Bump bump bump!!!! I think ALL the male members should b made read this thread and answer questions on it as proof they've read it before they can join swing !!!! (just my humble blonde opinion!)

come back EDEN,,, we miss you icon_winkicon_wink

Bumped to add: Lads (and ladies if it applies)...it's good manners after a meet (coffee, more, whatever) to send a text to say, "Thanks for meeting. I had a nice time." minimum and if you didn't have a nice time... you can just say, "thanks for meeting. enjoy the site.' something? anything? it's just good manners... even if you don't want to meet again or there was no connection,..it's still nice manners to do so, especially if you've played. And yes...this applies to women, too, but I'm old fashioned and won't send a text first. If I don't receive one that day or the next, I'll move on and won't meet that person again. Maybe this is just me.

It's not just you

BUMP happy

Time for a bump bounce

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Great post!! Should be read by ALL guys (&some gals)!!!

Quote by Baby_B
Great post!!
Should be read by ALL guys (&some gals)!!!

Have to agree on baby about that one well said there abit off manners off a few of the ladys wouldnt go a miss.



That was a really good read happy



excellent article Eden

Thank for the great advice Eden. Very well put together piece.. Also a special thanks to Miss Temptress for pointing us in this direction .. Catch you around the vines guys. Til then happy and safe swinging.. :-) ;-) ribenaberries...xx



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