Written by bigniall

17 Dec 2008

Well Enjoy,

As I say this is about 95% true

I live in Southern Ireland

Well, I am sure you may not believe this story, or should I say real life happening, but let me assure you it did happen as and in the way I tell it.

It all starts! Sorry let me tell you about my self, I am 53 and my wife is 39 years old, we had been married before to other people, but we have been living together for over 12 years, there are children involved, however almost grown up'¦My wife is a very pretty, 5.6 tall blond shoulder length hair, witty, funny, and an exciting person, she loves a social (or more) drink, loves sex, we have a very good sex life, she loves cock in her and we enjoy sex so much'¦ and she loves to look good and dress good, she has nice clothes and loves nice sexy underwear, always wears Thongs, I am tall, 6.2, well built, Handsome, with my own hair etc. nice cock, love sex, willing to please in any way

This happening begins when we were out for one of our weekly night outs, we went to our local town Bar and had a few drinks, talking to some old friends at the bar counter, then we sat down at a table and settled down to have a chat and see if any of our friends came in, well we had only just been sitting when this man came to me!' saying well I have not seen you in a while', I looked up to see a very good old friend that I had not heard from in many years, `David I said Hi What you doing here, sorry this is my Partner Susan', they shook hands, `Join us,' he remarked how lovely she looked and still holding her hand said if she was ever fed up of me than he would love to step in my shoes'¦I told him to shut up and have a Drink! Vodka and Soda with ice as usual? `Correct he said', and I went to the bar,

I came back and we were soon reminiscing about Old times, you see David was on the same rugby team as my self he is about 42 as he was quite young on our team when I was starting to finish up playing, but we were very good friends on the rugby side of things, I had helped to teach him a few tricks or two on the pitch. He had gone to England later and we lost touch, it was great to see him again, we were talking about old times, when men were men! Fishes Flew! Pears grew on thorny bushes! And women wore suspenders'¦it was a saying we used to have, as we all said the good old days, (Funny of the 3 I was really the only old one there)

Excuse me! My wife said laughing women still wear suspenders. And proceeded to tell him that she still wears them, but she did not have them on tonight, `Good for you, my type of woman he replied' laughing That really broke the ice, from there on it would be possible to say anything.

Anyway we chatted and Susan got on great with David, he is so easy going and very easy to talk to, he was the same as ever, Dark hair, Handsome, good Body, Tall very good looking, witty, mad about the girls, a charmer, but such a nice person, anyway we had a few drinks, and between Susan and himself I hardly got a word in, they were like the old friends that had not had a good chat in years, I did believe she was playing up to him, she was like a young one again and he was loving it, she was besotted by him, then I saw someone at the bar I had to talk to and said excuse me for a few minutes, I went chatting leaving David and Susan alone ,

A little later I saw David getting Drink from the bar for Susan and himself, then the barman handed me a drink saying that was from the gentleman talking to Susan, Thank you I said. An odd time I looked over to see Susan really Laughing at whatever David was saying, I said great they were getting on fine and I chatted away for a little while longer with a few of the friends.

Eventually I went back and sat down with them and Susan said she heard all about my wild past rugby days, they were laughing and we all had a good old chat, well the night came to a close and we had to get a Taxi home, Susan held both our arms as we walked to the taxi rank David was staying In a Hotel and said he would walk there, it was not far but we insisted in dropping him off on the way by Taxi, I took the front and Susan and he went in the back.

It was only 5 minutes to his hotel and he said good night saying what a lucky man I was to have such a beauty as Susan, he said could he steal a kiss, I said `Its up to Susan not me', She said `Come here' and they had a little Kiss Good night, after that I said we would see him over the weekend and he must come to see our house, He said he would love too, I should phone him tomorrow.

Well Susan was totally taken by him as some of the words she used on the way home, such as ` Lovely Man! Very good-looking! Sweet! Nice! Sexy! Etc. She was a little drunk, so she was saying things she normally would not say, I found I was quite excited in the way she was turned on by him, I had not seen that reaction to another man in many years.

At home we sat and chatted for 10 Minutes before going to bed, she could only talk about the lovely night we had out and what a pleasant and nice man David was, She said how sorry she felt for him as his wife had gone off with another man, and at the moment he was in-between relationships, but it was not easy to find a nice person to be with.

I told her of his Nickname when he was in the rugby club, it was Big-Ock which was short for Big-Cock which he got christened from the showers, as he had a big Cock, she said Oh! Lovely, laughing! My type of man Ha

When we went to bed, she was in the mood for sex, great for me, I was happy that she was sexy, suddenly she asked is his Cock really big, I said David! Oh well it's a lot bigger than mine'¦. then it came to me that she was turned on by him, she was very sexy, very wet and open when I touched her fanny, she had obviously been very wet for some time and her fanny was ready and open for cock'¦ I did not need foreplay, she was ready and wanting me, she pushed hard against me, she wanted me in her in a hurry, there was a much greater passion in her love making, she was really turned on, I thought she was fantasizing about David and I got very excited thinking of her getting excited thinking of him. Our lovemaking was very intense, she wrapped her legs around me as I pushed up and down her Cunt, Then I said ` I am sure David would love to have a woman tonight to fuck like this'

She said `Yes' and then within seconds she came, (which was quite quickly) she really had a massive orgasm, it lasted much longer that usual, I also had a very intense climax and when it was over

I said! `Who was a very sexy Girl Then!!!'

She replied `Oh Fuck I was, badly wanted!!! Night Darling' In my mind I just said Thanks David! For a lovely end to the night'¦ We soon collapsed asleep.

The next Day was Friday and in the morning before going to work, Susan suggested that we invite David to dinner on the next night Saturday night, I thought that was a good idea and so a little later in the morning I phoned David and invited him, he was trilled and said he would love to come, I told him I would meet him in the bar where we met the other night, at 7.00 pm. and we could have a drink first before we went home, he agreed and we left it at that.

That Night I went to bed before Susan she was watching a movie, I got thinking of the previous night and the attraction Susan had for David, I was wondering when had she gotten turned on? When did her fanny want sex, Soon I was rock hard and found my hand playing with my cock, I was thinking of her thinking of him, I was pulling myself with great pleasure, thinking of her kissing him and him touching her, I was not jealous just very excited, I could not believe I was masturbating thinking of Susan kissing and been with another Man, the more I went on the greater I left them go in my mind and was thinking of her having his hands on her breasts, but soon I had a massive climax, after that I devised a plan for the next day to test Susan and David , I was quite excited and the more I thought about it the better the plan was, I wanted to see if she got turned on by him again. I was asleep before Susan came to bed.

