single guys

Been on here a bit now doesent seem much good for single guys better for couples looking for couples id say single guys dont get replies

Point proven happy

its not only hard for single blokes believe me, as a couple we find it hard to get a single male who is what he says he is and couples are so hard to find, and dont get me started on trying to get a female...we like quick meets and not into endless chat and coffee dates ect so that excludes us a lot of the timeupset

sure is

right there with u ravenfire


Very very hard for single males I have noticed. Raven I agree people tend to be talking the talk But when it comes to the crunch it seems they Just vanish.. Typical, ill keep trying for a little longer Gaz

single males

Hey ravinfire As a matter of interest what exactly is it that us single guys are doing wrong? Ive been a member a long time now and have had a few meets but seem to find it very difficult. I turn up when appointments are made and am clean respectiful and polite. Do you have any advice for someone who is gueuinely interested in making this site work for everyone. Thanks and best of look in your search.

Personally i believe its hard for one main reason - competition!! First off couples usually seek other couples or single females!! Secondly you have far more single males here then single females which means you could have (just an example) 5 men per female and obviously all are seeking the same thing, so her decision usually boils down to whos the most attractive and whos the nicest/seems genuine!! Just my opinion guys happy

bang on

nail on the head there buddy

its not hard ... its marketing

I've been watching this post with interest. This comment is only from my own personal observations over the years. I appreciate I have been around for a while and am known so its probably abit easier for me than newbies. But in actually fact its not hard to organise some fun and adventure. What makes it difficult for the single guys are the messers, we all know them, from the 'i want to know more' to the 'no shows' to the 'nasty whispers'. Unfortunately, and understandably we (single guys) do get tarred with the same brush as a result. So the most important thing is to prepare a decent profile, make the effort, get some decent pics. Tell the person who is reading your profile abit about yourself. One liners such as, big cock wants to get laid - really don't work. The chat room is a great place for others to get to recognise your profile and thats when other members of the site will have a look at yours. Don't be shy - you have to make the effort to introduce yourself and to stand out from everybody else. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Its up to you to get out there and be recognised. Get involved, go to M+Gs. Its simply all about marketing. Make the effort, be honest and if you make an arrangement follow through. Then you get verified and comments and thats when the effort starts to pay off. Hope that helps and happy swinging FH

Foreverhard you're very right. I'm back after a two year break. But I remember it being difficult at the beginning but once I made the effort it became easier. I got talking on chat, joined in conversations and didn't act the b#%%%$x with anybody. Got invited to meet and greets (and actually showed up) and then got chatting face to face with the fantastic (and sexy women) here. Most single lads don't do themselves favours. The say this that and the other but never follow through. My advise is to be genuine, talk to people like the human beings they are. Don't be shy and don't be crude(unless your advanced on the flirting scale) and go onto the chat and just say hi. We all say hi back, Let the hunt begin icon_lol

I think its all about the effort guys put in also its about respect and the way you treat others it goes along way to be nice and friendly just as if your in a pub that the way i treat the chatroom and there has to be some kind off connection with that lady before you even have a chance.
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