Waving the school bus off icon_lol

(Jilly) Buying new lingerie for our upcoming party wink

Buying chocolate for a Lady

making an anal bet with bodyshots, and losing ......... happy

Stopping off at my local filling station to refuel and seeing the sexiest Eastern European lady for a flirt... and she flirted back... Did I bang my head ? (Drool). Know it aint going anywhere but it felt good ?... 

An unexpected arrival boink

Someone has been looking at my profile....boink69positionlickface  lol lol lol

Coffee Arrangements whistling

Planning the weekend happy

the sun was shining lol no rain lol reached my hand over to mr bobby first thing in the morning and he seemed happy lol what was he dreaming of lol

Seeing bobby in the forum....xx

you sweet talker lol  always have a smile for ya hun xx and seen you still about gets me over joyed lol

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