No tickets booked yet but would love to see Script and P!nk - dont hate they're my guilty pleasure Have you ever cheated??

No tickets booked yet but would love to see Script and P!nk - dont hate they're my guilty pleasure Have you ever cheated??

whatops: would have to be a yeah dunnoscared are u quick to judge people

No Have you met me?

Yep, met you both. whistle... whistle.. sorry.. i was a bit cranky this morning when i posted this.. ?

No Can you put up with people you dislike for the sake of people you do like?

with great difficulty icon_lol Am I the only one who didnt finish 50 shades? yawn icon_lol

I'm sure you're not uppy, I finished it but I'm tenacious like that. It was very tiresome by book 3.. But hey, she's a millionaire out of it, good on her. Do you give up things you like for specific times so when you go back to them they are even better?

Yep, at the moment it's pancakes, I have them often but giving them a miss till pancake Tue. Mmmmmm Have you got a playlist of tunes at the ready for making luuuurve to?

No, but have a few in mind, so must get around to making one icon_lol Have you stuck with your New Year's resolutions?

Pretty much. Still off the ciggies woop woop :-) Would u do a last minute cancel on a long arranged meet if a hottie on ur hit list suddenly became free that same night??

No...... my word is my bond. Are you ticklish?

Yes!! Very Do you think your Hot??

Me hot? Sure of course I am icon_lol Would you like to party with us?

yes sure we would again icon_lol would you meet a cpl/single without a face pic ? ?

Hell no. What do you do when you turn up and theyre both not what they say they were? Would you swing with a member of the travelling community and/or invite him/her/them to your party?

Yes we would we know a few settled travellers and theres nowt wrong with them no diff to non travellers welcome Would you partake in a Gangabng ?

Great answer guys. Was wondering who would have the backbone to answer that one honestly thumbup Yes Id join a gangbang. Have you ever seen a ghost/seen something spooky that you couldnt explain?

No. Do you enjoy all the hype around Valentines Day?

I'll say No but more so because I've never experienced the hype around it. Unfortunately have always in the past had relationships men with the romantic range of a teaspoon. That and I think smaller unexpected gestures are far more romantic then those forced by Mr Hallmark Do you love nights in front of the fire when it's freezing cold and pouring rain? (with company)
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