I arrived early at the gym looking forward to my workout with Matt my personal trainer, I was feeling sluggish after the weekend and needed a challenge and Matt was always the man for the job or so I thought. This morning however I was met by Dan as he introduced himself, telling me Matt had to go home at the weekend for family business and he would be looking after me till Matt got back. Dan told me to head over to the treadmill and start with a 10 minute brisk walk into a 20 minute jog to warm up. I watched Dan as I started my warm up his head full of black curly hair falling unruly around his face as he studied what I assumed were my notes, his shoulders were broad and strong and his biceps much bigger than Matts with some tattoos on his arms. He was probably about 30 I thought a good 10 years younger than me, I didn't realise I was staring until I met his gaze, those dark brown eyes penetrating me as his face broke into a cheeky smile of white pearly teeth surrounded by thick pink lips. His day old stubble and longer locks gave him a sexy rugged look. I looked away embarrassed, feeling the colour rise in my cheeks I broke into a jog. As I neared the end of my warm up Dan approached me, 'how are you feeling this morning Molly' he asked 'I'm good I replied, 'looking forward to a good workout' 'excellent just what I intend to give you' Dan smiled. Lets head into the gym to do some stretches. As I followed behind him, I couldn't take my eyes off his pert toned butt, his strong thighs, one of which was probably wider than my entire torso. What is wrong with me, I thought I'm a happily married woman. Stop it, I warned myself. Once inside the gym I followed Dan's instructions and did the warm up exercises, more than once while on the mat he would lean over to correct my positioning, 'Important to do these right for full effect' he said as he moved my leg or placed his hand on my bare toned stomach, I could only nod in response his touch was sending electric charged pulses through my body. By the time we had completed a circuit of spinning, squats, boxercise and kettlebells, I was exhausted but rejuvenated, I was buzzing, Sweat was pouring off me as the temperatures were high outside and the air conditioning in the gym did little to help. We headed back into gymnasium for warm down exercises and I almost collapsed on the mat. Dan once again was attentive in helping with my positioning and I found I was enjoying the extra help, his hands were strong but gentle and firm. I suspected he was giving me exercises I wasn't familiar with so he could help me. I think he knew the effect he was having on me and secretly enjoying it. 'Well done Molly, great workout', Dan said when we were finished, 'Now hit the shower and make it very hot to relax those tired muscles' Thanking him I did as he said and made my way to the ladies shower room. I turned on the shower to high and let it run as I returned to my locker, I stripped off quickly out of my sticky yoga pants and crop top, kicking off my trainers, I grabbed my towel and shampoo and headed in the cubicle. Standing under the hot water I felt my muscles relax as the water cascaded down my back, I closed my eyes and released my hair from its ponytail, allowing the water to soak it, I pushed it back off my face till I was ready to shampoo it, I squirted some shower gel into my palm and gentle started massaging my breasts, enjoying the sensation of the suds on my nipples, I couldn't stop thinking about Dan and all the positons I had witnessed him in during our workout, I allowed My hand to wander down between my legs and I was surprised that I was very wet, Gosh I thought, I hope Matt is not gone to long, I'm not sure I can deal with Dan making me feel like this. I was so lost in my lustful thoughts and slowly caressing my body, that I didn't hear anything outside, the dressing room had been empty when I arrived for my shower. Suddenly I became aware of a hand on my ass and another on my other breast, a kiss on my neck pushing my hair aside and then he whispered in my ear, 'My god Molly you are even more gorgeous naked than I could ever imagine'. I gasped as he turned my head and kissed me slowly and deeply full on the lips. his tongue pushing my lips apart, I opened for him and allowed him in, his tongue exploring every part of my mouth, His hand playing with my nipple as the other one moved down between my legs searching for my wetness. He continued to kiss me as he slowly moved me back against the tiles from under the water, he made his way slowly down my neck, over my shoulders and traced the gap between my breasts with his tongue. My nipples ached for his touch but he was in no hurry, I could feel his hardness push against my belly button as he was a good foot taller than me. Standing in front of me he gently cupped each of my 34B breasts in his hands, his eyes looking down into mine, possessing me, I was transfixed, as he lowered his head to take a nipple into his mouth I allowed myself to glance down and I gasped when I saw the size of his manhood, He was enormous. Slowly he sucked and nibbled on my breasts, moaning his enjoyment as his hand once again found its way between my legs and parted my folds, expertly he worked his fingers inside me as his thumb played with my hood. once he had feasted on both nipples he descended to his knees, slowly kissing and teasing my belly and thighs as he went, he kissed all over my bare mound before finally pushing his tongue against my button, he lapped at me as his fingers worked there magic inside me, his other hand holding my ass in place. My heart was almost beating out of my chest, I tossed my fingers through his wet silky hair as I watched his assault on my pussy, he never stopped and just as he was about to send me over the edge he removed his fingers and grabbed my ass with both hands pushing me onto his hot tongue as he sucked my button into his mouth, My orgasm came crashing down onto his mouth and he lapped at my juices hungrily, my legs buckled under me and he caught me in his arms. slowly he stood up, lifting me up in his arms, wrapping my legs around his hips, he slowly slide his enormous cock inside me, He moved me up and down his hardness, I felt it would split me in half, he placed his fingers in my mouth to stifle my moans and I could taste my sex off him, he almost drove me crazy. He leaned me back against the shower wall still wrapped around his waist as he pumped
his length inside me, his hands found my ass and spread my cheeks wide as the water poured off him, he kissed me deeply his tongue mirroring the actions of his shaft inside me, his groan was gravelly as his release soared out of him. then I felt the hot spurts as he came inside me coating my walls in his creaminess. Holding me still, he kissed me deeply as his erection began to subside, Looking into my eyes, he smiled as he said 'You do know Molly, all the best morning Cardio ends in Orgasm' Slowly he put me down and kissed me, As he turned and grabbed his towel he looked back at me, 'I'm already looking forward to tomorrows workout' he said as he left the cubicle.
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