• Written by SexiWexi 17 Oct 2017, 10:30 p.m.
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My first attempt at posting here... Prose isn't my wheelhouse so I've stuck to a format I'm more comfortable with, and hope you enjoy...

Ode To A Garlic Bulb

'sweat it out' they all said,
when I told them of my plight.
'the only way to shake a cold'
and maybe they were right.

But I don't think it was the sweat that cured my cold that night.

'Make me tea' he demanded
'of garlic I've had a feed'.
I filled and flicked the kettle on, accompanied by a sneeze.

'you're ill!' he cried
'we're going no-where!
The place for you is bed!'

I meekly nodded, abandoned cups, to the bedroom I was led.

His bedside manner commanding,
Insistent was his touch.
My fevered body dehydrated and my legs were turned to mush.

'good girl' he smirked as I lay down,
'now don't I always know best?'
I lay my head upon him and, concurring, fluffed his chest.

My breathing became clearer and my sneezing ceased completely.

I said 'well then a second dose might cure me absoFlutely!'

My cold is gone.
Been banished!
But let there not be any confusion.

I still believe all credit belongs to the strong garlic infusion.