New MF Dublin Couple Just Want To Say Hi Friendly and Attractive


We;re a new Dublin couple. Were friendly and easygoing and I guess were considered attractive. I'm 25 and he's 29. We are looking to play with couples and bi guys and bi females and straight guys. For guys you would need to have a good body and be attractive, courteous, mannerly respectful, outgoing, friendly, hygienic, clean, STI free have a nice face and be non forceful. I know it's a lot to ask. We're pretty much city centre and we have huge libidos. We'd love sex parties if they exist. We like the social side as well as the getting down and dirty. We're a cuckold couple. We like lingerie, group sex, bi sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, muscular guys, twink guys whatever. We're open minded and STI free and we adpat to most people. For guys if you do contact us we would need you to share a face pic and meet the above criteria.

Welcome to S4I guys ! Hope ye have a ball or two wink 

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