexy! And put her head on my chest, Thank you for last night, I say that was the best night of my life, you are adorable! She said well I’m not checking g out of here until tomorrow, do you fancy breakfast? Dinner and me? Oh yes I do, as we kiss and embrace so passionately, she gets up and sits on my face, one of my favourite things, her lovely smooth pussy covering my mouth. I tongue her passionately and she starts to moan! Then shake, she tells me she is cuming hard

And she is not lying! OMG this woman is heaven!