How to create Adverts

To create your own personal Advert, you will need to have an account and be logged in.

New to the site?

If you don't have an account, you can create one within 60 seconds by clicking the join link below: Join

Logged in already

Once you have logged into your account, from the top of the website click where your name is shown to open the menu then choose My Adverts - mouse click this option to proceed.

Next mouse click onto New Advert

You will now see several fields and options on the page on that you can customise.

Basic Advert details

You will need to choose a category for your advert which is how others will find you. You can only choose one advert category but you can post an advert in at a time so you can write another one later in a different category that suits you.

The title of your advert is important as this is what will attract other site users to you - something catchy is ideal but try to avoid capitals because this is considered shouting and it will put people off. Use the description to summarise yourself and what you are looking for - adding more information will help others be more interested in you.

Add photos

Adding photos to your advert will significantly increase your chances of someone being interested in you. You can include up to three photos in your advert by mouse clicking on one. Once clicked, you will see a border appear around the photo which means it's included.

Post your advert

Once you are happy with your advert, mouse click 'List' to post to the other site users. The advert categories are updated every 10 minutes so you'll soon see your first personal advert.

Add more adverts

The more advert you create, the more chance of someone checking out your profile and messaging you so if there are other categories that you are into, why not post another?