No .... Always nice they make the effort Carrot cake or lemon cupcakes

Think I'm more of a carrot cake person.. 1 on 1 or group sex at a party?

Ginger.... smackbottomsmackbottom person should be made to make that choice... icon_lol Ok...if i have sex :-) Hot bath or power shower

Oooh depends situation, mood, what your doing and alone or not. So ill say both lol Do you walk around your house naked or semi as the case maybe, when your the only one at home

No, I'd frighten the post man,... Again. Do you get the hump when you don't get you're own way?

No, I'm thankfully a very easy going person. That is unless the other doesn't have the word compromise in their dictionary then I probably would a bit but its more of a bold pout lol then I move on icon_lol Have you ever gone to get something done like a piercing/tattoo or even get waxed and chickened out just when they are about to get started lol

nope grin but my tit thought i should have a half hour later :eeek: giggle Would you like to get a tattoo or piercing??

Yes, I want my favourite nipple done but I'm a big chicken! Would you acknowledge someone from swing if u saw them out in a bar alone?

Now, that's a good test. Definitely not if they are in company. I would guess that the right answer would be to wait a good few minutes on both sides in case the other person is actually accompanied by someone nearby or is waiting for someone. After a while, when the coast is clear, I suppose a discrete nod or smile followed either by a discrete No Thank you gesture or a Hi there from the other side. It would be silly to have two people of like mind and intent sitting alone in a bar for the evening! But discretion rules methinks. xx TC

No ..... Other then a nod, but I wouldn't approach them and would expect the same unless it was female I know well Night of sobriety for St Patricks Day?

Yep grin i was a good girlie once again icon_rolleyes ...this getting boring :/ Did you get an easter egg today???

Yes Wors I did... Seductive chocolate foreplay followed by choccy explosion but left ultimately empty and unfulfilled sad Have you any hols planned this year?

No not yet Are u going to any concerts this summer

(glad to see ya back sparkle passionkiss ) No concerts but taking holiday this monday thrilled Looking forward to summer??

Cant wait - if it ever gets here lol!!! Is it just me or......... Does the good weather ( or promise of) make ya horny!,!?

Cute.....I'm always horny...but it does make me HORNIER !!!!!!! Are you going on a sun holiday this year ?

Yes ... Malta can't wait !! Are you a member of the mile high club ?

Yes and the choo choo club and the beep beep club icon_lol Do you like to keep up to speed on whats new in the sex toy market?

The question should be can the sex toy market keep up with helen hehe..yes. Would you have sex in the open with a good chance of getting caught.


Yeah !! Thats the whole thrill of it and getting caught is epic lol Even if you were not bi and in tge the throws of it someone of the same sex started touching you would you stop it ????
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