Her mystery was an unbearable turn on. Her message was brief: "Be at my place at 8 o'clock sharp. No sooner and no later". On time. I also like plans to be on time.
I got to her apartment and I ringed. I hated to admit this even to myself but I was curious. Nervous. Aroused. But on the other hand...

I didn't get to finish that thought. The door lock unclasped with a loud sound. It opened slowly. All I could see at first was her wavy hair. Her eyes and her silhouette were still concealed, as if she were hiding. She showed herself reluctantly. As if she were afraid, she avoided my gaze. So shy, I almost didn’t recognize her. In her photos, she exuded confidence. Her full lips were drawing me. I took her hand, gently lifted it towards kissing it.
I followed her to her living room. I couldn’t keep my eyes of her figure. Her breasts. Her ass. Her lovely eyes. After some small chat, silence took over. I noticed her slightly biting her lip and that’s when I kissed her, sliding towards her neck and her earlobe. She gasped and I dove my hand into her beautiful auburn hair. It had been so long since I imagined doing that. Her gasp turn into a moan.

She told me she liked pleasure, not torture. What she didn’t know is how I wanted to intertwine the two. I lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. She seemed a bit shocked, almost scared. I told her to take off her top, bearing her gorgeous breasts. Her fear escalated a bit more when I took out of my jacket pocket a pair of handcuffs and tied her arms together. She didn’t particularly enjoy feeling in my control, but her discomfort faded as I started playing with her breasts, kissing her nipples and then going lower…
I played around her pussy. Caressed it my lips. Touch it with the tip of my tongue. Slower at first, the stepping up the pace. Her moans followed suit, becoming stronger and stronger. I loved twisting my tongue around her moist clit and her starting to shiver only encouraged me to do more.

I felt her trying to touch herself, but having her hands tied forbade her that. I grabbed her breast as they were going up and down because of her shallow, irregular breaths. As she got closer to climaxing, she arched her back and she moved her waist around my mouth, my lips.

And then I stopped. I moved across the room and sat on the armchair opposing the couch. She looked at me confused at first. Then her surprise turned into frustration. Her gaze _demanded_ gratification.
“Do you want to cum?” I asked gently.
She said nothing. I repeated my question.
“Uhm-hmm” is all she uttered.
“You don’t have the right attitude”
Her frustration was visibly turning to anger.
“Ask nicely.”
“I want to cum”
“I know you want to make me cum”

I got up from the armchair. To my satisfaction, I noticed her pussy dripping on the couch. I walked up to her. Pulled her hair, forcing her to look into my eyes. She moaned and smiled.

“Do you think this is fucking funny?”
She nodded, to the extent my grip would allow it.
“I’ll show you funny. Get up.”
She started laughing.
With one hand, I held her hair. While with the other I unbuckled my belt. Her laughter dimmed. A moment later, it completely stopped as the belt hit her delicious ass cheeks. She screamed.
“First of all, you need to be disciplined for being cheeky and disrespectful. Do you understand?”
I slapped her again.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“That’s better.”
“Now, if you want to cum, you have to ask nicely…”
“What did you say?”
“Please, Sir, let me cum.”
“Do you think you deserve it?”
Silence, followed by the sound of the belt hitting her ass and her screaming.
“Do you think you deserve it?”
“Yes, Sir”
“Well, then show me. Get on your knees”
She turned around and reluctantly complied, unzipping my pants.