7 Oct 2018

‘Hi God I'd love to lick your kanky pussy,’ was his first message and only message.

I knew he meant ‘kinky,’ but the typo made me so wet. Thinking about his big, clumsy, fingers missing the ‘i’ and hitting the ‘a’ made me imagine what would happen to me when his little finger slipped into my ass while his middle finger was lost in my kanky pussy. Knowing that his tongue would bring it all together in the end.

How could he know so well what I needed just from reading those few words in my profile? It was like he knew my deepest fantasy before I did; and now I couldn’t stop myself from strapping a ball gag in my mouth and getting on my knees to reply to those amazingly, beautiful, and well thought out 9 words. 9 little words that could change my entire being. Prostrating myself to those words, that fantasy and that blank blue silhouette on his profile where no pictures of him or words to describe himself could be found, was submission of the best kind. I knew he would be the man of all my dreams, all my fantasies and all my desires fulfilled completely by 'him.'

The rarity of finding a man so bold and so brave as to go straight for my kanky pussy with his ever so plump and vulnerable tongue sent me reeling. I had to meet him now!

I opened my pleasure chest full of hundreds of dildos and vibrators and pulled out the biggest, widest, hardest one I could find, and I jumped into a cool shower. My nipples got hard immediately, and my clit came alive. I slathered my favourite dildo in copious amounts of baby oil and slid it as deep inside of my kanky pussy as it would go. And then I covered myself in the silkiest soapy suds I could rub over every inch of my milky, white thighs and then I did my kegels, letting that huge cock shaped, oily, toy slide in and out of my kanky pussy as far as it would go without falling out completely and of course without ever using my hands that were busy rubbing and pinching my huge, wet, nipples.

As I worked those pelvic muscles as hard and fast as I could, I was ever so careful not to cum. Why ruin the prospect of all that licking he’d love? And just as a precaution, I gave myself a little enema…you know.. in case that wandering little ‘a’ finger found it’s way up my ever so clean, tight, little asshole. Hmmmm…it was so hard to control myself.

I ended my shower and covered myself in the rest of the baby oil before heading to my closet. What could I possibly wear to fulfill his every fantasy? Then I found it. A cute, baby doll dress, that clung to every, wet, silky curve of my body. No knickers, no bra…but would he like silk, thigh high, stockings? Of course he would. Who doesn’t? Oh, and the stilettos. I had to wear them. But the piece de resistance were the cuffs and chains I used to completely restrain myself, spread eagle to my bed.

Since my hands were now bound and chained, my kanky pussy took a selfie of herself, wet and inviting. And she sent it with my address, ‘waiting for your tongue to lick me dry,’ and signed it, ‘the kanky pussy.' (She really is extraordinary.)

But I’ve been waiting like Miss Havisham, with great expectations, for days now. I can’t understand why he didn’t show up?