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Users Following a review of the lets meet up forum we are looking to tidy up the forum a little so its easier for people to find what they are looking for. We would appreciate if people are organizing parties that they don't put the party in this forum but list it under Swinger Parties from their home page. Then they can use the various party tools to keep records of those attending and such. We would class a party as 6 or more people in a private venue or a persons home. The large meet and greets will continue to be posted in this forum and may have a sticky applied so that users can find them more easily. Once the event is over the sticky will be removed so the post will drift down the page. We would appreciate if people could keep all posts on a specific event on the same thread so they are not being duplicated. For those looking for a smaller get together or social get together then you should continue to post in this forum. It will take us a little time to iron out any potential problems but we feel that peoples posts are getting lost, so we need to do something to help with this situation. Thanks for your help. Sean0001

I agree

Great idea sean, gets pretty mind boggling at times I have to say so ya, great idea :happy:

sean , while i see your point here an what you are trying to achieve with puting the parties in the correct section, i dont actually agree with the reason for it , the parties that are advertised here are mostly from genuie party organisers an this section gets a lot more exposure than the party section, i for one very rarely view the party section an feel that most would be the same, also ppl may not be lookin for a party but decide that they would like to attend just because they like the sound of what they have just read an see who is going, this has definatily been the case many times for me ,, As for them being the reason that the lets meet up forums is geting bogged down i definatly disagree , i believe it is because of the lastes influx of new users mainly single guys who proberly seen the tv documentry, an are posting random requests,, as i logged in to look this morning , 3 of the first 4 posts are from the same guy an two out of three of the top posts are from members who have joined in the last month, so i feel it is unfair that genuine party organisers are going to suffer for this an not be allowed to post looking for ppl to attend in here even if it is a duplication, anyone who organises parties will know how difficult it is to get ppl to attend an i think will find it even harder if their advertising is reduced to just the party section humphumppassionkisspassionkiss

Lucy We are not saying that the parties are bogging down the lets meet up forum, but in fact they are getting lost in with all the random posts. We also understand that people are not looking at the parties section as there are usually no parties in it. When people start posting parties in it we are sure that others will start to look in it and use it more often. We are trying to get all the proper parties into their own section so that we can weed out all the rubbish from the section and that if someone goes to look at the party section they know they will find a number of listings all in the correct order of when they will take place. If we can get the parties in to the correct place and have the big meet and greet stickied it then gives us a chance to start to clean up the let's meet up forum and remove alot of the rubbish that your correct in highlighting. It also means that everyone posting a proper party gets treated equally and we don't have any more of the "why is their party sticky and ours isn't" questions. It becomes a level playing field and as the parties have to be approved before they are listed it also means that we can ensure that the party is actually a party and not just a small meet. Its a work in progress, the party section used to be very busy but has become less busy as this forum got more busy, but sadly this forum now contains so much rubbish that we need to get it back under control. We are happy that when the party section starts to fill up again then people will start to view and use it again correctly. We appreciate your comments. Sean

posting parties

i did a test party and the map thinks its on in Dublin in the US somewhere. I am being asked for the full post code so it will set the location, obviously we dont have post codes like the UK so its not working. I have also posted it in the main forum as i'm not sure if anyone can actually see the event listing.

Celtics. I appreciate that its not perfect but it will take time. Its a first step on a long road but in the end it will be better off for all. You have already muted in the past a desire to be able to manage your party's in the past and we feel that this is the first step in getting you closer to where you want to be. I am not at all surprized that admin had not picked up your email as you probably sent it to his private account and he may have been off on friday or away at the moment. Given also that he is running a number of sites in the UK, USA and here, i would imagine he probably gets lots of emails so it may take him time to get through them. The Customer support team in the UK respond to most peoples queries within 24 hours if you lodge a support ticket, and as an extra's member you get a faster response. You forwarded me on a copy of the email which i sent on to the Tech Support team on Friday last and i have already highlighted your concerns to the other members of the Mod Team and you can be assured that we are on the case. The Site was also very quiet on Friday afternoon and most of the weekend but given so many where out on Friday night this is to be expected and hopefully as your party is still approx a month away, people will pick up on it over the next day or so. This process will take time and people have to be a little patient. When we changed the site layout and the chatroom it took people a while to get used to it and this will be no different. Most people dont like change, but sometimes change is for the best in the long run. Regards. Sean

Re: posting parties

Quote by gingerfire
i did a test party and the map thinks its on in Dublin in the US somewhere.
I am being asked for the full post code so it will set the location, obviously we dont have post codes like the UK so its not working.
I have also posted it in the main forum as i'm not sure if anyone can actually see the event listing.

We are aware of this problem and are working on getting the postcode thing fixed.

party post

Thanks for that Sean, as you see we are pretty open to change no issue with that at all. Re our party a month away, we post it on the forums to allow newer members the opportunity to state an interest in attending as we always welcome the opportunity to meet new people. We do also e mail members who we know would have an interest in attending so using the forum to generate numbers is not a priority for us. Yes we have in the past given you (privately not in the public domain after you asked) some suggestions as to what we thought would be a plus for all users on the site (not just ourselves) however none of these have been put in place for the party forum. We will however look forward to future developments with great anticipation. In relation to admin not picking up the mail, I didnt even know we could raise a support ticket never mind how to do it.. doesnt it just go to show you learn something new everyday... As we did say on our post.. that we were not knocking change just mentioning the problems we were having, which we are sure will be rectified.

Support tickets can be lodged through the Contact Us link from the home page, for those that dont know. The contact us section has lost of information regarding issues that people may have and potential ways to resolve them. Any Suggestions you have been made have been forwarded on, some are possible, some are not, but they have all been forwarded on. Sometimes the best suggestions come from those using the site so we are always glad to be able to pass them on to the Tech Support Team. Sean

party posting

Having just had a tutorial from Sean I have to say now that I actually know what can be done in the party posting forum it is brilliant an absolutely fab addition to the site for anyone who posts parties.. Well done S4I jagsatwork
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