Saturday Susan spent the day Cleaning and tiding getting the house ship shape, the 2 kids were going to stay with friends as they usually do on a Saturday night, so she and I set the table, I got the fire going, it was early Sept, so not Cold but as she said a fire makes a room look alive, I thought to myself it also makes a person very warm both inside and outside, I was very excited all day and looking forward to see if my plan would work, or was I just expecting too much, giving me this wild excitement even more.

When it came to getting dressed Susan as usual did not know what to wear, various outfits were tried on, Some to long, to short, to dark, to tight, to loose, to revealing, etc, in the end we picked a lovely outfit, a nice white top very low cut, tiny sleeves just about on the edge of the shoulder, made to fall off the shoulder at the slightest tip and they would fall down, and a lovely sexy skirt a good bit above the Knee, Slinky Silk very expensive, a bit like the bottom of a slip. Flouncing when she walked, sexy feeling to the touch, and a lovely girly shade of pink, the whole think very sexy, and very feminine, slightly see through no inner slip.

Underneath her Ego-boost wonder bra which lifted and pushed her 36c breasts to show a wonderful cleavage, as she always said if you have them, than flaunt them'¦ a matching very small pretty pink sexy lacy thong, and as she said she had to wear suspenders for the old men tonight, and stockings, she was really lovely, very sexy, just the way I wanted her to be, I was so proud of having such a fabulous sexy woman.

I went and met up with David at the bar, we had a drink first and then came out as dinner was nearly ready, she was delighted to see David again and they exchanged a greeting kiss at the door of the kitchen, he gave her a box, and a bottle of wine for dinner, and told her how marvellous she looked, she opened the box to find 6 red roses inside, I said you bloody charmer, laughing, she said leave him alone, at least there are some gentleman left, she thanked him again and gave him another kiss, she put them in water and put them on the table centre.

Well we went through a lovely meal, 3 bottles of wine, Irish coffee, lots of lovely Steak she really did me proud, we had a great chat and a laugh, we all got on like a house on fire, 2 hours later we finished and retired to the front room and the fire.

My Plan started to go into action, I went in first and took the single Settee chair, making it that they had to share the 3 person couch, which they did, I offered a drink and David said a beer please, and I poured one for myself, Susan said a glass of wine, I got these drinks and advised that I would have to go to the town for more beer as these were the last ones we had, and I had forgotten to get some more today, Susan said she was sure there were more that 2 there, but I assured her no, that was all, she checked herself (I had hidden the others, Part 2 of my plan to leave them alone for a short time).

We chatted for a while and I put on some nice slow romantic music. There was a nice mood in the room and as Susan sat down you could see her skirt was flowing in-between her legs, very sexy'¦ her Top was slipping off one shoulder, but she did not even notice herself, after a bottle of wine and an Irish Coffee, I do not think she cared very much, she went to the loo and I said I would go to the town for more beer and I would be about 15 minutes, as I went out I told David if he was bored that Susan loved to dance, (laughing) especially slow dancing and winked at him, I said seen you soon.

I went out got into my car and went around the corner a bit and parked the car, and came back to the house on foot, pre arranged I had left the curtains in the front room slightly parted, well about 1 ½ inches, this way looking through this gap was like looking at a television, you could see the whole room, but because it was dark outside people in the room could not see you looking at them, anyway as I approached the window I could see David sitting in the room.

Soon Susan came into the room and stood with her back to the fire facing David, I noticed she had pulled her skirt up a little showing more leg, it was quite obvious, soon they were chatting away, then she sat down next to David, a respectable distance from him, they were drinking and laughing, I was not sure what I was expecting to find, I thought nothing was going to happen, I was very excited and had butterflies in my stomach, after what seemed like ages he stood up, put his hands down to her hands and dragged her up ,I could not make out what they were saying exactly, but it looked like he asked her to come on `lets have a dance' she was not very interested I really think she was shy, however he insisted and they started to dance, she had one hand on his shoulder and he held her other hand, very proper type of dancing, big gap in-between them,

It did not take him long to just put her other hand on his shoulder and both his hands around her waist, they were chatting as they slow danced around the room, but I noticed the gap was getting less, her pointed breasts were now against him, her hands were clasped around the back of his neck, which brought her up against him, his hands were well around her waist, he was gently pulling her against him.

They danced slower not really moving much around the room, I watched his hands and I could see his hand go lower on her skirt, his other hand was caressing her back ever so slightly, running slowly up and down her spinal cord, her head was now resting against his shoulder and her breasts were flattening against his chest, they had stopped chatting and were aware of the sensations between them.

His hand was going down and then up, but this time as it came up it went just under the back of her top to feel her naked skin, he left it there without moving, Just to get her used to his hand on her naked skin (a master at work) I could see her skin as his hand had her top up quite a bit, it looked very sexy.

Her hand was feeling the back of his neck, going through his hair; he knew then that she must have been excited.

I guess by now his erection was pressing against the top of her cunt and tummy, her eyes were closed as his hands were under her top and moving around her back, right up to her bra, then one hand came out and moved down on her skirt it must have felt lovely to him as it was so slinky and silky his fingers playing with the outline of her thong.

He was caressing her ass, not too low down, but then his hand came around the side and he must have found her suspenders, he let his fingers run over them, she leaned back against his hand which was around her waist, as he must have made some joke about her wearing suspenders, as she did her tummy would have been really pressing against his cock, and looking at the two of them they were really tight together below the waist, his hands pulling her hard against him, she must have been really wet at this stage, looking at them both the top half of their bodies were leaning back while the lower half pressed harder together, and swayed slightly.

I was holding my own cock by this time, it hard as a rock, and I was hoping for more, I was as happy as they were, feeling so good at the scene in front of me, very excited and so happy for her, I had to be careful not to climax, it was an unbelievable experience.

