• Written by Dave 11 Nov 2017, 3:52 p.m.
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Hope ye all liked my first story and I will now follow up with my 2nd meeting.

A few weeks had passed since we first met and slept together, we continued to text and send exciting snapchats to each other on a daily basis. I had a weekend coming up which meant I’d be staying in her town town on a Saturday night. I was going out to a family night and had planned on staying in a cousins house. She was also out but not with me. Later on that night I get a text from her to see if I’d be in town later that night. Unfortunately for me the pub we were in was a quiet country pub around 10 miles outside of town and I hadn’t made plans to end up in town.

Around half two was closing time and we got a taxi back to my cousins.. we were all fairly tired at this stage and we’re heading for bed.. I was sleeping downstairs on the couch and the rest were in bedrooms upstairs. As soon as I lay down I began to get horny thinking about what would of happened had I of went to town to meet her. I decide to text her to see if she was awake and to have some dirty talk. She weren’t long home and one of her friends from work came back with her (female). She was insisting on me trying to call into her to spend the night with her and it didn’t take to much convincing. I rang for a taxi and arrange to be standing on the main road with my phones flashlight on so he could see me.

Waiting for around ten minutes and eventually the taxi turns up. It takes us 15 mins to get to her address. I’m under strict instructions for when I get to her house “front door is left on latch, don’t make noise as friend is sleeping in the sitting room, make your way upstairs, I’ll be waiting”!! As I walked from the taxi to the front door my heart was beating at 100 knots an hour. I slowly approached the front door and opened it, I could see through the glass in the hall door that her friend was fast asleep on the couch, I removed my shoes and slowly headed for the stairs. As I reached the top of the stairs I could see the soft glow of a bedside lamp through the small opening of the door.. as I got to the door I took and deep breath to steady myself before I entered.

When I walked into the bedroom she was lying on the bed with an orange corset and a matching thong on her, I couldn’t believe my eyes the beauty of this women lying on the bed that was about to give herself up for me. We both smiled as we looked at one another and she slowly said “close the door behind you, I don’t want her to hear you moan” it was like someone flipped a switch on in my trousers and my cock began to stiffen up. I walked over beside the bed and began to remove my clothes, while I was taking off my top she had slowly slid across the bed and began to kiss my stomach and quietly whispered “ let me help with these” she opened my jeans and they feel to the floor, I could no longer hide my throbbing cock as it stood there sticking out of my jocks, she slowly pulled them down and out it flopped.. she let out a gasp and said “ I’ve been thinking about this so much” and sank her mouth around it. I enjoyed the view as I looked down at her bobbing head slowly picking up the pace as she began sucking more and more, her sexy ass sticking up in the air looking so inviting with her thong. I reached across and began to feel her pussy, it was already soaking wet and I couldn’t wait to have it sit on my face. As I slowly began to slide my fingers inside her she began to slow down sucking and asked me if I’d like a 69er.. I jumped at the chance and lay down on the bed straight away! She positioned herself above me and all was on view.. before she had a chance to do anything I just pulled her down on my face and got down to business. She took a firm grip on my throbbing cock and began to pull it very hard.. I knew she was loving this position as she had full control and began to fuck my face, I then slide a two fingers inside and began to work hard on her clit with my tongue, juices flowing and breathing beginning to get heavy. I knew she was starting to think about cumming so I slowly brought her to the edge and stop right before she came. She fell on the bed beside me and I mounted her as fast as I could. Sliding balls deep into her and eyes locked together I began to pump with all I had.. I think for the next five minutes she completely forgot about her sleeping friend as she let out mom after moan after moan. She began to shake and squirm beneath me and I knew I had to let her release it, I lifted my body up from her and placed her legs on my shoulders. I then sank all my weight down on her as I plunged my cock as deep as I possible could, she began to squirt and I could feel her hot cum press against my cock, this drove me over the edge and I began to pump cum after cum after cum into her.

We continued fucking long into the night