Written by 7andabit

17 Feb 2010

I keep thinking what it will be like being invited to someones home after being chatting to them both for a while but never actually seeing them. From our conversations, I feel this couple I'm chatting to (maybe, it's you) have a fantastic respect and admiration for each other and I know I'm privileged if I'm invited to their place to meet you both, hopefully to help satisfy three people's curiosity! I've been longing to feel another cock besides my own, to hold it in my hands, to run my finger tips from top to bottom and over a nice pair of balls. I've been longing to watch another cock grow bigger along with mine, get nice and hard until it starts to ooze precum. I've been longing to lick a cock up and down, lick it's head and taste that precum before I go down on it and feel it slip into my mouth along my tongue while it rubs off my lips! I'd love to feel a cock get bigger while I suck on it in my mouth, to feel it's pulse... need I go on!!! I've been longing to do all this in the company of another female, I'm not sure I could do it alone with another man. From what Amber tells me, this could be Gerry's curiosity too!?

Still day dreaming here... the afternoon I arrive at the front door, I get greeted with a kiss on the cheek from Amber and watch Gerry coming (no pun intended) down the stairs, looking like he has just popped out of the shower. You show me around and tell me to make

myself at home. For some reason, I can feel my cock stirring when you tell me this! I can

see you both staring at my jeans! hehe... I decide I'm going to tease a little and quickly let my hand glide across the front of my jeans so as to show the outline of my cock. I can see Gerry's eyes open wider and Amber smiling to herself! We're in the sitting room now and I ask Gerry what he thought of my photos! I could see a little bulge in his pants now and Amber's nipples seem a little erect! He replies that they're very nice! and is wondering were they really me! He's left it with that answer that I have to prove it to him. I'm wearing the same underwear as in my photo (in my private gallery - ask if you want to see it!) as I thought it would be fun. I open the buttons of the jeans and show my bulge and see-thru underwear to you both. Amber puts out her fingers to touch and I feel a little electric shock at the touch. Gerry does the same and it feels equally as good!

and I see him now playing with himself! I desperately want to take my cock out for him. I take my jeans off and allow Gerry to slip my underwear down as he takes a deep breath while

sniffing my cock and balls. Oh, the feeling!!! Behind Gerry, whose bulge is now alot bigger,

I notice that Amber has put on a porn DVD - a threesome - two men and a woman! Fancy that!

One man is kneeling on the floor with the other man in front of him. I drop to my knees, open Gerry's pants and take out his beautiful cock with my right hand while cupping his

balls with my left! I now feel so horny, my cock is feeling sore with the hardness already. I start to lick him, starting with his balls and moving up his cock. This feels sensational and I wonder why I didn't satisfy my curiosity before this. Maybe, I was meant to wait for this moment! I glance over and see Amber is now completely naked... my God, she's stunning! and she's staring at my seven inch hard cock while I suck her husband's beautiful penis. There's a great feeling when I grab Gerry's ass-cheeks pulling him into me while my fingers glance off his asshole. Feels really horny! I stop sucking and turn him around. He has his legs spread and is very slightly bent over, allowing my to rim his ass! I can feel him pushing back on me. Amber goes round to suck on his cock. After a minute I feel her hand on me, beckoning me to come around. I do as I'm told and take over from Amber. I did watch her for a few seconds to see how she likes to play with Gerry's cock. Amber slips back to my position at Gerry's ass. It felt only like 30 seconds more of sucking but I feel Gerry's cock starting to pulse wildly in my mouth. I can feel his cum travelling up his f*ing sexy cock and into the back of my throat. I'm surprised at how much of it I take! I feel like I want more of it! Amber's now rubbing my balls as I take the last of Gerry's cum. I can still feel the pain in my own cock and wonder what's going to happen next...

Many hours later, after it all, I'm there wondering, has my curiosity been satisfied and

whether I'll do it again!? There's only one way to find out...