Then he leaned his face down and kissed her, he pulled back before she could do anything and they just looked at one another, she smiling at him, then he came forward again and he kissed again this time holding her mouth with his, her eyes closed I could make out her starting to respond they started to kiss deep, very passionate kiss, her hands were moving all around the back of his head pulling his head down to her

Then she went up on her toes, bringing her cunt fully up against his hard cock, (she used to do this with me as when standing her cunt would be below my cock and she would go on her toes so she could feel my cock against her cunt), he was aware of what she had done as his hands were caressing her ass and helping to lift he up against his cock, he was really low down and going right into the crack of her ass with his fingers, he was lifting her to get his cock against her cunt, then one hand went quite a way around the front, but not quite to her cunt which was tight against him anyway, then his hand went down and lifted her skirt up enough to get to feel her thighs and stocking top and suspenders,, he was caressing her thong on her ass and her suspenders, squeezing her ass,

He must have felt she was going to be his, at the speed he was getting to her naked ass he must have felt confident, he was trying to put his hand inside her thong, she pulled her cunt back from him and he was able to get his hand to the front of her thong, as he was feeling her cunt, she knew now that he found her so wet, it must have been too exciting for her because after a while she stopped kissing him and she put her hand down to stop him, To him that was a good sign as he knew he must be getting to her'¦ he stopped feeling her fanny and just kept feeling her ass and thighs, and they looked at each other again they kissed some more, then stopped again, they did this a few times and then she said something , must have been that I was due back soon, or she did not want more to happen, I was afraid that they were going to sit down and stop this excitement so'¦

So my mind went quickly into action, I wanted to see where this would go; I was so excited I did not want this to stop

I got out my Mobile and phoned home, I was watching as the phone rang, they broke from a kiss and she headed for the phone at the other end of the room, I saw a quick glimpse of a huge bulge of his erection pressing out from his front, good! She must have been enjoying the feel of it against her cunt and I was thinking of how wet and wanting for cock she must be.

Any way I watched as she went to the phone, David was following her and he was standing close behind as she picked the phone up.

She said the usual. `Hello! Susan here'

I could see her with the phone to her ear, with the music in the room she would not hear me and I went a little back from the window but just enough so I could still see,

I said! ` Hi dear how are you getting on',

She said `Fine Darling did you get the beer',

I said, ` yes, but that Frank our friend in the bar had bought me a Beer in the bar and I was drinking it, and I would not be long''¦.

David had put his arms around her waist from behind and was kissing her naked shoulder, I could see she was trying to push him away and trying to back kick him but he dodged her legs, and she was laughing a little,

I said, `Are you all right Susan'

And she said ` Oh. Yes dear, David is just making faces from the couch, he makes me laugh',

I said, ` You sound out of breath'

And she said, `Oh David was making me laugh so much'

I could see David's hands were now cupping her breasts, as he pushed his cock hard against her ass, she knew she could do nothing about it, so she just stopped struggling, and just started to lean back against him,

I said again `Frank brought me a Pint, so I will throw it back and be straight home',

She said `No! No take your time, we have just made another Irish Coffee, and there is no hurry, and have a return drink with frank! I am having a great chat with David'

I asked was she sure, and she said `of course darling take your time'.

I said `o.k. It will give you a chance to get to know David, will I be O.K for a half an hour'

She replied `Of course Darling take you time, half a hour no problem, I am sure David will keep me amused `.

David must have been delighted to hear her say all that, it was a signal to him that she wanted to be alone with him a bit longer, as we talked David's hands had pushed her Bra off her breasts and he was holding her naked breasts. Her top was off both shoulders and was half way down to her waist; her breasts were outside her top as David massaged them. You could see her nipples were really standing out as he fingered them, then his hand was pulling her skirt up around her waist, he had taken his cock out and was pressing it against her almost naked ass, he was pulling her back hard against him and making fucking motions with his cock, she was leaning back against him. He was kissing her ear as she talked to me. His big hot cock was pressing against her naked ass, her thong was tight up between her ass cheeks, so she was feeling his cock in total, she must have been so excited by the size of it by now.

I said `Ok I would be about ½ an hour! O.K Love and be careful with that sex maniac',

She said ` Fine! Laughing,'

All the time David was feeling her cunt with his fingers, she must have really wanted his cock up her at this time, and he was kissing her neck, his cock moving hard against her ass'¦

I said `O.K, see you soon about ½ hour,'

With that David was pulling her thong down, it fell to the floor, he was still holding her from behind and was feeling her cunt as he kissed her shoulders and back of her neck

His cock had found her wet open cunt and he was pushing into her from behind. I saw her legs bend slightly and move apart to let his cock in her easier, she was bent forward a little, she left him get into her all the way, and he started to move in her. He was holding her waist as he moved into her, His cock must have stretched her wide open as he was quite big, he pushed all the way in her going really deep he was fully in her. He was fucking her hard and deep, then he came out of her and turned her around, he kissed her deep, she had lost control of herself and she was like putty in his hands, her hands were around his neck. Then her skirt fell on to the floor, it had a elastic waist and he had it off her so easily. I do not think she was even aware it was off her, she looked a picture standing there in just suspenders and stockings, her hands were on his chest pushing his shirt open, kissing him madly, his hands opened her Bra and it went to the floor.

Then he swooped her off her feet, he lifted her up high and went around in circles, she had to put her hands around his neck to hold on, he stopped just in front of the couch and dropped her straight into a lying position on the couch, her naked cunt and suspenders were completely exposed, I was positioned looking over the back of the couch just about in line with their faces 4 feet away, and they were so close I kept back a bit as I was afraid I might be seen even though I knew they could not see me.

Her cunt folds which I could make out was swollen and wet with passion her cunt must have been wide open from his cock going into her'¦ he fell to his knees on the ground next to her, held her arms to the couch and kissed her, at first it looked like she was making an attempt to get up but stopped, just lay there and was letting him kiss her, and then he left her arms go, she was out of control and pulling at his shirt so he helped her off with it, she was responding with passion she put her hands around his neck and held him close to her.

His hand went straight to her breast and started to caress them both, she was so excited from the size of her nipples, after a while his hand went down to her stockings and came up and down her legs slowly getting closer to her cunt, he was teasing her, soon he started to caress her cunt, she raised her cunt to his hand, moving hard against him, he must have enjoyed the felling of conquest by now finding her so wet with sex juices, so open from his cock, so soft and sexy, so vulnerable, David, Please David Oh David".

He put his hand down to his pants and opened them, letting them fall to his knees, his cock came free, then her hand moved to his cock, I could not quite make out her holding it from where I was standing, but she was feeling it from the way her arm was going, she must have been shocked by the size of it in her hand, while she pulled him to her body

I was pulling myself like one would watch a Blue Movie, and wanting more, here was I watching my wife been fucked by a man on our couch, her clothes almost off her, her cunt exposed to a stranger, a big cock in her hand, I am going to see her get really fucked, God am I mad.

Then the music stopped

The next move from him was to get back to her cunt, and got his fingers to her clitoris, as he gently fingered her she was getting more excited, I could see all the signs, watching her ass moving off the bed a little as her cunt was looking for his cock again she wanted his cock'¦. her legs opening to let his fingers explore deeper, and his hand went further down, his fingers finding her opening, she moaned out loud and her body was moving with his fingers wanting them in her, and he started to slide his finger in one at first, then two ( I was looking no more than 4 feet from her fanny and could see everything in so much detail, she moved her legs apart and let his hand fully in between her legs.

