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Wedding dream

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Published 2 months ago

At my cousin's wedding in co meath I walk into the church and straight away spot a gorgous looking girl in a orange silky dress with no bra lots of side boob on display I'm thinking fuck she's perfect tanned  petite and gorgous around 5.5 tall  but I'm too old for her she looks 22 at most  the church is wrapped up etc and we head to the hotel I'm literally in the door and catch her attention she gives a welcoming smile  just something about this girl her skin so perfect the tight dress had me crazy for her as the nite goes on around ten I'm at the bar and she comes up she says your the brides cousin aren't you ,I said yep I'm her cousin she says I've  heard about you been a wild child I says I'm far from a child now,, I'm 30 she says you don't look 30 😲 I said what about yourself she said  I'm 24  single and loving life  we chatted for ages danced etc I'm walking back from the toilet at 2 am towards the the ballroom and meet her in the hall she said where you off to mister are you coming for a smoke I said I don't smoke but I'll come with ya ,,,the boobs on show  the perfect size and her ass and tan just to die for,, out smoking she said I'm getting tired time for sleep or something else I says what else is there she reaches over touches my face and says let's go see I follow her up and she says which room is closer mine or yours I said I'm on second floor she then said yours let's go I was so xcited my cock was throbbing the minute we get through the door were kissing both of us so xcited her nipples were rock hard the perfect breasts she just stands back let's the dress slide off revealing the sexiest tits and stocmach in a wee orange coloured thong and says I hope your hungry,, I was in shock this girl was the ultimate package straight to the bed she bends over and I take slide the thong off ,,she had the best ass cheeks ever and her pussy absolutely mint I start kissing her cheeks and eating her pussy she's a real screamer after about 2 minutes she floods the floor and she's shaking she says holy fuck that's never happened me without a vibrator I said them younger guys dunno what there at she turns around pulls my jocks off and  my cock springs out she says yummy that's the nicest cock I've seen in awhile she takes me in her mouth I'm so horny but I know I'm ok after drinking I can last for a hour or more I'm keen to fuck this girl good coz shes special  we move to the bed and I flip her around she's sucking my cock while I'm eating her gorgeous pussy the screams are enough to wake the hotel she says I can't take it anymore put your cock in me I bend her over the side of the bed the pussy is soaking and I slide in lovely and tight I'm thrusting hard and she says slow down I like it soft Im just in heaven her natural tan her gorgeous face and brown hair I'm usually a blonde type guy but I'm in heaven I flip her around lay her on edge of bed push her legs highe and slide in again she's squealing and says I'm coming she floods the bed again she's so petite and shaking I'm in heaven the she get up and says what about my ass you want to fuck it I Said ok the then says fuck I've no lube hope dashed I said it's ok I'm happy to fuck your gorgous pussy back on the bed I'm lying down she goes reverse cowgirl and is fucking me hard I can feel the load coming I'm trying my best to hold on but I can't she gets off me and and sucks my cock I blow the load deep on her throat and she says yummy in her Kildare accent we fucked most the night and the next morning just such a tight perfect girl I was in love she's keen to carry on but the age difference is a problem I think ps were still fucking 

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