23 Jul 2017

It all started a small bit of chat. About how we I would love to have a threesome. L wasn't too keen. She said we have no need to have someone else in our bed. I reckoned we were only young and lets not regret not doing something. So she agreed but one condition. She'd have a threesome, with a girl like I wanted, but first we did it with a guy.... I got a lump in my throat. This wasn't what I wanted. I mean she was mine to fuck. Not someone else's..... Why did she want another guy.... I though I was enough. But when I said this to her she said thats how she felt about another girl. So it was up to me. Being as horned up as I am I thought about it and said fuck it. I'll do her 3sum and then get mine, So I set about looking for a guy. I didn't care who. I just wanted to get this over and done with. Let her have her 3sum and then move on to mine! So after chatting with a few guys she agreed to one. He wasn't huge which I was happy about. And he was not from anywhere near where we lived, so that was good too. So we agreed he would call over to our apartment for a drink and video us fucking. And if she wanted then she might give him a hand job, bj or ride him too. But all he was guaranteed was being able to watch.
So friday night came and at the appointed time he arrived. She was after showering and shaving herself and was in a bathrobe when he called to say he was outside. Make him wait a but she asked me. Why I asked. She wanted to put on clothes and makeup and do her hair and get dressed in something sexy. I asked her why the clothes given that she was gonna be out of them soon. She agreed but wanted to do her makeup and hair. So I went down and let him into the apartment complex and took the long way to our apartment. When I got in I brought him to the Kitchen and we had a beer and really awkward chat. Then after a few moments in she walked in the bathrobe. She looked stunning with the bathrobe opening a bit. Her body shape was visible. He tits hanging down but slightly available to the eyes with the way the robe was. She sat on the couch and started chatting, I went to the bathroom and was only in there when she arrived in too. "Are we restyle doing this?" she asked. Its what you wanted I said. "No, its not, I just want you but I didn't think you were serious". I was a bit shooked. "You knew we were in contact, you knew he was outside, why didn't you say before". She then said again she was nervous and went this far hoping i was messing or would pull out. I said "right look, we will fuck in front of him and you don't gotta do anything with him ok?" She agreed. So we went out and back to him. We then asked him to come to the bedroom. When there I gave him the videocamera and asked him to video us. He knew this was all he was guaranteed but didn't know it now was deaf all he was getting. So I moved to L, I started kissing her and slid my hand into the bathrobe. She had a nice sexy bra and knickers on underneath. I started feeling her tits. Nice and firm with her nipple erect. My cock was swelling now. I was actually enjoying the fact we were being watched. So I slipped off the bathrobe completely and there she lay on the bed trying to cover herself up. He sexy 32C tits held in by the flowery see thru bar and her pussy being hidden by the fact she kept closing her legs. I reached around and undid the bra. I started to take it off but she had it positioned so she still had it on. I didn't want to force the issue so I started kissing her again and moved down to her neck. Then I started to move to her tits, I managed to get the bra off. There she lay now on the bed with her tits out and me with my hands working their way to her tight pussy. I slid my hand in and she was not too wet. Not like she usually was. I looked at her. She was red, nervous and didn't look like she was enjoying it. I held her close and whispered in her ear I loved her. At that her legs opened a bit. I pulled down the panties she had on and exposed her fully bare pussy. I started to work my fingers and kiss her neck again. I looked her straight in the eye and again told her I loved her. At that she reached down and started to undo my trousers. In a few seconds I had them off with my cock out.... I was hard as a rock and loving this to my surprise. She started to kiss my chest and I knew she was heading to give me one of her great bi's. She took my cock in her mouth and started working on it. I could feel myself tensing and knew she was getting me to the right place. I pulled her up and kissed her and lay her down beside me. I started to push my cock to her pussy which was now actually wet. I slid inside her, she felt tighter than ever. What a feeling. I nearly forgot we were being watched. That is until i heard him unzip his trousers. He dropped them and I saw L look that way. He was taking out his cock. He started to pull it while keeping his distance. It was huge. It hadn't looked that big in the pictures. It was large, as were his balls and had a big vein running from the large head right up to the top of the shaft. I was still staring at it when I realised L had started to move. I looked at her. She was smiling and that nervous look was now gone. She reached out. He moved closer and all of a sudden she was walking him. She looked at me and had a glint in her eye. For some strange reason I actually got harder. I was really enjoying this. This was the most turned on I had ever been. She looked at me again and asked, "Do you mind". "No" i said. at that she slipped me out of her and moved towards him. She took his cock in her mouth and started working it. I was just watching. My cock throbbing. I was amazed at how turned on i was. At that he handed me the camera and started undressing. I took the camera and watched as she sucked him and her eyes started to move my way. She flopped his huge cock out of her mouth and asked "Can I fuck him too", I gulped, 20 minutes ago we agreed she wouldn't do anything, now she's asking to take another cock, in front of me. "Sure" I replied, I was actually enjoying this. So she moved towards him and positioned her pussy near the edge of the bed. He took no time before he had his cock and the base of her pussy and then it happened. I watched as another guy slid his cock up into my gf's pussy. She bit her lip a little and took him inside, I didn't know what to do. I was jealous and turned on. I was mad but excited. I then realised he wasn't wearing a condom. "Condom" I splurged out. L looked at me and said "Its ok babe". Its ok?? Its ok? She's fucking him bare. This wasn't part of the deal. What the fuck is she doing? But damn its sexy.... He was now squeezing her tits and feeling her ass. His cock sliding in and out of her. At that he looked and said I need to pull out. He started to move back, "No" she said as she pilled him closer..... next I see him tense up and I know he is about to cum. he moans and I know he has delivered his seed into her. I am amazed. 20 mins ago she wanted to send him away. Now she's his cum inside her. He withdraws and I can see he has a heavy load deposited inside her. He moves back and L looks at me and says, "I didn't cum yet, get on top of me". I am still in a daze at all of this and do as she says. As I move into her I realise how wet she is and that its not all her. I slip in and out so easy as she has his cum as lubricant. He takes the camera and started videoing again. I fuck her for a while until she asks for doggy. At that she gets in position and started sucking his cock with the remains of his seed on top. I just come behind her and start fucking. I am angry and mad and it doesn't take long until I feel my balls tensing. Knowing I am gonna fill her I just explode. She gets her 2nd load in 10 minutes. She doesn't even break movement on the bj she is giving him. At that I see him lie slightly back and I know whats coming next. I see her head slow down and I know he is unloading again inside her. He gasps and holds her head and I know its happened. I can't believe it, she has done so much! And I am really enjoying this!!! With that she lies back on the bed and says "Wow that was fun". She then puts back on the robe and asks him to leave. He heads off, 2 loads lighter and we start to chat. We will be doing that again!!!