Then he did something I had never done with her, he pulled her free hand down to her cunt and got her fingers moving on her clitoris, slowly she started to massage herself as his finger moved in and out of her cunt, then she went at her clit with more passion, it was unbelievable to watch her masturbate herself

She was starting to pull him over her, he must have been sliding 2 or 3 fingers into her, she was moaning, and her ass was moving against his fingers, her fingers massaging her own clitoris enjoying this new experience of fingering herself in front of a man, something she had never done with me, kissing her with passion she moved her legs wide apart, took her hand away from her cunt, she left one leg fall slightly over the edge of the couch, offering him easy access to get in-between her Oh! She wanted him in her again, and he was teasing her, She was moaning a lot, Her hand was fingering her clit all the time, then he very expertly got his pants off while he kissed her she must have been aware of what he was doing as she even opened her legs wider to receive him, she was pulling him again, letting him know she wanted him over her, in her. She moaned to fuck her'¦she wanted it so bad'¦now he was naked totally!

As she was naked her breasts stood proud. her breasts had filled up well and stood proud to this passion,

He very quickly got up in-between her, pointed his cock straight at her fanny and started to push forward the tip of his cock was just going to go into her and she said,

`Oh Yes David Please Oh! Yes Please,

He was holding himself up over her with his hands at each side of her, and said

`Its Ok Susan, Shhh Its Ok Shhhh'¦

His head dipped and kissed her holding his body off her as if doing Push-ups, her breasts and nipples touching his chest and he was moving his chest to tease her nipples but his cock was sliding up and down her wet crack yet not going into her, I was lucky to be at the right end of the couch as I could see down to his cock, e kissed her with his thong getting her thong to come out of her mouth and play with his, they kissed like that, his cock was really making her excited and she started to move her ass after him as he pulled back a little teasing her, she liked his cock there against her clitoris, but she needed it in her , I know what she is like at that moment. She just needs cock.

Her fanny pushed against his cock and it was back to her opening, her hand went to his cock holding it and pulling it to her cunt, wanting him to enter her, It went a little in to her, her legs started to go around his waist and she was pulling him to her she wanted his cock'¦ he looked at her and said now babe! she just nodded and started to kiss him

His cock slowly went in to her (it was an unbelievable sight to watch the passion taking over two people to this extent I was loving it and pulling my self.) He stayed on his hands as his body moved his cock went slowly deep in to her she made a wonderful sound as he got all the way in, her hands were around him holding him to her hard, their breasts pressed together as he fucked her he moved faster, she screamed with passion he was really fucking her, she stopped kissing him to savour the moment of copulation, I looked at her face and as he slipped in and out, her eyes opened wide so wide, and the expression on her face was so unbelievable, she was able to take his cock deep as she was so excited, but he must have filled her up so much, his cock been much bigger than mine.

She said,

`Yes! Yes! Yessssssssss!' Oh David Yessssssss,

I felt so happy and loving for her to experience it. And he then took control, slowly he started to move in her sliding his cock right out to the edge and going all the ways back, every time it went deep in her she left out a little cry'¦her mouth opened wide and her eyes were popping out of her head she was really loving each trust of his cock. Getting a little faster each time, her legs had moved back around his waist, she had him in a scissors, she was been fucked with only her suspenders and stockings on, he started to move harder and deeper in her she was crying out with pleasure, he asked was he hurting her, she said

`Oh. No David, fuck me!!! Oh fuck, Hard David oh hard Christ oh yes!'

I knew she would not last long and her hand went to feel his cock as it moved in and out of her, they moved with passion for ages enjoying each and every trust, I could see she was very near to cumin, he shouted

`Finger your cunt now Susan Her hand went to her clitoris and I could see she was fingering herself, and in a second she screamed

`Now! David Oh Now David!'

She screamed and bucked against him in a violent orgasm, in a second he had lifted her ass off the bed, she was humping his cock exploding her cum all over his cock deep inside her, she was crazy with passion and lust, her ass trusting off the bed to take him hard, then I watched his face as he was about to cum,

He shouted, `Can I cum in you Susan'

She shouted `YES stay in me David please, Fuck me now David, yes baby, fuck me, fill me! Now David

He said `Now! Yes Susan now'! You bitch, yes you bitch, Susan you fucking bitch.

She said ` Yes David Yes'

And with that he fucked her hard pumping her fanny full of juice, she was cumin again hard with him again and again, he was pumping her for ages, he must have been full with cum, (I had his cum around my cock later in the night when I fucked her) then he pulled out of her and left the last of it shoot on her belly

She shouted, `put it back in me David Fuck you, Fuck me'

He put it back in her cunt and fucked her with the last pulses of his climax, her hand was rubbing his cum over her belly, and she had needed a fuck like that for a long time. I was so happy for her.

It was some fuck and they both exploded so much, and then David slowed down to a little gentle movement in her, then they were kissing and she was still having little tremors as the climax ended, her legs and hands wrapped around him holding him in her as there passion subsided, they were kissing with affection and pleasure. He stayed in her for a while, his cock shrinking inside her, he was a good lover and knew how to finish off intercourse for a woman. Not just to come out and off her.

I myself had exploded and I shot a huge load of cum, it was unbelievable, I had a massive orgasm, so satisfying, I looked and it had gone on the window pane, fuck I better clean that before the morning'¦

It all reminded me of when Susan and I first met, she and I had sex like that for the first couple of years, but after 12 years it was still nice, but it lacked all that intense passion she had just enjoyed again with David.

Suddenly she sat up and shouted my name,

` Fuck he is due back!'

She jumped up grabbed her clothes and ran off, possible to the bathroom to dress, he stood up and got his pants back on and went to the kitchen, he came back and sat down.

I headed back to my car and drove back to the house, I opened the Boot and got out the beer I had bought earlier in the day, plus some Coke for shorts'¦.

Went in the house and shouted I'm Back, in the front room David was just listening to Music and said hi, I said where is Susan and he said gone to the bathroom, then she came in dressed in a change of clothes, I said what happened and she said she had spilled a class of water all over her front and skirt.

I said how sorry I was for been so long well over an Hour, and they both said no Problem they had a great laugh and chat'¦I sat on the couch next to where they had been fucking and there was a big wet patch from all the sex fluids, I said the couch is all wet and she said that is where I spilled the bloody water, she had left off her bra and was wearing a see through blouse.

