5 Aug 2019

I was working Stateside for a while and in the hotel I was staying at there was a friendly Barmaid

we got on quite well throughout the week.

one thing was annoying was at 11.30 every night on the button she would clear the bar down and that was it.

I said to her one night why in the fuck do you close up bang on 11.30 . she said honey this is a dry county.

you we got to shut down at 11.30 or we would loose our license. is said fine. went off to bed.

The following night it was quite busy at the bar. we had gotten to know each other .and a couple came in

the lady was super nice and the boyfriend was a bit of dickhead. I was getting on well with the lady maybe too well

and the boyfriend said common we are going. I still remember the way the girlfriend looked back at me and waved.

hmm what a waste I thought. there was another guy at the bar. and he was slagging off the barmaid. saying that

she tried to hit on him. I joked why didn't she hit on me . she said . honey you are not interested I can tell.

anyway a few more people came and went from the bar. it was getting late. one of the guys at the bar said to barmaid

so when did you split from your man . she said last month . papers are filed . I said sorry to hear that. she said

honey don't say that . "Im free to do what ever I want when ever I want with who ever I want", on that note went to a table and

sat down to order food. after the food I was sitting with a few business people who were passing through we were getting on well with a few

people at the bar. and I said lets get a few drinks and we can continue in my room. no funny business.. just a few drinks and a laugh.

the lads said they will not let drinks up without room service after hours. I said that I know the barmaid she is cool. so

off to the bar I went . I asked her to do me a solid and she said sorry Horneyt I wont do that. I said common I thought you were cool

she said. "I tell you what Im going to do . Im going to cash out your bill you my friend are going to write your room number on the receipt you are going to say sorry you failed to those nice folks over there and you are going to say good night and go straight to your room. and Im going to clean up here .and Im going to go up to your room and fuck your brains out . how about that.

well I guess 230 wasn't a hard number to write on the back of a receipt. I said my goodbyes to the people I was talking to

and high tailed it to my room.

anyway Im standing in the room.. thinking what do I do I was standing around looking at my bed thinking this is cool.

I thought about making sure I was presentable. so I went about showering. so i got onto the shower . put shampoo all over

my body lathering up under my arms my chest .. paying close attention to my throbbing penis.. pulling back the tight foreskin and

cleaning around the head. cleaning and puling back on the fore skin making sure it was ready for a queen to suck on it .

I loved the feeling on the tip of my purple headed appendage and the sensation as the streams from the shower head titillated the tip.

then I focused on my balls . they were in over time.. tightening . churning a way . preparing for later . my soapy hands massaged them and between my legs back to my anus. the feelings of lust as rubbed the shampoo gently around my groin and crack were helping me pass the time. the butter flies of excitement in my stomach. the feeling of nervous apprehension and uncertainty. would she stand me up

was she just clearing the bar. and getting me the F**k out of there. . the phone rang . I answered. she said just checking to see if you have done what you are told Horneyt . she said I hope you are all showered up ready for action. I said I was just out of it . she said she would be another half hour 15 Minutes pass, then another and another . and about an hour later Im almost a sleep just giving up when I hear a very gentle knock on the door. I open it she pushes me in . and starts to kiss me straight away . she undoes my dressing gown and my throbbing erection standing attention to greet her . Nice she exclaimed . I want it now .she said .

she whipped off her clothes in no time .no help needed just straight down to business. and sat on the end of the bed.. I was like wow.

she began to suck my my penis while massaging her clitoris. it was lovely .then she abruptly said do you have a condom. I was like fuck I forgot completely . she tut tutted at me and she said well I came prepared.. she took the condom out of her purse . and expertly rolled it on making sure to keep the air out of the tip with her mouth. impressive.

she lay back with her elbows supporting her back . to sit up and face me. for a Moment I was standing there admiring this 50 year old Black barmaid with nice breasts and a fabulous body. and a pretty face. short cropped black curly hair . her pussy was trimmed well maintained.. I just stood there and admired her. she leaned forward with one hand on my hand and one on my throbbing penis she spread her legs so wide and said common baby don't be shy.

