7 Aug 2019

I was working in a Midwestern town working for a year or so, It was coming to the end of my stay

I was at the company Christmas party, we had good fun .. sing songs etc, but a lot of the

people there were driving, so at about 11.30 most of the people left the golf club,

I headed

down to the local dive bar, I knew a few of the people there and I was shooting pool,

I got chatting to two ladies who were sitting at a high table beside the pool table..

I saw them glancing (or maybe they were glancing back at me admiring them :) )..

the pool games were going my way, and I think I had won 3 games in a row, (winner stays

on ) one of them commented hey you aint bad at pool, for an Irish man, I just burst out laughing,

I said well come up here and show me how its done so , put your name on the board and get in line..

I tipped over to the bar and asked Brian the bar tender to get me another ultra and asked him to get the

girls what ever they were having and drop it over to them.

we got playing and i ended up beating the two girls (at pool) a local guy who was shit hot at pool came onto the table

and pretty much white washed me , I think I got 2 maybe 3 shots off, and he cleared the table, just as well.

I was walking past the girls and they said hard look Honey, and was it you that got us the drinks, I said it was

a consolation prize for getting their ass whooped by an Irish guy, they returned the compliment and called Brian to

get me another ultra, we got chatting and one of them seemed to be into me, the other was texting her boyfriend,

we kept chatting for a while and we were getting on ok.. no sexual innuendo but she would do that slapping me on the arm when ever I cracked a joke..lots of eye contact, I was thinking (Horneyt , you might just be in there just dont fuck it up) she was a nice looking lady

short hair, a little of short for her age.. fabulous body , nice perky breasts, nice shape to her ass, her face had a lovely shape lovely eyes , her complexion was masked by heavy amount of makeup.. she was nice, I was flirting with her well and things were ok , until an apparition walked through the door.. an exotic sallow skinned brunette, petite , gorgeous eyes nice breasts and a white tank top contrasting with her sallow Latino skin.. and what was more she walked in with a receptionist from the hotel that I was staying in,(happy days that is my way in to get chatting to her friend) , I think the lady I was talking to was not too pleased with me staring at the Panamanian hottie (I cant help my self Im just a simple creature) the lady said something really kind of nasty to me so , I said ill chat to you later, she apologised and I said no its cool , just I spotted someone in the bar I wanted to say hi to ,

I got chatting with Jenny the Hotel Receptionist.. she gave me a big hug, and proceeded to introduce me to her friends (Happy days I was thinking ) I was introduced to Ronald he was a huge guy, Latino also, he said he had seen me around playing pool, and then I met Carolina, I think it was pretty obvious I was into her, I said nice to meet you , I asked her where was she from, she said she was Panamanian, wow thats exotic , I like exotic, with that she smiled and said tall Irish men are exotic to the exotic with a cheeky smile,Ronald had gone to the bar, and Jenny was talking to someone else a table or two away,

Carolina and I were chatting for a bit asking what each other does etc, I got the feeling she might be interested but I wanted to know the deal with her man.. so I said your boy friend is very lucky, she said who ? Ronald ??? no man he is my cousin, Good to hear I said ,she just laughed, and asked how long are you in town for ,I said another 2 weeks and then Im starting a contract with another company further North , she replied well we better hurry up and get to know each otherso !!, I just nodded said okay with me :) (I was desperately trying to contain my excitement) a while later in the conversation she asked me so you are staying at the Hotel Jenny was working in ,I said yep, she said ok look I want to chat with some friends here but you know Im staying with you tonight right ? I was like cool beans, so I was chatting with locals, from time to time exchanging glances and smiles With Carolina , I was at the bar and the other girl came up to me she was chatting and I bought her a drink as I was getting one my self and Carolina, we chatted for a bit and I went back to Carolina and gave her a drink.

roll on a an hour or so , and I get introduced to more of Carolina's friends, Jenny says hey Hornyt there is a party back in my place want to come ( I could see her boyfriend who had just arrived to pick her up was not one bit happy ) I said no Im cool (after all I wanted to hang with Carolina.) Carolina said to Jenny can you give him a lift back to his hotel that crazy guy says he is walking, I told her the room number she said she would be over in a while and I got back to my hotel room thanks to Jenny and her grumpy f**king Boyfriend).

so I waited , Had a quick shower , some after shave, poured 2 whiskeys, getting all excited, no show ,

man that is no Bueno as they might say in Panama,

Next morning I woke up with a Headache, a Hardon and the Heaviest of Heavy sacks, I did my best to fantasise about what I would do with Carolina , and I tugged on my throbbing truncheon, I was squeezing the tip so hard, I was so frustrated, it was just as well that my cock was oozing precum for most of the night so that it would lubricate my lustful massage of my organ.. I began to climax, the only benefit of being stood up in my room was that the orgasm as I shot my load was so intense, and so sustained, I managed to shoot all over my chest, neck and pillows, I went and had a shower cleaning the blasts of wasted thick semen off my chest and neck and hair... .. I was so turned on .. I was still semi hard after drying myself off and the heavy pain of un fulfilled desire was still gripping me from the depths of my scrotum,

I guess I still just needed to relieve the pent up sexual desire, expectation and un released tension,. I had to go at my raging erection again,I was pulling with my right hand , squeezing my shaft firmly as my hand rhythmically stimulated my pulsating phallus, with my left hand I placed it between my legs just behind my sack and firmly and rhythmically massaged between my balls and ass, ( which Ladies is a good way to amplify your mans pleasure)

I came again,my mind, like my newly released semen was just a little more clear....

To be Continued (sorry) ...

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