That special Santa message happy PNP its magical icon_wink

getting a hug for no reason ..happy

Seen a lady give a stranger a voucher and said you might as well have it as I prob wont use it and it expires soon, thers good in people still happy

reciveing a tex message from someone nice never thought would tex yeppeee icon_lolicon_lol

icon_lol Got this text this morn... "I didn't text you the Vodka did"

woke up to a new year icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol love it xx

My New Years Day swim in the sea....I now have three Adams apples !!!!!

going back to work had a great day icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

People telling me they are glad im back at work lol

Realised that now halfway through week , and countdown to weekend can begin drinkies

This bizarre headline made me.. em smile... It's the old gun in the vagina trick. Moral of the story - Never argue with a woman about aliens when she's carrying a gun in her Vagina! icon_lol

got my car washed for free of a handsome bloke icon_lolicon_lol

Remembering the Lillie's & Roses, Champagne and strawberries weekend of two years ago. People form here are responsible for some of the best memories love

Seeing Busty in the forums....kiss

having a day of work and going clothes shopping icon_lolicon_lol and being under a nice profile

For all you One Direction fans icon_lol

thank god for saturday ........

....and pj days!!!!

dub love a bit of m&m xxxx
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