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Hi thanks for looking my profile love to have chat and maybe some fun

Newtown Mount Kennedy, County Wicklow, Ireland

ok added two pics taken  tonight with my web cam for ppl that mentioned my other pics were a bit , old ,,, ya gotta love the webcams  ;-)

I am a big girl, that means large, yes large,bumps in places i shouldnt have them, if ya dont like that dont mail me , but   I enjoy the chat here and enjoy meeting people from hereI

enjoy the swing world and the fetish world.

 would prefer, that you NOT contact me if you under 40.

By the way I smoke.(a lot apparently

I cannot accomodate, sorry ,but it will be up to YOU to provide the place, a small hint here, a smoking room and a bottle of Tia Maria always goes down well but, I am not really a morning person so dont be expecting morning delights 

Putting this in here cos im fed up getting asked it, NO I WONT ARRANGE A THREESOME FOR YOU.

Oh.....I dont like coffee I prefer evening meets, and I'll be honest, I tend to take more notice of profiles with pics on them.

P.s I dont authorise favourite/friend requests of ppl iv never chatted/spoken to 

and I cant be arsed with these mails

" Hi,Really like your profile, why don't you drop by and have a look at mine. Let me know what you think."

dont be sending these ,,,,write a mail yourself, these mails are so lazy and ill just delete them without reading


Dublin, Ireland

Looking for a girl to teach me to suckand lick a woman

Cork, Ireland

Fun outgoing, very laid back and no drama wanted or needed.. life is too short !

Have just decided to return to swing after a very long break! Previously known as Keke! 

So let the fun times commence once again!

Dublin, Ireland

:wave:just having a look here.see whats out there. Not meeting at the moment  .just chatting. 

County Tipperary, Ireland

Hello I'm new to the swingers scene....want to see what it is all about!!  Straight, curious, and shy... I'd like to chat and get to know a bit about you before we would meet, looking for safe,discreet fun, NSA  

Discretion required and guaranteed always.   

New to the sence. Looking for someone to have some fun & new experiences with 😊 

If your interested drop me a message and let the fun begin. 

BUT having said that....people who send those "I'd like to know more" messages will be deleted straight away! As will anyone who sends "wanna f**k or fancy a shag"!!  Put a bit of effort in guys, saying hi also helps. 

Also people who haven't any photos up be it public or private will be ignored!  I'm a genuine person who expects the same back.  Fairs's not a one way street around here!! My thinking is if your not willing to show yourself then your probably not genuine! 

Discretion is guaranteed & also a must! 

Looking forward to some sexy fun 😉

County Roscommon, Ireland

Short, grey, rubenesque, silly sense of humour, happy with myself and enjoying life.

Primarily here for the social side of the lifestyle - and making friends.

Potential playfriend should be:

Clean-Shaven [Face!], Non-Smoking, Honest, SINGLE/UNATTACHED man with sense of humour, who is comfortable with themselves and their life.

For those who really read profiles:

You probably won't hear from me if you :

a] are not single/unattached

b] are under 35, or over 55 [ish]

c] are looking for something I'm not

d] are into more than I'm comfortable with

e] are too far away from Cork

f] have no smiley face pic on your profile, or in your mail.

Believe in playing it straight - nothing personal - each to his own.

I do not play with other peoples' toys [ever - even with permission!]

I do not require a student or a teacher.

I know what I like and what I fancy trying.

I don't do pain, dirty or humiliation.

I don't drive, travel or want 'long-distance frustration'.

Blind Dates are not on the cards -

Cock Pics do - N O T H I N G - but prove you can't read!!

Can you tell, there's been a long history of TWONKs asking stupid feckin' questions?

T - Time

W - Waster

O - Of

N - No

K - Knowledge

Usually start their e-mail with "I'm not what you are looking for but I'll give you the best night of your life" - Goes straight in the Filing System under - B1N

And if there's any single Brown-eyed sexy smiling Man within 100 miles of Cork, I want first dibs - that pesky Wish Fairy has been holding out on me too long! :D

Cork, Ireland

just up for some fun and see what happens,,up for most things

Waterford, Waterford City, County Waterford, Ireland

Just having a look for now, I'm still fairly new to this. Patience pls


I am 37 years old. I have long brown hair, really naturally pretty and slim. I love working out. I am very bi-curious and would love to have a threesome with a couple.

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

I am a very down to earth friendly direct straight talking person. I am looking for like minded cpls or bi female for some fun.

Dublin, Ireland

New couple looking to swing! Looking to have some fun with couples and bi fems, no single men!!

Dublin, Ireland

Not looking for single guys or couple's at the moment thanks.... just party invites please,

Unless it's something yummy and i could be tempted :hump:


I am Curious and am looking to explore with likeminded people. Thought I would give this a shot

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Straight , curious , looking , shy , I want to see what it is all about

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

"Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it"

M. Scott Peck

Why I'm Here: I am on here because I am a cyber social whore and I like to chat, read forums and meet socially with other friendly members. I'm also a site moderator, you'll find me in chat if I'm online. I'm not meeting at the moment, I will update my profile if that changes!!

I'm a naturally dominant person, very outspoken and at times blunt, albeit unintentionally. I believe I'm good natured, playful and adventurous, intelligent (but sometimes I miss the obvious and get caught up in the details)and I'm curious to a fault. I'm also driven and very competitive, I'll exhaust all available means to win a challenge, especially if there is a forfeit involved!!! I have no trouble telling people about the things I dislike but don't do so well in asking for something I want/need.

If you want to know something more specific or talk about anything really, feel free to ask. Its pretty rare that someone wants to know something I'm not willing to tell them


Hello I'm a 42 year old very randy woman who loves being fucked so please contact me 

Update:  26/5/17

NOT MEETING. Just popping in now and then to chat with old friends and enjoy the banter.

Yes, I'm with someone, and yes, he knows I'm on here.

Yes, its a waste of time asking me to meet.

Yes, you should save your 3 a day mail allowance for someone else.

No, I did not reply to your wink, its an automated response ;)

No, I will not accept your friend request unless I've actually met you.... and if I have met you and we're still not friends... well then I probably just didn't like you :P

No, l'm not interested in hearing about your horny hangover. Frankly it just conjures up images of some bleary-eyed, foul-breathed git sweating out last nights Carlsberg and curry chips on top of us before grunting, rolling off and snoring. Really doubt that's any woman's fantasy

Anyway.... thanks for reading!


Wexford, Ireland

Couple,both 30, looking for some fun with a similar aged couple. Bi female , and fairly new to meeting up with people on this so would be nice to meet another couple who are new to it also. 

Meath, Ireland

single well travelled highly educated and highly sexed enjoys the finer things in life can do mistress sugardaddy type arrangement also . I'm only a standard member so can only reply to 3 emails a day  so be clever. Do not send me automated hellos I'm not interested don't be crude act as an adult if compatible then we will get on. Not interested in young boys or bi males . Inundated with mails so only answering those who leave contact and who tell me about themselves I'm not on [removed]

Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland

Just curious! Lets see what happens! Bring it on! Yep :)