So the night went on, we had a few more drinks and a laugh, and said David would stay the night in the spare bedroom, Then David went to the loo and I kissed Susan, I found her very responsive and I put my hand under her skirt, she had no panties or suspenders on and was so soft and very wet, I said ` you are so wet and sexy,'

She said `well with too lovely men what do you expect,'

I said `O.k. enjoy it, you are nearly naked, no bra, no panties, a see through blouse and a small skirt, very sexy, Lovely.' I just hope David did not notice you did not have Panties on.

David walked in as my hand came out from under her skirt, He caught us at it, her skirt was so high up and she just pulled it down a bit.

A lot later, it was about 2.00 am and we were all after having a lot to drink, I had got excited again and wanted sex with Susan. From time to time Susan's nipples would expand and would really press out against her blouse, she did not notice, but we did.

Then I said I will set up David's room for him and went to turn back the bed, I put the side lights on as well as the main centre light, got a nice parting in the curtain, just enough for a discreet peek through. I came back and said Goodnight I was going to bed, I said Darling Show David his room on the way down, Yes they said we are all going now, I heard them get up to go.

I sneaked out the back door and went to his window, Yes I had perfect vision, I heard them come to the room and she followed him in, he asked was I gone to bed, she said yes, he reached out and held her hand, saying thanks for a wonderful night, she went to him and they held each other close and kissed, there was passion in the kiss and his hands were caressing her naked ass under her short skirt, they stopped and parted, Joking he pulled back the bed covers and pointed to her to get in, she laughed and shook her head up and down saying `Yes , but sorry' He came to her and kissed her lightly, his hand went down under her skirt to her cunt and pressed his fingers against it, he fingered her it was easy as she had no panties on,, she was enjoying it and left him get his fingers in her, I could see her legs spreading apart to let him get at her. He took her hand and placed it on his cock bulge, she caressed it for a while.

He started to pull her on to the bed, she started to lie down, but then she pulled away and said ` Oh David no, Sorry David I must go to him Good night' She blew him a kiss as she went out'¦. He was standing there with a bulge in his pants, then she went to the bathroom, I sneaked back in the house while she went to the bathroom and went to bed before she got there.

I asked did she enjoy the night, as she got into bed naked.

She said `Oh yes it was the best night for years (I'm sure it was) how nice David was,'

`Yes I said you like him a lot,'

` Yes she said',

I put my hand to her fanny and started to caress her, she was very wet, a new wetness was coming, she was horny again, I said `I should thank David for making you so wet and sexy', she said nothing, she started to hold my cock

And I said, `I think you would love David's cock',

I was surprised with her answer,

She said `Oh Yes I am sure I would love it'¦no harm in dreaming though'

My fingers were playing with her clitoris and then I put two fingers into her, as I pushed in and out

I said `would you love his cock in you now',

In a whisper she said `yes'

I said ` really'

She replied `Oh yes really',

I kissed her and she was very passionate,

I said `would you like to make love to him',

And she replied, `Yes! But that is not possible and you would be very angry with me',

I said, `No darling it's great you can talk like this', I was fingering her and she was very excited, I went over her and slipped my cock in her,

I said `God you are so wet inside you are really full of sex juice and cum', (she was full of his cum, so wet inside).

She said, `I know I was really sexy all night I could not help it',

I asked, `do you like my cock in you',

She said `Oh yes I love your cock in me, you know that'

I said `did you feel sexy all night with David'

She said `yes I could not help it, he made me feel so sexy, but I wanted you'¦I needed you in me darling like now, its so good '

I said `you would love his big cock in you now'

She replied, `I'm sure I would, but I love your cock in me Darling'

I asked her `would you like to go and saw good night to him and maybe give him a kiss',

She said `No Mark I could not do that'

I kept fingering her clitoris as I drove my cock deep in her and said, `If you want I do not mind you kissing him good night'

She said ` Yes can I give him a little kiss if he would let he',

I said, `I am sure you could think of an excuse'

`O.K she said `but I cannot go naked like this he might rape me',

I said, `Put on your nigh tie'

She asked was I sure, I told her I liked David very much and would love you to kiss him good night. I said go on, just 5 minutes and come back I stopped fingering and fucking her, I got out of bed and put her shortie nigh tie on her, and then I got back into bed, I said come over here, she came to the side of the bed and I put my hand up to her fanny and fingered it a little. Letting my finger slide in,

`I will put on my panties' she said

`No need, Now go' I said,

`Mark Darling'¦ are you sure,' she said,

I said, `go and have a little fun', my fingers were stroking her fanny,

I said ` well he deserves a little thank you for making you so nice for me',

She went off and I heard her go into his room in the darkness, I tip-toed out to the door and heard her say

`Hi Dave Can I come in',

He said `Yes Susan where is Mark'

And she said

`Mark told me to come and give you a kiss good-night, god bless him', I heard him say, `How long have you'

And she said `not long just 5 Minutes or so', `Get in here' he said and I heard her getting into the bed, they were kissing and making a lot of noise caressing and kissing, he said, `Fuck you are so sexy again, They were kissing and after a while he must have gone into her as she left out a lovely moan of satisfaction, and saying Yes Oh yes. Oh! Oh!. oh so good Yes darling.

The general noise stopped and there was a more rhythmic movement, the bed creaked as they were riding and she was moaning, `Oh Fuck, David! Oh David Yes David Oh fuck me',

He said ` Yes baby you like my cock, you want my big cock deep in you, Yes baby, Say it baby, say it '

`Yes David I need your cock Oh Yes David' .

`Tell me you will always want my cock babe tell me'

`oh yes David I will I will always'

It was going on for a good 5 minutes or more I heard her say `No David I want too cum, but I cant, he is waiting for me', `Oh I knew I am so sorry for making you excited and can not cum with you, I want you again so much ', He said `Stay darling Mark is possible asleep, `Oh David I am so sorry I have to go', I heard her getting out of his bed, kissing him and saying goodnight David, and I ran back to bed, she came in and, she slipped into bed and I kissed her and took off her nightie I held her in my arms

I said how was it, and

She said, `David was delighted that I came to him',

I said, ` did you kiss him',

`Yes' she said, `I am sorry Mark He pulled me into bed when I was leaning down to kiss him, Please do not be angry with me',

I said, ` No darling it's O.k. Susan I do not mind, my fingers found her cunt and it was so open and wet, "he touched you nice you are so wet 'I said

She said ` And I did not know he was naked, he was kissing me so nice, he was pressing his cock against me, it was very big as you said Darling, my nigh tie was up high and I could not stop him touching me, darling I was too excited'

I said ` I know you are so wet again', feeling her wet open cunt, `Oh did you want him in you'

She said `oh yes, yes and he wanted me' he pushed it against me down there, I said' his cock go deep into you'

She said `Do not be angry with me please but Yes I was so wet it did slip right in to me, it was so quick and easy for him, he moved in me it went deep in me Mark I could not stop for a while, it was so hard and filling me up, he went so deep in me ,he was moving it in me deep in me I was so filled, but then I stopped him, he came out of me, and Oh Mark he is so big', she told me, I felt so wanting.