with her expert guidance i climed up and mounted her. as I entered her my body shuddered and she let out a gasp as my penis sailed passed her dripping wet labia . I kissed her ear and then her mouth and she smiled. she asked have you ever been with an older woman before . I said no and I said whats more you are the first black woman I was ever with.. she pushed me back and off her and said what the fuck.. u racist or something. I said no sorry . its just I haven't had the opportunity to meet black ladies. I said is like this . my penis is colour blind . if you have the face the body and the attitude my cock wants you . end of .

she burst out laughing and said come here baby . Ill show you how we fuck.. she opened her legs so wide. I could see her vagina opening and her clitoris just barely protruding I knelt between her legs and sucked on her Big Breasts.. her nipples were so big .. her breasts were beautiful showing signs of ageing I got the sense she was self conscious .. I put my finger to her mouth to hint to her to shut up while I sucked on her breasts . I loved the sensation of the nipples hardening and responding to my eager touch . she said easy tiger . .whoops I said . I get carried away sometimes she grabbed my cock and said honey put in now .

whoa. I dutifully followed her instructions and I entered her again..I could feel her toned thighs wrap them selves around me almost instructing me to stay deeper inside her . I was loving it she was loving it . then flipped her over on all fores . and I dug into her .the feeling of my scrotum wrapping off her buttocks was just encouraging me to go even harder at it .. I was going as hard as i could and I was getting pretty tired. she could hear my panting .. she said . stop honey before you give your self a heart attack.

I want to show you what I can do . she put me on the flat of my back . she reached down to my penis and played with as she climbed on board. I then had a shock the feeling of her pussy sliding on my penis bareback was unmistakable . I was about to say something and she just started kissing me and said she prefers it that way and she cant have babies. . then her rhythmic movements her breasts gently following her arching back movements and she brought my hands and placed them on-top of her fabulous buttocks . and her movements were squeezing my penis in ways I haven't felt before. her breath depend and quickened i could feel her juices drenching my balls her vagina tightening with every undulation of her ass on me .. she kept going until finally her breasts were bouncing so hard that they must have been hurting her .. she grabbed my hands and held them against her breasts as she kept riding me all the way to her climax. she bit her lip and let a groan out as I felt her vagina quiver and squeeze like nothing I have felt before she she slowed down a little but said come on baby its your turn .. she kept at a constant pace and her efforts were paying off I warned her I was going to cum . instead of getting off me . she just went harder and harder at it grinding her pelvis on me . I couldn't help in an intense and sustained way fill her with every drop of semen I had in me. she kissed me and just stayed on me .. she said . she loved the feeling of me cumming inside her..we kissed .chatted for a bit ..and held each other in that position for ages. we kissed and fell asleep.

the following morning I woke up to her sucking on my cock again.Ladies I have to say it is the best way to wake a man . she sucked me so expertly . tickling my balls with her tongue. she kept boobing her head up and down I put my hand on her head and she slapped them .she said honey and came up for air and said I don't like having a dick shoved down my throat .if you even think about it Ill bite. . I said cool i just like massaging your head .and guiding you to where I like ..it . she frowned and said sit back there honey I know how to please a man.. and boy she did she sucked and boobed her head and would occasionally look at me with such a naughty look .until finally I was starting to climax.. she kept at it . going faster and using her hand . and then she took me as deep in her mouth as she could and sucked and kept sucking until my penis had finished pumping every last bit of my love juice .. I felt her swallow my load . she wiped off her mouth with the sheet and I pulled her up to kiss her . we kissed passionately for a while . I wanted to have another go at entering her. she said sorry honey another time . I got to go . before the shift changes. I don't want to be spotted leaving a guests room. We showered together . lathering each other in soap and cleaning each other intimately .. she saw I was getting aroused again.and said honey get a towel and get out of the shower. .. I obeyed and let her clean her self up.

I watched her get dressed, kiss me again and then spirit her self out of the room down the hall.

A night and morning to remember ...

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