Theres nothing worse than bad wifi, can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings lol

Insomnia smackbottomsmackbottomsmackbottom


Pretentious cafés that won't do a full Irish despite having all the ingredients. kissmyarse I really don't fancy smoked salmon with a herb and dill mayo on luxury hand made toast with a gooey gently broken poached egg thrown on the top. Please tell God, I mean the Chef there's nowt wrong with a wee fry on a breakfast menu. lickfaceicon_lol

Pascal Donohue.......burn the useless lispy waste of space.

Being in chat and NO ONE talking at all dohdohbangheadbangheadbanghead

water tax letter thru my door exhaust falling off my car hotel prices in dublin at the min getting a hotel room that actually allows smokers and then finding out theres no cigs sold on the premises icon_lol and its out in the wilds of no where,,,,,,,,,,, dunnodunnodunno hold ups that wont actually hold up one size fits all thats a fecking lie think thats it for the min , happy

Its got to be one of my pet hates... planning nights out MONTHS in advance ... just wrecks my head doh

Drivers that dont realise that them flashy things on the wings are actually INDICATORS ... and they aint an optional extra banghead

Those shitty wee trainer socks that block the washing machine!!!!

This new thing bout having to back pay car tax uhoh

Storms and since they decided to start naming them, they seem incessant !!! 

Power cuts.... that bloody wind brought down the lines, so no wifi !!!!!!

Shite WIFI shite internet providers and NO customer support !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Insomnia bangheadbangheadbangheadbanghead

Stupid Managers 

snow when its nearly May ffs fuckinghell

Idiots stopping and talking in the middle of the door when you have to enter/exit the pub :banghead 

People who cant use a roundabout ! Duh its not that hard huh

trying to remove a girls thong with my teeth.......took me difficult.....very hard !!!!!!!!!!

Dubhead ya need the instruction manual giggle

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