Mids are you quite sure lol the black widow bringing a cock to life wink
Quote by midnightchat
Was Kilcock (Co. Kildare) mentioned? icon_lol

It' s funny because I brought one to life there!!!!!

Lucky him rotflmao

Came across a town in Germany years ago called "Wank". So what do you call people who live there?? lol2

There is a town in Iran called SHIT ........ the mind boggles giggle

Hookersville, West Virginia.

Town called "Dildo" in Canada

Llabia, Girona Spain 

Crotch Crescent, Oxford, England.

How about living on BELL END road giggle


What ever your into Tempt !!!!!

I'd prefer Fanny Avenue in Derbyshire.  

On my Recent trip to Australia, I went to a beach called Yorkey's Knob. 

Hmmmm Chocolate knob haha 


Quote by taurusmale
"Cum" in County Mayo

I think that's cong

Quote by JackNJilly
Shercock co monaghan ecstatic

Shercock is in Cavan 

bastardstown in Wexford 

Horetown in Wexford 

Naughty Place Names

Quote by Temptress
Place in Germany called WANKUM

 Been there lol

my back seat lol

Butthole lane ..................................... fancy put that on yr envelopes lol

At the other end of Butthole lane is..................... Fanny Creek (Ohio USA).

Muff, Co Donegal.

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