Written by Anonymous

5 Jun 2018

I sat in my car, her taste still fresh in my mouth, as I looked at the clock, the 10 minutes had almost passed. As the seconds clicked into that 10th minute my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen, a new message from Suzanne. The message had just one line, "Sir, I want more". I smiled and responded by telling her I was parked outside the bar, directly opposite the front door. She was to get in the front seat, not to look at me and not to speak until spoken to.

Within a minute I hear Suzanne's heels striking the pavement, and see her walking towards the car, her dress and hair flowing as she walked. She opened the door, and as she sat down her dress rode up her thighs, revealing her stocking tops. She didn't fix her dress, and sat there, looking forward, silently, stockings exposed.

I drove off, and during the short 10 minute drive back to my place, Suzanne did as she was told, she didn't speak and didn't look at me. During the drive I would throw a look her way to see if her head would turn or even see if her eyes might betray her and flick to the side of her face to look at me, but nothing. Impressive I thought, but harder tests lay ahead for you.

We pulled into my drive, and I told her to wait in the car, "Yes Sir" she replied. I went inside and up to the bedroom and laid out a few items that would soon be used on Suzanne. I went back to the car and opened the door, and told her to go inside and stand in the hall. I followed her in and locked the door behind me.

I stood behind her and said, "Are you happy to take the next step with me?", a nervous "Yes", dribbled out of her mouth. I said "If you feel uncomfortable, or wish to end this now, please say so and I will drive you back to the bar, and that will be it". I could see she was trembling. I knew this was a big step for her, after all, texting, messaging and phone calls are one thing, but this was reality. Everything we have spoken of, everything she said she wanted and how she would submit to me was now becoming a reality.

I walked up behind her, and moved my head to her ear, gently brushing her hair with the side of my face I said, "Suzanne, everything we do is based on trust. I trusted you meant everything you said you wanted. I trusted you would turn up today and dress as I had instructed. You must now trust in me. Trust that I will look after you, that I will respect you and that I will dominate you the way I know you crave. This is a a wonderful journey you, and I are about to embark on. Being submissive is not weakness, in it you will find a strength and pleasure you never thought possible".

I waited for her response, she took a deep breath in, paused, and said in a vulnerable, tentative tone, "Sir, I am ready. I want to take the next step with you."

I took her by the by the hand and led her upstairs, into the master bedroom. On the end of the bed, I had laid out an assortment of items, including, a flogger, a ball gag, a paddle and a neck to wrist restraint, and one collar. I closed the door, and positioned her standing, directly in front of the bed. Her eyes were drawn to the items on the bed, and I heard a short gasp escape from her, which she tried to hide. I smiled to myself.

I sat on the edge of the bed, looking directly at her, she averted her eyes to avoid my gaze. "Take your dress off and let it fall to the ground, and remove your heels", I said. She did as instructed, but looked a little awkward and embarrassed as she did. I walked over and removed the dress from the floor, and took her heels to one side and I sat back down. There she stood in front on me, eyes looking at the floor, naked, pantyless, except for her back hold-ups.

"Now kneel down on the floor and open your legs as wide was you can. Then place your hands behind your head and lock your fingers into each other". Again she complied. I picked up the simple, narrow, pvc collar and walked over to her. I look at her kneeling on the floor, hands behind her head, and circled her, as a predator would stalk its prey. I stood in front of her and said "Good Girl". I held out the collar in front of her and said, "this is your training collar. You will wear it at all times in my presence. When you have completed your training, I have a very special, leather, D-ring collar that you will wear, but you have to earn it."

"Now, shall we begin?......"