This gave me a giggle icon_lol A Guy Walks Into A Bar - "The Magic Apples"

....Tinydelight....ya defo brought a smile to me mush with that one lol

:eeek: gringringrinbolt

By the way, I apologise if anyone found the above image offensive ('C' word etc) but it did make me laugh (and turned me on icon_lol ). Happy Friday everyone!!

made me laugh too icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

Handbag stuff! :eeek: Something else going on there i think.. grin

my work bench...

Playing with garage tools icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

it's the weekend....isn't that reason enough! happy

Jilly icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol


in work today and heard a few songs looney tunes play xx got a big smile thank god its the weekend ...

I was in work and one of the lads started talking about Internet dating. Then the conversation turned to 'no strings attached' sites. I had to bite my lip, 'appear' ignorant of the whole concept, not give my opinion and desperately suppress a wry smile. I do love a good laugh! icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

Jingly balls!

I know it's probably too early in the season for this kind of thing but it did make me smile. mmfmgrin:

seeing old friends back on swing icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol


my impulse bottle mmmmmmmmmmm o yes xxxx

The legend continues...

Ron's the man! icon_lol

a nice ride

got a lovely morning starter icon_lolicon_lolicon_lol

Woke up with a boner and felt like a lion got out of bed ,, tripped on my slippers fell landed face down boner gone !!!! Just had to laugh

bumped into a lady wearing a wedding ring today in a crowded business environment, who's face rang a bell, feeling was reciprocated, she said hello back, both of us stumbled and stuttered and acknowledged we recognised each other but we both could not place where, who , how, when.....comfortable silence....then she whispers, "maybe we had a one night stand...." umppph, I was left dripping.
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