Written by 7andabit

17 Feb 2010

I started to wake up from what seemed like a deep sleep. I was naked, with no bed clothes

covering me and lying on a bed with my legs over the end of the bed from the knee down. It

was Gerry who had woken me - he was looking for me to suck his beautiful cock again! I

wasn't going to refuse! He climbed over over me, thinking he might be able to 69 me in the

position I was in but that wasn't going to work. My cock was already starting to stir at the sight of Gerry. What a fantastic cock and balls he had!

His stunning wife, Amber, walked out of the bathroom and over to the side of the bed to see what was going on. From the corner of my eye, I could see she was already rubbing her clit at the sight before her. Her pussy lips glistened; I wondered had she been playing with herself in the bathroom!?

Gerry started to lower his hardening cock and perfectly shaven balls down to my mouth. I

eagerly opened and waited for what seemed like ages for his cock to pass my lips. I could

taste the precum on the tip of his cock already. Fuck, did it taste good! I wanted to be able to taste his cum in my mouth again. I started to lick the staft of his cock. I could

feel it harden as I did so. He slid more into me! It felt so good! I wanted to take his balls in my mouth, one by one, and suck on them gently. I knew my only hope of getting his balls anywhere near my mouth, in this position, was to take all of his cock and lick his balls when I got to them. I started to suck harder and thought Gerry's cock was harder than I'd felt it so far. It felt fucking fantastic to be able to do this for him. I began to wonder what had him that little bit harder!

Amber had made her way round between my legs, in front of Gerry's face. I could feel her beautifully feminine legs rubbing up against me. They were shaking a little. This was with

Gerry licking her clit and hungrily trying to tongue her pussy! I lifted my legs up around

Amber's ass and pulled her closer to Gerry while he kept himself up on one arm and stroked my cock with the other one. I loved the Gerry stroked my cock; I assumed it was the same way he did his own! Amber was still shaking; Gerry needed something else to hold her up in this upright position. We were both afraid her knees would buckle under Gerry's tongue!

I reached over on the bed and grabbed the black dildo that Amber had so lovingly fucked

Gerry's ass with the evening before. I held it out to Gerry. He took it and knew what to do.

Amber opened her legs a little wider to allow her husband slip the black cock up into her

sexy pussy. She clamped on it once in and Gerry held what he could of it to help hold her up. The room was full of the scent of sex and Amber moaning! This was enough to start to drive Gerry over the edge. I could feel him starting to fuck my mouth harder and deeper. I could feel Amber's orgasm was starting to build up more and more. Her legs were really trembling now. With no notice, she let out this scream; both Gerry and I did what we could to hold her up. She came with such an intense orgasm! You could still hear her sighing deeply minutes later as she continued to squeeze on the black cock.

It didn't take Gerry long to cum after this. With one last pull of my hands on his ass and a finger-tip slipped into his ass, I could feel Gerry cumming in my mouth once again. He had pushed down so far that my tongue could lick his shaven balls!! What I was waiting for! I was kinda relieved to feel his cum in the back of my throat, as my jaws were really hurting from all the sucking and licking the night before. I say I wasn't the only one aching! After all, this was Amber, Gerry's and my first time to take part in a threesome - two men and one woman... it was all new!

Feeling Gerry cum was enough to push me over! He was stroking my cock longer and harder. He

dipped his head to get a better view. I shot my load and managed to catch him on the lips

and chin!! I'd never shot that far before!! Gerry got off me and stood back with Amber to

get a good look at me and my throbbing hard cock!

Amber kissed her husband passionately while sharing my cum between them. She hoped her Gerry had enjoyed the whole experience as much as she did. While they kissed, I slipped the black cock out of her and licked her sweet juices clean from it! The taste of Amber was so intoxicating.

We all lay back on the bed - jaded! Actually, probably more so after the previous night's events.

Time for breakfast! But first, a good shower! Thank God for double shower trays!! :)