Written by Anonymous

3 Nov 2017

So everything in this story is 100% real, I will tell the first encounter first and if there is interest I will also write about our other few meetings

So I’m 26 and I’m in a relationship with a girl for the past few years. Myself and her mother have always got along. She is 44 and is very good looking for her age, probably a size 14 with huge tits. The fact that she is split up from her husband is probably what first started to attract me to her and think about her in a sexual way. Whenever we would have get togethers I would always try and make sure to try be the last one awake with her so we could talk.

One night after a good few drinks it ended up being just myself and her left sitting in the kitchen at the table. There was a small bit of flirting on both side but we knew nothing could happen as there was another couple sleeping in the sitting room. As we decided it was time to call it a night and head our separat ways to the bedrooms she made sure to stand up and bend over in front of me revealing her red lacy thong. The site of this drove me wild and I just wanted to fuck her there and then.

It took me two days after this to build up the courage to actually make any move at all. While in work I text her and told her I had something to tell her. She had a feeling what was coming. We both let each other know how we felt and luckily enough she felt the same, if not I could of ended up looking very stupid.

We contiuned to text and send each other snapchats for the next few weeks, really building each other up and teasing. Then we got the break we needed! Obviously I couldn’t invite her to mine to fuck as I was living with my partner and I couldn’t go to hers as she had younger children. My parents decided to go away for the weekend so I knew this was my chance. I invited her to come stay the night with me while they were gone and we arranged to have a few drinks.

She picked me up in town and we headed for the house. Although both of us were extreamilly nervous we were still having fun and a good chat.

Once we got to the house the drinks started. I was shy at first and opted to sit in the armchair opposite her. After a few drinks she said to me “ come sit beside me I won’t bite” I knew then that the vodka was staring to work. About five minutes of sitting beside her and the touching started. It didn’t take long for me to be rock hard and she noticed it straight away, slowly sliding her hand down along me to rub it through my trousers. We slowly began to kiss and she let out a low moan as I began to feel her tit. The feeling and kissing continued for a while until she got up to go to the bathroom. At this stage I was throbbing and had loads of pre cum dripping from me. She came back from the bathroom wearing nothing but a matching peach bra and thong. I was stunned to see her there in front of me more or less begging for it. She slowly walked over to the couch making loads of eye contact, she sat herself down on my legs with hers both spread open. As she sat on me I could feel how wet she was and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I’d take her to bed. My dick was now hurting it was so hard from her sitting on me and shoving her huge tits in my face. She began to slowly grid on me and I could tell she could feel it.

After a few minutes of grinding and kissing she gets up and kneels down in front of me. Slowly unzipping my trousers she takes my throbbing cock out and slowly strokes it while looking up at me. She then cups my balls and sinks her head down the length of my cock. Sucking and pulling it like a cock starved women who has been waiting for this time for too long. I know it’s not going to take much longer before I empty my load, as I try to warn her she puts her finger on my lips and tells me to let it go. Pulse after pulse of hot cum shoots from me, she tries to swallow as much as she can but it’s no good there’s to much and ends up dripping onto her tits.

I then drag her to bed so that I can get started on her. While in there I lie her down on the bed and slowly lower myself onto her. I slowly start to kiss down her neck and stop to tease her nipples while removing her thong. When I arrive at her pussy it is dripping with cum she is so ready to be pleased. As soon as my lips gently kiss her clit she begins to quiver and shake, I know right then that it would take much to send her over the end. I slowly start to flick my tongue over her clit while sliding two fingers inside. She brings to start moaning louder and her breathing is getting heavy. She reaches down and grabs my head as she screams “ I’m going to squir” she holds my face tight against her lips as she begins to start squirting on my face. Never in my life have I felt an orgasim as strong.

I lie on the bed beside her as we both relax and think about what has just happened. It didn’t take long before we started again and ended up having sex long into the night. It was and still is my best sexual experience ever