Finland song icon_wink

Woo Hoo.....Woo Hooo :happy: David Frost is sooooo Alan Partridge in this......Ah Haaaaaa!!! icon_lol

[b:50e7c48d74]Metallica - Orion[/b:50e7c48d74] Best instrumental song EVER .... Cliff Burton worship

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Great band name icon_lol Things I love about this particular vid of Cream is 1. Jack Bruce demonstrating how to practically wank a bass quitar at 2:46 2. Ginger Baker doing what can only be described as the nearest thing to shagging a set of drums up the ass (see 3.27 on for example) 3. A hairy Eric Clapton just idly standing by and pulling the fook out of his g-string icon_lol

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Fuji Rock Festival '11)

Oh Shamster you do make me laugh. laughabove It's nearly the weekend drinkies Love this choon icon_smile

[b:119e183d70]Lady Gaga - Do What You Want[/b:119e183d70] Roll on the weekend icon_winkicon_wink

[b:5e0d68c4d3]Birdy - Wings[/b:5e0d68c4d3]

Underworld - Two Months Off

Underworld - Two Months Off

Billy Ocean - Red light spells danger

Keep hearing this on the telly lately in some ad. It's really catchy.

Something different for Christmas........

If anyone has had it up to the horns wiv all the usual christmas Wham/Pogues/Elton/MUD/Slade et al beltin out in shops, cafes, pubs n clubs then here's a few different choons. Some chilled, some original, some covers, some just nuts..... Happy Christmas to all........ icon_wink Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun Death Cab For A Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Elbow- One Day Like This Birdy - White Winter Hymnal The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song Best Coast & Wavves - Something For You Lucky Soul - Lonely This Christmas The Crookes - It's Just Not Christmas Without You Coldplay - Christmas Lights The Walkmen - Holiday Road Julian Casablancs The Wedding Present - Step Into Christmas

Oh the Memories.... The Prodigy - Charly

limerick style

[b:2d4e355188]Walking On Cars - Tick Tock[/b:2d4e355188] Keeping it Irish!!

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Speaks for itself color

The Wonderstuff, from the taz eight legged groove machine Unbearable

Geordie mating song..... icon_wink

Quote by geordielass
Geordie mating song..... icon_wink

Now you have your own song whistling Just can't get his song out of my head today....

Sure why not.... whistlingicon_lol
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