It was so hard to stop I had to go, I would not have stopped me. I felt sorry for him leaving him so hard and unfulfilled', I was fingering her again and she was terrible excited, with that she pulled me over her she wanted me, `Go in me mark, I want your cock in me please'

As I entered her I Said, `You want him too? You want his big fucking cock in you; you want to have him deep in you',

I was pushing in and out fast, you want his cum in you, did you like him in you,

` YES Oh Mark yes, ' She said,

`Tell me you want him, tell me,' I said

`Yes mark I want him' "I want him to fuck me hard Mark Yes oh Yes "

I stopped as I thought she was going to cum she was really pushing against me, I never say her so fucked up and excited and so venerable, I slowed down, I said I would love you to have a nice cock like David's, and I like David a lot.

I said `would you like to go back to his bed', she said she could not as it would be too much to ask her to kiss him and she was afraid she could not control herself, I told her I did not mind as I loved her so much and I wanted her to have a wonderful experience and it was sex and nothing more, she said would you really let me do that, Oh I love you so much too she said.

I said, `Just think of David's big cock sliding in you filling you up',

I said wait! `I have to go to the loo' and pulled out of her, I pulled her hand to her cunt and said keep it nice for us, and went to the bathroom, on the way back, I called into David's room, he was still awake and I said `Hi', he said ` what's up', I told him that Susan was very fond of him, and I loved her so much I wanted to please her, I told him how much we had enjoyed him been with us and Susan was very taken with him, and she really enjoyed kissing him earlier. He said sorry about that but he could not help it, she is so beautiful

I said, `Would you please go in and give her another kiss goodnight, Please go into Susan she wants you',

He said `what?'

I said `I know you would like to kiss her some more and she wants to kiss you', this may sound strange to you but I want her to be happy

He asked was I serious, I said, `Yes I love her very much and I will do anything to please her' She is very excited for you, do not worry I am not angry with you for that, she is so sexy and its due to you, and I want you just to go into our bed to kiss her a little, It's a surprise for her she will think its me coming back from the loo at first until you go against her, she will be very happy I know', `I will follow you a minute later, but you relax with her first' `get in the near side of the bed to the door!

He said `Mark Are you sure I can not do that to you, are you sure she wants me' he said, `Yes I said, Please go and make her so nice, she is such a sweet person and deserves some nice feelings and pleasure', `you can kiss her and caress her a little, you do not have to do anything you do not want to, it will be so nice and good for her, I do not mind'

He said `o.k.'.

He got out of bed and went naked into her, I could make out his cock in the hall light, and he was still almost erect. The bedroom was in darkness as he went in, I followed to the door and heard him get into bed, about 10 seconds later she said Oh David! Is that you, where is Mark she tried to say something but he was kissing her and saying `Shhhhh', kissing her and `Shhhhh',

She said no more, I listened a while as he kissed her and she was moaning

`Yes! Yes! Oh David yes! They were kissing with real passion and I could tell he was slipping into her as she sighed loud as he entered her

I went in and got in the other side of the bed, he was kissing her, her back was to me she was turned to him, she had a leg over him and he was bueried in her I snuggled up to her back my hard cock probing her ass, her hand came back and caressed me, I held her tight and kissed her neck saying 'are you O.K darling',

She said 'yes dear are you', she turned to me, she kissed me saying' yes Oh Yes', he was against her back now, his hand around and over her it was touching my back as we all snuggled up tight together'¦It was strange having a mans hand resting on my back.

His cock was obviously hard against her ass, I gently pushed her on to her back as I kissed her, I put my hand out to find David's hand and guided it to her fanny, as he fingered her,

I said, `Relax and enjoy us. Darling I love you so much'

She said, `I love you'

All the bed covers were off the bed by now and we were 3 naked bodies on the bed, the room was in semi darkness with the hall light giving the room a warm glow,

Her kissing had a lovely passion about it, we probed each other's mouth and then she would leave out a little gasp as David touched the right spot, I felt her legs move apart to let his fingers explore her cunt, he was kissing her breast, her hand was down at his cock.

I said `suck David and gently pushed her head in the direction of his cock, she went down on him taking his cock in her mouth, she had turned and was pointing her ass in my direction as she sucked him, he was moaning, after a while I put my hand down and guided my cock in to her cunt, it just slipped in so easy as she was so wet and open, she moaned as I fucked her from behind as she sucked David, I was pumping away deep in her, but then stopped, she came to lie back, she had enough of his big cock, she was on her back again and I pushed her legs gently but fully apart, I said

`You want David to fuck you! Yes! Say it! Tell Him'¦ Say it'¦'

`Oh Yes David! I want you'¦please Fuck me!' she gasped,

I kissed her hard she went crazy then, her hands pulling him over her, she wanted him, she badly needed his big cock in her, Her legs went wide open as he laid in between, I pulled back to let him have her properly,

He asked me `Mark are you sure about this'

I said `David take her, fill her, yes I am sure'

He kissed her now as his Cock found her, as he went into her she left out a massive moan, saying

'Yes Oh David! David! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Jesses'¦fuck me'

He kissed her silent, her hands were around his back, pulling him to her'¦I pushed her legs up around him and crossed them over his back, and he was riding her, fucking her, pumping her cunt, her body was lifting off the bed to meet his deep trusts, making a noise as it went in and out, he started to slow down to a more gentle pace as he was afraid she was going to cum, they were not aware of me anymore. Lovers in passion kissing and just enjoying the movement inside each other

I was lying there pulling my cock, really excited, feeling so sexy, ready to burst, the greatest experience of my life'¦ he stopped kissing her, I went and got my cock to her mouth, she took it and sucked hard, moaning at the same time as he fucked her and he just went up and down her cunt with a lovely motion. Two men fucking the life out of her, god it was so good for us all

I was close to cumin and took my cock away `I love you'

My cock was close to her tits

She said

`Oh God, oh God, fuck, oh fuck, yes David you are so big David, go deep in me darling fill me'.

