hugh jackman....anytime, anywhere, anyhow baby ...bring it on! evilevil because you just have to...;-)


Pocahontas because just because Hugh here Hun lol

Dot Cotton from Eastenders
Haha just messing, I meant Roxy from Eastenders, what a sexy girl mmmmmmmm

Bradley Cooper, the things I'd do to him mmmmmmmmmm

Ooh Bradley cooper ..... Sooo hot!! Harry connick junior don't know what it is think it's the accent and he has an amazing voice. Oh an Justin chambers and Jesse Williams ( Dr Karev and Avery from greys anatomy)

mmmmmm Alicia Silverstone mmmmmmmm That girl is so fucking sexy!!! What a smile... just want to nibble the lips off her... (for a start)....icon_lolhump I wonder is she a swinger? bounce And check out those nipples!! bold girl!! whip

I would sooo love to fuck the guy who plays Heath in Home & Away, hump69positionspit only watch it to perv at him icon_lol Mrs Sin xxx

Always wanna fuck Mrs Playfull, Ritze and Mrs GandE The reasons being that they show their faces on cam as well as their bodies, their bodies are in great shape and they all look extremely confident - and let's be honest, a confident partner in bed is always fun.

Juicy because she has a great ass, but to be fair all the ladies have lovely bottoms icon_lol SS because ************* ****** *** * ** * * * * **** icon_wink


SS but I'd let you warm my bottom first smackbottom ... lol lol

My top ones are ginger fire ,cloud9,mimi36,and of course filthy mind legs xx

We thinks playfull, erotics oooohh there are too many to choose as for the reason check out their profiles nuff said leave it at that done deal close the door on your way out thank you please. Ja bless

Slightlysexy because she has a body built for sin and a naughty mind to match. Don't ask me how I know I just do.

Haylstorm. Because oh my God. Edit: just discovered that Haylstorm's profile is probably fake. Boo.

only one that lacks ambition

Lets face it one lacks ambition The more youd think about it the longer it gets ? The list that is KKgirl because she has it all including the confidence Tweet because shes such fun that you know the one liners would cause flash backs flight attendant because we all love a girl in uniform kinkykaz shes got the height see the more you think about it the longer it gets and harder to pick one would a four some be having my cake eating it and bringing it for lunch tomorrow??

Zooey Deschanel for me. Those deep blue eyes get me going every single time..

How did i miss this when i first started, its so hard to think of anyone, kkgirl, tweetie, ms innocent, tinydelight, where do you start, well at the top and mine is KinkyKaz, something about that girl, you just know she know's what she's doing wink damn And why has it been 2 years since a post here?

Mmmmmmmm let me think

Don't need to think really !!!! to start with I would love to fuck Mrs limelight ,,, why ???? what a body ,, great tits nice ass and she loves cock !!!!!!! yeah Mrs limelight !!! and also aska couple !! oon baby !!! why ,,,, because I did already and it was brilliant !!! she is sexy hot and wow that tongue wether its in your mouth or on your cock its amazing and anyone who has tried it will surely want more !!!! I DO !!!!!

Despite the fact that she frightens the crap out of me, I have to say… Slightlysexy! Why? I met her at a meet & greet a few years ago and I thought she was gorgeous! To be honest, I reckon she'd chew me up and spit me out, but what the hell... I'm a divil for punishment! ( Mr Meandthewife )
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