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Teasing Him No. 1

"Daddy and I finally meet"
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Published 1 month ago

There was only one rule. He was not allowed touch me or take control until I whispered the words 'I want you to take control Daddy.'

After some discussions through messages the night was arranged. Daddy arrived to the front door, the door was off the latch and let himself in. He made his way upstairs to the bedroom and entered. I was standing there, waiting, dressed in nothing but stockings. I moved close, moving my lips closer to his and sliding my hands down towards his crotch. He had to wait for my moves and could not take action. I kissed him slowly and passionately, my wet tongue running across his lips, and asked 'Do you want me to suck your cock Daddy?'

I could see in his eyes he was ready to lose control. He wanted to grab me by my ass cheeks and tell me what to do but he knew the rules.

I dropped to my knees and began to open his belt. The excitement was something I never felt. Pre-cum was leaking from me just thinking of what I was about to do. I pulled his trousers down and his cock was in my face. I let out a groan so Daddy would know how much I wanted him. I kissed the tip, holding back the urge to take it all in. Daddy twitched and I could see him growing in size. I wanted to feel him grow in my mouth so I slowly licked all the way up the shaft and asked again 'Do you want me to suck your cock Daddy?'

His answer nearly made me explode right there and then - 'Mmmmm, suck daddy's cock like a good boy'.

I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and placed it in my mouth. It felt incredible. I began sucking and made sure to take my time. I did not want to rush. I'm sure he wanted to hold my head and fuck my mouth but he had to remember the rules. I let go of his cock with hand and sucked slowly up and down. My greediness was tough to keep at bay because I want Daddy's cum. Feeling him grow and tasting his pre-cum leaking out was incredible. It still makes my mouth water. At times I would let him out of my mouth and look up with a smile and then start sucking again. It was a massive turn looking to see how much he was enjoying and the glint in his eye showing he was waiting for those magic words so he could take control.

I raised up and kept one hand on his cock and began kissing him passionately. I asked ' Do you like that Daddy?' Does Daddy want me? Am I a good boy?'

He could only nod and groan. I could see he liked when my cock touched his while I slowly put my tongue in his mouth.

With both our cocks in my hand, holding them together, I whispered in his ear to sit at the end of the bed so I could suck him some more....


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