I started kissing her gently as he rode her'¦. I thought her hand went to my cock and loved it but in about 3 seconds I realized it was David's hand, he was pulling me, and before I could say anything I was feeling lovely and I was powerless to stop him it was so exciting, and he was doing it so experienced.

Then, he bent down and sucked her nipples, after a while he moved his head to my cock, I did not stop him, he was fucking her and sucking me, it was so good, Susan was aware of it as he was sucking me close to her face, she was moaning with passion I was so close to cumin, I turned to Susan and said

`I'm close to cum baby I cannot stop it,'

She pushed his head hard on my cock making him go deeper on me, and said,

'Yes David yes' make him nice ..take him darling

`Oh Yes Mark darling, enjoy baby! Oh baby cum! `

I started to cum, I screamed as I exploded a load of cum in David's mouth, Fuck what was happening I did not care one way or the other, I was just cumin and cumin, David was sucking and sucking me as I shoot my juice in him, Susan was pushing his head on me, saying

Susan shouted

'Oh Yes darling, oh yes'¦cum babe cum'

`Yes David take him Yes'

She said Moaning,

`Oh Fuck Oh yes darling'

I really came big filling David's mouth with my cum. He sucked me dry and then took his head away from my cock as it shrunk down.

Susan said `Oh yes darling I love you so, I am so happy for you'¦'.

David was moving faster in her, she was holding David as he now kissed her hard, his mouth must have lots of my cum as he kissed her and rode her;

I was saying `Cum Darling .Oh cum baby, take him baby take his love seed deep in you'

Her body was moving hard against David, I never saw her in such a state of passion, she was out of control and he was fucking her so hard, her breath seemed to stop as she built up to a massive climax, she was starting to cum and I said,

`That's the Girl, Oh Yes baby take his seep in you',

`take his seed deep in to your egg babe take it now'

Then David shouted he was cumin, he screamed

`Now Susan, Now Susan im going to wet your egg' ,

With each pump of his cock he was shooting his seed deep in her, then she screamed out loud that she was cumin again and again,

`Oh Fuck David, I love you David, I love you! Oh fuck me Yes Yes yes

I want your seed deep oh yes' all over my egg oh Yes `

With each vibration of her cunt

`YES! YES fuck me hard David ' Now Now now

She screamed, her body Vibrated madly as she trust against him, she was exploding in ecstasy as they came together, her legs wrapped around his back, her ass off the bed banging hard against him as he plunged into her, it was so unbelievable to be part of such passion, wild passion, a much greater orgasm than the one earlier in the front room, their love juices mixing together for the second time as they rode the wild passion of sex'¦she was screaming as the climax exploded inside her with every pump of his cum he was saying

`Yes OH yes', Susan Oh Yes'¦

They were so wild and really riding each other to a climax

Then they were spent, their passion started to subside, slowing down

Then like a car running out of fuel they started to really slow down, spluttering a little as the last passion left them to subside slowly but surly to a halt, Kissing gently and holding each other in an embrace of satisfaction'¦Her legs wrapped tight around his back, holding him inside her until he got small and slipped out, her hands caressing him and their mouths joined together as one.

Then they collapsed in a heap, we were all fucked, she turned to me kissing me saying thanks it was about 4 in the morning and we were fucked from fucking all night and from so much drink'¦. She turned into David's arms, as she fell asleep, I cuddled up to her ass, it was wet from all the cum pouring from her vagina, I went to sleep so satisfied.

The next morning it was late when we woke, David had at some stage gone to his bedroom.

I was first up put on a dressing gown and made Tea, a little later she arose, she was a bit shy and was not sure how I was feeling towards her, she asked was I angry, I said what was she talking about, it had been the greatest night of my life and I loved her even more now that ever, She cuddled me on the couch and I reassured her it had been a great night and I was so happy, it was a good sexy night and a wonderful experience,

I asked her did she enjoy it and she said `God Yes!' It was so fantastic; I just hope you are all right about it.

She asked did I mind David sucking me; I said no, it was great, she asked was it the first time a man sucked me, and I said yes of course.

I said that David was the one to worry about, it must have been strange for him, and he is probably too shy to get up, he may be afraid of us this morning, She said `Oh My God, the poor man', I told her to go down to his room and see if he was awake and assure him everything was O.K., and to make sure he understood it was a first for us and not something we did with every friend of ours.

I will make him a cup of tea, she replied but I have to do my face first, she went and put her dressing gown on, did her face and hair and came down to the kitchen, I made a cup of Tea and she took it to him, I listened as she went into his room, Tea time she said, `Hi Susan good morning' I heard him say, they were chatting for a while and then I heard them laughing, so I went down she was sitting on the side of the bed holding his hand, I said! `Hi David, Good morning' he replied `Thank you for last night, both of you, I hope you are O.K about it'.

I said David we were worried more about you, God No! It was a beautiful night and I Know Susan really enjoyed herself, `Yes Susan', `Yes Mark' she replied, I said `thank you David from both of us', `Now shut up and would you like some toast' ` Ok' he said.

I went off to get the toast and when I came back Susan was under the covers just lying with her head on his shoulder, both on their back chatting, she said ` I was cold, I jumped in for cuddle, a heat and a chat, David is lovely and warm' she was further down the bed than him and she looked lovely and cosy'¦I said `that's O.k. love, I would not blame you'.

It was obvious David was naked, I sat on the side of the bed and we all chatted about David's Travel arrangements etc, and his impending return to England, after a while I said I would tidy up the house a bit, I went to the front room and started to tidy up the bottles from last night, they were chatting and laughing, I got the front room done, and went down to say something to David, they were chatting but she was closer to him now, really snuggled up to him and it was very obvious that David had a erection judging from the bulge on the bed cover, she was well under the covers and I noticed her dressing gown and panties were on the ground. They were both naked

