yes ..... think its time  icon_redfaceicon_redface

I would indeed....

Nope Temptress has no interest in tempting this one either giggle

Never asked,  never will laughabove

Hard would lol

Well Juicy while Hard is busy with Master you can give me a call wink

who could say no to a sex

Juicy, keep the bed warm I'm on the way  lickface

Go on dubhead we'll get this moving again wink

sure ...I'd give temptress one....for the team...

Thanks nicebutshy however i dont do blind dates borg

Again and again...x

rhino are you trying to get me on your horn whistling

Sorry will have too pass 

yes...and yes temps...sure ive been trying that for years :p

Oh go on then Rhino hump

If you say so temps...and sure I can't resist getting beneath you again. :p ....always a yes for you..x

Awh Rhino looks like i'm on top again wink

most defo yesicon_razz

Oh yes boink

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