Written by noddy

22 Nov 2013

You and I have have arranged to meet in Langtons… You are to arrive wearing nothing but stockings, crotchless panties and a peep hole bra under a coat. I walk out to meet you in the car park and as you lean in to pick up your bag I roughly shove 2 fingers into your already wet shaved cunt and slide them in and out fast and hard, making you gasp and your knees buckle a little. I stop fingering you and let you lick my fingers clean before turning and walking towards the hotel. You follow and are surprised to see me heading, not for the room, but to the bar… you say you don’t want to go because of being nearly naked under the coat but as your master I command you to follow.

We go to the bar and take a seat in the corner, I order drinks and sit opposite you. I instruct you to open your legs so that I can see your pussy beneath your coat, you slide forward to give me a better view of your wet pussy. I take an ice cube from the glass and when no one is looking I slide it onto the chair between your legs, where it just touches your pussy lips… the cold tingles you and your clit gets harder and harder , you squirm against it feeling the ice melt from the heat of you , as it melts it runs down the chair wetting your ass… your breathing is getting faster , your neck starts to redden and I just know your nipples are rock hard…

We leave the bar and head for the room.. you walk behind me , your pussy is still tingling and now you can feel the breeze blowing cold air on yu wet ass and pussy.. in the room I instruct you to take off your coat so that I can see you in all your sexiness.. You reach for me to kiss me but I pull away. I make you kneel and tell you to wait until I have showered.. you may touch your pussy but you may not cum until I am with you.. I shower and walk over to you still dripping wet, I can tell by looking at you that you have been fingering your pussy ..

I drop the towel and make you crawl over to me..you kneel in front of me your breathing is getting quicker , I can feel your breath on my cock and balls making me hard…you look at me for permission to suck my cock and I allow you to lick and suck on my balls which you hungrily do…your hands are still between your legs idly rubbing your pussy and pinching your clit… I make you finder your sopping pussy before rubbing your pussy juice all over my cock and balls for you to taste..you take the head of my cock into your mouth, tasting your own sex juices…you lovingly and gently suck on the head , softly rubbing and squeezing my balls.. I reach down and undo your bra letting you magnificent tits swing free, your nipples are rock hard, crying to be touched, pinched squeezed which I am more than happy to do. I run my hands through your hair and start to fuck your hot mouth, making you moan as I push deeper and deeper into your throat. You are gagging and loving it dribbling down your chin onto your tits, one hand is back on your clit the other is pulling my balls. I begin to increase the speed of my thrusts..

You can taste precum on your tongue… you pause sucking to look up at me and beg ‘ master, please may I taste your cum in my throat.. please master, fuck my hot mouth and give me your cum’ This is too much for me and I pull your hair and really start to fuck your mouth hard…I can feel your tits against my legs, I can hear you fingering your wet pussy and I know you are near to cumming yourself …as you do cum you moan with a mouthful of cock,,,my balls tighten in your hand as I shoot my cum deep into your throat , there is so much that you struggle to swallow it all but you are a good slut and you do…you gently suck the last few drops from me and continue to lick my softening cock and balls… you look up into my eyes and I know you want to be fucked hard…. I pull you by the hair over to the bed and

I push you face down onto the bed, you are still kneeling on the floor. I make you spread your legs and raise your ass. I lightly caress your ass cheeks rubbing between your cheeks, occasionally lightly thumbing but not entering your ass hole. I can hear your muffled moans and you raise your ass more, eager for my touch…I slide my hands between your legs to rub your wetness and pinch you hard little clit..making you jump a little. I make you stand up with you still bent over, your head still on the bed. I rip your bra from you back and lean over to kiss the back of your neck as I caress you all over… I lightly trail kisses down your back as my hands work on your lovely tits –squeezing them both, stopping to ever so slightly brush over your nipples before slapping the very tips of them.

You are twisting and turning with pleasure as I continue to kiss down your back, kissing you all the way down,, you feel my breath on your ass and hold your breath..waiting for my tongue.. ‘Please’ you beg.. I ignore you and continue to kiss and playfully bite you on the ass cheeks, getting ever closer to your glistening pussy, my breath is cool on your wetness. ‘Please , what ?slut’ I ask. Your voice is shaking ‘please master, please touch my pussy’ I smile to myself and lightly lick your pussy lips, the heat coming from your pussy is unreal and your legs begin to buckle as I push my tongue deep into your cunt, tasting your lovely sweetness. I tell you to spread your ass cheeks as I tongue deeper and deeper, stopping only to suck hard on your clit… your moaning is getting harder and harder as I slide one finger , then two fingers into your pussy as I suck on your clit..

I raise my head and lightly lick your asshole to make it wet enough to receive my thumb. You shiver as I slowly ease it into you , I now add a third and fourth finger to your stretching cunt , you are so fucking wet I slide in and out with ease. I lick harder and harder on your clit, kissing and biting you inner thighs as I begin to finger fuck you harder and hard , you are pushing back more and more in order to get my fingers to fill you completely.

You can feel your first orgasm begin to well in the pit of your stomach and you bite hard on the duvet as it overcomes you pulsing through your body before releasing with a ecastic gush, I continue to lick and finger fuck you as you cum all over my hands and face, bucking and writhing with pleasure. Your hair is wet with sweat your pussy, ass and thighs are drenched with your cum.. You try to catch your breath as I slowly and idly caress your tender pussy, you quiver when I touch your clit... I turn you around to face me and..............

to be continued,