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Wet Knickers

"My Delicious Mrs"
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When I came upstairs I was ready to go to bed. We were both tired after a long day so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bedroom door and saw what was waiting for me.

Joanne was kneeling on the edge of the bed, ass up and face down. She was wearing a turquoise thong, the same one she had been wearing the day before, and a pink lace top.

She cocked her arse invitingly and told me how horny she was all day from reading all of the kinky messages in Swing4ireland. My cock was hard immediately and I got down on my knees behind her. I slapped her ass and told her she was a bold girl, and she moaned in delight. Then I pulled the thong to one side and spread her ass wide before burying my face in it. I licked her arse up and down slowly while fingering her wet pussy. As I began running my tongue around her hole and stroking her clit faster, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. She moaned again in pleasure as I pushed my tongue inside her ass. When I knew she was close to cumming I pulled her thong off. She arched her back even more, begging for my cock. I slapped it against her ass and teased her with it before slowly pushing it into her pussy. I still had her thong in my hand, it was soaking wet and I started sniffing it while I fucked her. I love her scent, and I could feel myself getting close to cumming already. She moaned again even louder than before and I slapped her ass again, harder this time. I could see her big tits swinging in the mirror opposite the bed, she has the mist perfect pair of milf tits you can imagine. I slipped my thumb inside her ass and started fucking her harder. She moaned again and said she was going to cum so I went even harder again. She called my name as she started to cum and I could feel her pussy contract as I emptied my load inside her. I just stood there with my cock inside her pussy, making sure she got every drop until I was done. Then with one last sniff of her thong I slid out of her and we both collapsed on the bed.


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