Written by cocksandpussys

12 Jul 2014

What a day work, mad busy dealing with customers and their enquiries. Eventually got home at 8pm. After dinner sat down to scroll the channels. I started watching the Belgium v USA game. My wife was in the shower after 15mins she came in to the room and starting watching the match with me. She got up and said she'll get a drink. I had a carlsberg and she came in with a orange juice and vodka. She was lying in front of me on the floor. Then she turned to me spreading my legs and rubbing up and down grabbing my balls and cock on occasion. I was full erect within mins. She said hope you keep track of the game. She pulled my trousers and boxers off display my cock. She started by sucking my balls, teasing and biting my cock. At this stage I couldn't even see the game the pressure on my cock was so immense. Precum was cumming out of my cock by now and she was suck and licking It of with her tongue. The wetter I got the precum started to dripping from her mouth. She took off her top and bra, then introduced her tits to my cock again covering her in me. Her nipples were erect and stick out wet from my precum. She took a mouthful of her orange juice and swallowed my cock only to realise she had a ice cube in her mouth driving me crazy with the coldness run down the tip of my cock, she done it about 4 times as each ice cube melted. Each time she got another cube precum dripped on to her tits. By this stage the second half was well on. She then started to deep throat my cock tell me she wants cum all over her. And sure enough after 10mins after she tighten her mouth she made me blow my load right in her mouth. I was stuck to the chair. With a full mouth in her mouth she got up to kiss me snowballing me with my own cum. After she exchanged she said she want it back so I gladly assisted. Then back to me. After the last transfer she told me to put some on each tit and suck it off at this stage my cock was getting erect again. I never thought I watch a football, get bj & snowballed all while the curtains were opened.

Then she said we should move to the bedroom for some proper fun.

Would any one like to hear how we finished up