Written by tomirs

7 Jan 2011

It is the early hours just before a new day is dawning '¦..

You are still lying on my back, i slide my hand across you and lay my head upon my chest. Are you awake, I wonder to myself as the longing returns '¦.sliding my hand down your chest I feel you heart start to beat faster '¦.just a little at first '¦put I know you are coming back to me ,

We lay there for a short time, I roll slightly to my side to watch you , then ,slipping into a now familiar position . I feel your arms circle me and I close my eyes. A brief moment of just being together in each others arm and I feel you as you begin to softly and slowly move against me,. This tells me you are not in the mood for more sleep . You slowly cup my breast in your hand.

. I reach between us, taking your hardening cock into my hand, Your hand sliding between my leg, spreading them slightly. Your fingers have found my little button and begun their dance. I moan softly and push towards you . Not wanting this to be over too quickly I resist the urge to let you fingers slide into me and instead let you increase the rhythm of the dance across my clit. Slow circles, and then back and forth, punctuated with an occasional light pinch. I can feel the orgasm start to build inside me, You continue playing with me and start to kiss my lips and side of your neck. Tasting an ear lobe now and then, i tense and push hard into my fingers as you start to cum. Not wanting to let the sensation I am being engulfed with end, You continue to rub, slower and farther away from my clit that you had been teasing. I relax as the feeling subsides, yet the slight pressure and the teasing keep me on the edge, not letting me come down from the last orgasm. But i, as always, wanting things to move along to the main event, I sit up and turn around, my legs laying beside my head as i reach for and find your cock again. It jumps as i lick across the head and down the shaft slowly. I squeeze your balls as i engulf the head and begin to work my way down, letting you slide slowly into my warm, wet mouth. Tasting and wanting all of you , hot and throbbing as my tongue and mouth gyration now increase in both strength and speed'¦

You start back with my finger dance, this time able to watch as you work. You love to watch as you play with me . Both off us now on the edge as you lick and suck on my lips and clit .Soon I am again Cumming and arching my hips to meet my tongue. Not stopping even once on my current journey I continue to stuck and tease and play , You reach down to caress my hard nipples and soft warm breasts. As my third orgasm builds, and drive me over the falls again, I realize that the licking and sucking I am getting between my peaks is taking it's toll and you are about to unleash an explosion that has been pent up inside of me for too long.

I rise up from the tasty treat that I was sampling and turn around and move over you . My spread far apart and kneel open over you, exposed, needy. You slowly rub the head of your cock up and down across my clit that you had just sucked between your lips, Your now tip thrashing from side to side. I feel another dam about to break and as you slide your cock in, deep and slow. I to rock my hips in a slow steady rhythm, iam arching my back to increase the slapping of our hips and the depths that am reaching. Picking up speed and driving harder, more intense than ever before I can tell you are on the same path I can hear you moaning shockwaves taken us over driving us to take more '¦higher and higher '¦until'¦ The sound of you starting over the edge and your hands on my hips pushing me down deeper and deeper on to your shaft and my tight , wet , hot pussy locking you deep within , my sweet pussy juices running down your shaft and balls is what you needed , You groan my name '¦..I am yours '¦..I can feel you shudder violently and I know I can let go '¦'¦ my head falls back and I begin to cum, and cum, and..........

Moving to lay back beside you as you brush my hair away from my face and kiss me softly , I lay agents you warm and safe . You slide the covers back over us, I snuggle up to your again and listen as your heart beat slows down , with my arms around you. I smile and drift off to sleep.