Written by VR

19 Jan 2017

This is from a while back but well worth re-living. My girl V is 5ft 5, size 8-10, 24C tits and great legs. We opened up to our sexual fantasies earl in the relationship and began being open and sharing. The first few years were sex sex and more sex . Exotic places, swing clubs, sex parties and threesomes.

After two years together she booked a week away. She spent weeks planing it. She had booked an apartment in her old college town and we were going to visit for the first time. This is the town where she really found herself and her clubbing and partying lifestyle. I've heard tons of stories of how she picked up guys here and how she had sex parties with her flat mates and there boy/girlfriends.She knew that I felt left out,so she did this for me.

We got there on Friday night and she was very excited. We went out for a few drinks and came back, she dressed up in a little nurse outfit and we fucked hard.. she had a new energy about her and she made me take photos of her with her phone and I saw her texting and sending these pics to others.

The next morning she woke early and went out, she came back with a shopping bags full of booze, snacks, condoms . She had got her hair done up and she was fully waxed! I knew this was going to be fun!

Around 5/6 her phone started buzzing and there was a knock on the door. It was one of her ex boyfriends, then another, and another.. By 8pm three of her ex boy friends, and her ex gym instructor where there. This was the collection of cocks from her college days (at least the ones she enjoyed) . All of them were in the late 20s- 30s, all very fit and tall. She had ordered pizza and we all ate and drank and got drunk more and more till she left the living room for about and hour. All the guys got to know each other and were pretty horny about the night that was to come. She had found the guys online, texted her ideas and dirty pictures of herself and convinced them to all come over for some fun.

She called me to the bedroom - she was dressed , oh how she was dressed , I still remember that so well.. fishnet hold ups , heels, thongs that had a hole cut out for her pussy, and a black lace bra. She said that she knew how I wished I was there in her college days ,and now I can be there and re-live it with her.

She walked out with me, holding my hand and poured herself a glass of wine. She sat on the sofa and made small talk with some of the guys. A while later she started making-out with one of her ex guys and he was fingering her, she then stared the party right there on the couch. She pulled out his cock and said loudly - how I missed you all! and started sucking it. The rest of us watched as she sucked him. The gym instructor took off his clothes and sat next to her and pulled out a pretty massive cock ( she had talked about his cock all the time!) She immediately took his cock in her hand and her ex walked up behind her to find a condom.. he then put in on and filled her pussy with his hard cock. Two exs and I were watching her getting fucked while sucking a massive cock. The two lads sat nearby waiting for their turn and I just watched in disbelief that she was this dirty!

She then swapped cocks and let the gym guy fuck her... she didnt want to be shared while he fucked her..She just stayed there there on the couch getting filled till she came to orgasm really hard.. he just kept pumping harder and harder. She then came to me and pulled down my pants and sucked me while the other guys watched but they didn't wait too long. They lifted her up and took her to the bedroom and took turns fucking her harder and harder.

By midnight she was a sweat and cum covered mess. The guys had cum on her tits, ass, stomach and face. The gym guy was still fucking her and I was on the bed getting my cock sucked... she then moved to me and pushed my cock inside her .. she was soaking and covered in sweat, her pussy was red, her nipples were like rocks. I fucked her till I came inside her and then watched the party go on.. she kept going on and drained the guys dry of every bit of cum .

By 1-2 am she was exhausted and laid there in bed ... she had a quick shower as the guys got dressed and had more drinks. We all got back in to the living room, had some snacks and more drinks . Then guess what - we went at it again!