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"I have clear direction in my life now"
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Published 11 months ago
Before I tell my story. I would to comment on Esters story. I think you are right to get someone to have anal sex with your husband as this itch will not go away and your right he will find someone to satisfy his needs if you don't. That's just life. My name is sean and I'm a 44year old man. I'm married with 2kids. I'm extremely fit now and look after myself extremely well. That wasn't always the case. A few years ago I was overweight and going through life like a hamster on a wheel. My wife never wanted me out of sight on my days off. So apart from porn I was very much committed to her. But one night I was heading to my brothers house to turn off his house alarm as he was away and the car in front of me jammed on and the passenger opened and young woman was pushed from the car. The car took off and left the young woman in the middle of the road. I got out of my car and offered to help her. Julie was her name, I brought her back to my brothers house and she explained that guy who pushed her out of the car was her boyfriend, A well known dublin criminal, I won't lie my blood ran cold when she told me this. Julie explained he was 2 timing her and she comforted him on the matter. I made her a cup of tea but I could see she was in physical pain. She had come down hard on right side and bum. I asked if she wanted a first aid kit but she said no. As Julie sat there drinking her tea I couldn't help but admire her beauty. She had long blonde hair gorgeous teeth full lips and not much makeup as she had lovely tanned skin. She was wearing a white t-shirt with no bra, I'd say her breasts where a C- cup she had a short mini skirt on. Her legs where perfect and her feet where like a size 4 . I pushed for her to let me have a look at her side with some bullshit that i'd got first aid training. She agreed , I told her I'd have to lift her skirt but she said she'd just take it off, I was stunned as she stood up clearly very stiff now from the fall and take off her skirt. I was even more stunned to see she had no knickers on. I got a glimpse of her shaven pussy before she turned to the side presenting her injury as I got on my knees to get close to her side the smell coming from her was intoxicating. Then I noticed if I looked straight up only I could see her full breast bar the nipple. I rubbed some cream into her side and before I knew what was happening I was rubbing her arse, what are you doing she asked I jumped back saying sorry sorry expecting her to fly off the handle. But astonishingly she laughed. She pulled up her dress saying '' you where getting abit carried away there bud''. I'm sorry I explained I fired in some hard luck story about me and the wife not having sex pure bull. We spoke for awhile before she asked if she could stay for the nite. This was my brothers house no way could she stay I'd have to go home and she would be alone what if her boyfriend turned up. I told her no that I would drop her anywhere she wanted to go. She looked devastated but agreed. After a few more minutes she asked if I would put on some more cream. I could feel my cock hardening immediately. She dropped her skirt again and I got on my knees but without warning put her hand on my head and started to run her fingers through my hair. My cock was at full tilt now then she grabbed my hair holding it in her grip and turned her body to face me. I was directly in front of her pussy now about an inch away. She sat on the chair with her legs spread, her pussy was completely bald, she looked at me and said '' kiss it'' I crawled over on my knees and kissed her pussy '' not like that'' she said ''french kiss it and you better get it right this time or i'll close my legs for good'' I was so turned on I felt my cock was going to explode. I got my thumb and index finger and used them to open her lips then I opened my mouth and began to french kiss her pussy. I can still remember the sensation of my tongue entering her warm wet pussy. I licked and kissed her legs I sucked her toes I ate her arse out. Things I'd never have done before. And I still haven't got my cock out yet. She eventually started to unbutton to my trousers then came the moment she took it out of my jocks '' big boy'' I mean girls generally don't say them things but it is such a boost when they do. Although i'm 7inches so I know im not small. I let her suck away at her own pace I couldn't believe I was in her mouth, ''why don't you grab my head and deep throat me.'' No its ok I replied. '' I want you to, I can take it, you'll enjoy it, be rough and cum in my throat then you'll last longer when your fucking me'' was I dreaming. I grabbed the back of her head and neck and forced my fat cock down her throat her eyes started swell and water but I was on my way. My eyes started to roll as the sensation became to much for me and I begged for some relief. I held her head tighter and tighter as my cock barely left her throat, one last push. I let out this massive roar as the cum shot out of my cock and down her warm throat. I refused to let her head go until my cock had finished. As I released my grip she nearly gave herself wipe lash pulling head back. She made a mighty a sigh as the air filled her lungs again. After a few minutes we went upstairs and fucked in my brothers bed. She lay me down on the bed and got on top I was only on a semi and she put it in her hand ever so gently and slipped it inside her very wet pussy within 4seconds I was rock hard just looking at this beauty bouncing up and down on my cock I wished I had 3 cocks to fill every hole she had. She was a great fuck and totally wanted to please. I had never done anal before and when I asked her she said lets do it and bent over with her arse in the air. Incredible. After this encounter I realized that every man could only be really happy if he was fucking a young beautiful women. Sure you want your wife for a companion and would still enjoy sex with her but every man needs to touch a tight skinned sexy slim women. And that is what I spend my days chasing. I only have one goal and that is to make sure I have a young woman as often as I can.

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