Well you lazy lot I said, 11.30 and still in bed, what a life for some people I said laughing, her eyes were glazed over, I could tell she was sexy, I went out again and left them alone, but I found I was excited a little, so I listened, she was saying `You must come and visit the next time you come home', `Oh yes' he said, `Promise me' she said, `I will Susan Dear Susan, I want to come to be with you again' they were kissing now again, so I walked back in, her hand was pulling his cock judging from the movements under the covers she was over his face kissing him his hands were around her holding her close to him , It took a few seconds for them to realize I was there and then I said ` Oh Sorry' She said `OH! Mark sorry, I got carried away with this gorgeous man' I leaned down gave her a kiss, Its `O.K Darling who could blame you, I have to finish the house, stay there and enjoy yourselves', I went out and almost closed the door, I went to the kitchen and started to clean up, I put on some Music as I worked after about tem minutes I got curious and went down to the door, as I approached I heard moaning and looked through the crack where the door was hinged, I could see the bed, Susan had her back to me she was naked, she was sitting on top of him, she was on his cock because she was moving her ass up and down his shaft, I could see his cock come out of her cunt as she moved up. She likes to sit on a man, his hands were up foundering her breasts, then she was leaning forward with her tits falling to his mouth, he was sucking her nipples, while he kneaded her breasts, he was trusting in her as she moved up and down, then she leaned right forward and kissed him, it was so amazing to watch from behind, I could see his cock slide up and down her wet fanny, he would bring it almost out and then push it right back in again, he got faster as they kissed, you could see they were close to cumin, his hands around her back holding her hard against him she kneeling on each side of him as his cock thrashed up and down her cunt, He was saying `Yes Darling Yesssss'¦Cum,Cum Nowwww' .It was some sight, then they both seemed to explode at the same time, her ass seemed to contract in convulsions as she came, his cock pumping her cunt every time it came out, it was so shiny and wet, he was really fucking her cunt She was really moaning `Fuck me David Fuck me', `I want your cum in me Fuck me' then she made her usual sounds of passion as she came, he stopped pumping her fanny and went as deep in her as possible to shoot his load in her, With one big burst he shouted as he filled her up, `Yes Susan Baby take my cum Deep, Oh Yes baby now deep oh so deep! Now' He was pumping her full of his cum, her cunt was holding him in her and sucking him dry, after a while he slowed down as he was spent, she stopped bucking and collapsed on him, he held her, then she rolled off him, lying down and cuddled into his shoulder again, he held her lovingly and gently stroked her hair, pulling the blankets up around them, I slipped back to the kitchen did my work despite the fact that I had a huge erection, which soon went away

I went down a little later they were both asleep, I left them for a hour or so, but then called them as the children were due home soon, She said sorry she fell asleep, jumped from bed, I handed her clothes and she got dressed after a shower, David had a shower and got dressed, after lunch David had to go back to his Hotel to change his clothes, so she said Goodbye to him a Big kiss and a cuddle, made him promise that he would come again, as he said I will come again as long as it is O.K with Mark and you Susan, I said `Yes I would love you to come stay with us David' , and she said Yes!!!

The story goes on'¦'¦'¦'¦

David comes to stay at least 4/5 time a year and always at Christmas, we are so happy when he comes, he always brings Susan nice sexy underwear and suspenders when he comes, he is very generous and is always sending us little presents, after his second visit we got a bigger bed 6.0ft wide and 6.6ft long, David insisted paying for it, when he comes we all sleep together, we enjoy our time together, we explore each other and satisfy Susan so much, we do a lot of oral which she loves, I have accepted him pulling me sometimes and he has even sucks me sometimes, I have left them sleep alone, as I was unable to keep up with them ,and so they would have a little privacy, one night I was alone in the spare room and she sent him to me to say good night before they went to the big bed, I was lying in bed feeling horny,He sat on the bed in the dark and after a while he reached for my cock pulling me , then he sucked me taking me to a high passion until I came, he sucked me as I shot my cum, it was great , I felt great and satisfied as I heard them go into the main bedroom.

We really get on so well in bed together, as she now says, I love you both, but in different ways, We are both her lovers, she considers herself a lucky woman to have 2 lovers that are alike but so different and we both love and respect her, We have a lovely time with David, we go out to dinner to a nice restaurant at least once whenever he is home, then have a nice evening in front of the fire a Bottle of wine, and a lovely sexy evening, David got 3 of the same dressing gowns Silky, Satin lovely to the touch, some nights Susan will put on her suspenders and Stockings matching panties and come down dressed all nice under her dressing gown, I bought her a few Basques, and she dresses up in them sometimes to greet David

So all and all it works for us

I think basically it works because David lives in England and we are not under each other's feet all the time, and as Susan says she does not think she could live with two of us all the time as we would kill her from too much sex,

Now believe me this is a true story, I have remembered as much as possible but I am sure I have skipped words thoughts and actions, as my old memory is not as good as it used to be,

Latest Visit

David came to visit again end Feb. It was a flying Visit just 2 nights; we did not get a chance to get out for a meal, so we just stayed in and had a nice meal in the house. David left a present for Susan in the bedroom, a little thing he picked up for her.

David and I got out for a few pints while Susan got the dinner ready, and we had a great chat, I like David a lot and we chatted about Susan of course and how we felt for her etc, we agreed that we were all so happy and he liked me a lot, and as long as I was happy than everything was O.K.,

We realized we were so alike in many ways, he asked me had Susan ever showed an interest in another woman, and I said no, that in fact that is one thing she had no interest in.

David and I both said it is something we would love to be part of

2 women in bed making love, as I said every mans dream, he said he has a friend in England that is lovely and very like Susan, a bit younger but loves to be with women as much as men. He has never been with her in bed but has been in the same house as her when she went to bed with a woman.

All this talk made us both a little horny and we headed home to Susan, she had a lovely surprise for us both, she had the dinner all ready, wine chilled and candles lighting, but she was dressed in her Long silk dressing gown, she turned to me saying do I like the present David had brought her, with that she opened the gown to reveal, a Basque, Her favourite pink colour, suspenders down holding lovely matching Pink lace top stockings and pink Panties, she was divine and so sexy looking.

We both looked stunned as she looked so beautiful, I went to feel her Basque and my hands were wandering all over her, David came from behind and was also feeling her, saying I am glad it fitted do well. She said Boys! Stop! , Lets have dinner and then you boys get into your dressing gowns

We all enjoyed a lovely dinner as usual, getting merry and sexy on a couple of bottles of wine, after dinner I went to get changed into my dressing gown, and I was naked and with a hard on when David came to change and was just about to put on my silk gown when he came behind me put his arms around me, saying I love Susan and you, he kissed my neck and his hand caught my cock, I just stood still as he massaged my cock and kissed me, I could feel his cock pressing hard against my ass then he said lets go and make Susan happy,

He got undressed quickly as I put on my dressing gown, when naked he caught me again pressing his naked cock against my ass, he was kissing my ear and whispered `we must get a nice woman in bed with Susan' I said yes that would be nice, he pulled my gown to one side and had his hard cock against my now naked ass, it felt lovely. Then he stopped and got his gown on.

I went down to Susan she was on the couch sitting with her legs up on it, I went down sitting on the carpet by her and started chatting, then David came in and sat at the end of the couch by her legs.