Written by Billy

21 Sep 2018

So been in my mid twenties and from Mayo I was a normal ass. But even for been an idiot I did have a really hot girlfriend. She was independent and did not put up with shit from anyone.

Anyway we booked a holiday in grand canary and stayed in a hotel with a lot of other young couples. Been the age boys are dumb I would get really possible of my girl and her going topless. She had great d cup breasts and I could tell all the other guys were always staring at her. How dumb was I. We had made friends with a few of these couples and we'd be out drinking and they had seen her tits and none of their girls send topless and even if they did they had nothing to show.

In my stupidity I managed to make an argument that she should not be showing her assets as the guys were not showing theirs to her. There was the 26 year olds argument. If you all were naked it would not bother me.

Clever girl said and would you go naked if everyone was. Of course I replied. Ok she said tbere is a beach in the next town maspalomus where there is a nude beach. Oh fuck what did I do.

Next day I walked the beach nude with her beside me topless. That shut me up.

So there are all these round stones areas. Where people my nude and I think build little 1 foot walls around to stop wind.

So once settled in out little circle she asked would it bother me if she took the bottoms off.

Well the thick mayo man had walked into it.

So happy we were kinda sheltered we pay back and sun bathed. I loved looking at that beautiful 24 year old body. D cup tits. Lovely Brazilian mound. Fabulous. At one point I say up and this guy in his thirties was lying about 4' from out spot having a wank looking at my girlfriend.

I dont know where the possessive ness went but it made me really horny. He never stopped even though I was starring at him he just stared at her Facebook page I was not getting horny at him it was that he was getting off on my naked girl. She saw my horn and asked could I not relax. I said don't sit up but there's a guy beside us wanking for you.

She as cool as could be said are you not jealous. I said no surprisingly horny. She asked will I put a show on for him. I said I dare you. And she opened her legs to give him a proper view.

Then she started to masturbate. Needless to say he shot a massive load very quickly.

He shuffled in his bag and walked over to us and dropped a piece of paper beside us and said if you'd like to take it further call me.

OMG I was so horny I fucked her spoon style there at beach. And three more times back at room.

She could not understand nor could I why guys at hotel made me jealous but this experience made me horny.

We never called him as we bonked the rest of holiday on fantasy.

But we took it further next holiday in greese