8 Apr 2017

Toby was new at the paper, straight from his journalism degree. It was a local paper, a rag in all honesty, but it was a start. Most of his new colleagues were hacks, but worse than that they were fat, old and ugly. This was normally not a problem for Toby who was partial to storing a mature plumper in the wank bank in his college days. But this collection of co-workers were so foul the thought of even one of them would cancel out the effects of a Viagra overdose. All of them except for Amber who was a beauty by comparison. By comparison mind, in the wider world she was a 6.5 out of 10 for looks with breasts saggy beyond their years. But at his place of work she was a 'stunna', a word he picked up from his tabloid jargon class at college. 

After a hard day writing about court cases and retirement bashes he would rush home to his grotty little bedsit. As soon as he shut his door behind him he'd whip out his tiny cock and bash one out to Amber. Two minutes later he was curled up on his sofa bed crying. This was a daily routine for Toby, even after three weeks at the paper. 

At twenty three jerking off was the only sexual activity Toby had ever engaged in. When he was eighteen he was hopeful that his long term girlfriend, Sandra, was going to give him a hand job at the end of exam celebration party. She'd been hinting at it all week. This, believed Toby, would be his entry into the sexual world, there would be no turning back. But something happened the night before he left for the party, something unexpected, something that was to invade his sexual thoughts for years to come.

An hour before he was to leave for the party he stepped out of the shower smelling as fresh and clean as is possible with Lynx Java. With a towel around his waist he exited the bathroom and made his way towards his bedroom. He stopped in his tracks as he passed his parent's bedroom. For with the door ajar he caught a glimpse of his step mother's reflection in her wardrobe mirror. She was undoing the buttons on her white blouse. The undoing of each button revealed more of her cleavage.

For the first time in his life Toby acknowledged that his step mother had big tits. This acknowledgement set off a tingle in his cock. She untucked the blouse from her skirt and unfastened the remaining buttons causing it to open revealing her torso. Her white bra cradled her huge breasts and yet another sensation shot off in his groin. There was a small yet noticeable bulge in his towel, like a caterpillar pushing up a leaf. Soon his step mother tipped the blouse from her shoulders and allowed it to glide down her arms and on to the floor. She swung her bare arms around her back to unzip her skirt and it too fell on the floor. She lifted her high heeled foot over the grounded skirt and stepped out of her tights which clad her slender leg, the other followed until she was standing completely out from the skirt.

Toby's eyes traced their way up from her stiletto strapped ankles, up her thighs and stopping briefly to observe first the gusset of her tights, and behind that her white panties, and visible behind both those layers, her thick black bush. He tried to grab his falling towel but missed. He abandoned his fallen towel as he skipped down the hall and into his room.

His dick was bigger and harder than it had ever been before, which wasn't saying much. He felt a mix of shame and arousal, his heart was pounding. He grabbed his cock and tugged at it furiously, as hard as he tried to think of Sandra and the imminent hand job, his step mother's curvy semi-naked figure kept popping into his head, welcomed and unwelcome in equal measure. Jizz flew from him as though fired from a cannon, slapping on to the floor like a seabass hitting the floor of a fishing boat. Immediately after he launched himself into his bed and sobbed himself to sleep. It was there he remained until morning, missing the party, missing Sandra and missing a gateway hand job. 

On his way into work that Friday morning he thought that maybe Amber was the girl to put an end to his miserable wanks. He had amassed an impressive collection of images for his wank bank slide show over the years yet that one slide of his step mother in her undies always found its way onto the reel, and usually just as the imaginary slideshow  was coming to and end and he was at the point of no return. Maybe if he struck up a conversation with Amber he'd be taking a step towards actually fucking her rather than imagining doing so. He'd start by complimenting her writing, that will please her, or so he thought.

To be continued