Written by RL

12 Jan 2017

My girlfriend S 30,5 ft 7, size 8 , slim with great legs and 34C boobs is a real stunner. She is very active and outgoing and keeps really fit. S and I have been swinging a good while now and have had loads of fun adventures.

Her most recent catch was with a young photographer. She went to a photography course that she bought online and met an amateur photographer who was starting off in portraits. He is in his 20s ,nice looking guy - she liked him a lot. They got to know each other very well over the 4 session course and exchaged numbers.

They kept in touch and he once asked her if she would like photos taken with his new lighting kit. She asked him if she has to dress up and he said "only if you want to" ,we both thought it would be fun so she agreed to go.

She wore just simple jeans and a top with buttons in front but wore black lace thongs and a lace bra underneath. She also took a little black dress that was very tight on her with great cleavage.

She had gone in to his apartment and he had everything set up. She posed in her jeans and top ,usual face shots, bust,and full length shots.shebundidna few buttons for him for fun as he snapped away. This has gone on for about an hour and he asked if she has any other outfits. So she changed into her little sexy dress and posed again. She had seen that he was finding hard to hide his erection and had to constantly adjust himself.

After some time she asked if she could sit so he got her a stool and she had done a good few shots flashing her lace knickers. He had asked if he can do some lingerie shots too.

So she had peeled off her dress and had done some great shots. Bending over, all fours, laying back with her legs open. At this stage the guy had been bulging heavily at the crotch and virtually wanking off.

She had then layed back and opened her legs and placed her hand on her pussy. He had kept snapping away as she pulled her thong aside and rubbed her clit for him. He had kept snapping away and rubbing his cock.

He was hesitant, so S finds that she has to tell guys to get on with it sometimes. So she had said "enough with the photos , come here " and pulled off her bra and pulled down his jeans and had given him a blowjob.

She didn't fuck him that day. She had finished sucking him and they looked at the photos together and came back home.

She had told him that she had an open minded boyfriend and that we'll be happy to have him take photos of us fucking if he'd like to get into that kind of work.

She took all the SD cards with her, we had a great time looking back at the pictures (while she sucked me off)

We plan to do a photo shoot and hopefully a threesome very soon!