26 Oct 2015

I travelled to a midlands county to meet a lady as I though on the Saturday evening prior to the final between Cork and ?

I was there at 7pm as planned but no matter what contact I made by phone and having two contact numbers for this so called lady . any way I did make a call to another woman and asked if she would be around on the night ,the only problem was she lived in Co Cork

so fare enough I headed for Cork from the midland town,

I had a few encounters with this lady before so I knew what would be and what was expected of me

Christ was I mad horny with the taught of the ride I would get and give

I did stay over night and watch the football on Sunday but the only ball(s) I had interest in was my own.

when I arrived after 10 pm on the night just a kiss you will have something to eat ,I said I do not mind so she filled the kettle and started to prepare something for to eat when I walked up behind here and grab her by the waist and caressed her around the waist I was mad stiff in my trousers, as she stood there preparing the food I did go in under her dress and started to kiss her fanny so that was my food

more to come