3 Aug 2019

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I was coming back to my place after a night out on the town... when on

Parnell street a lady was crying her eyes out. She was sitting on the side

of the Path, and she was in an awful way. I remember a Taxi driver even pulled

up... I was helping her, she said she had a row with her sister and she was kicked out.

she was trying to ring her boyfriend but had no money... so i gave her coins to call

her boyfriend and I offered to stay with her and walk her to her boyfriend...

there was no answer as she explained her boyfriend had another woman also.. (I was like

ok this is strange) anyway ... she tried to call him a few times and no reply...

we got talking and some chancer came up to us selling a naggin of vodka. I bought it

and shared it with her ... well we must have been talking for hours... she was getting cold

and the boyfriend was not answering she said she would try to go back to her place...

I walked her back to her apartment...we got inside the main door and she was telling me

about her problems... she was Canadian 19 years old, she had missed her period and she thought

she might be pregnant... her boyfriend was also with another woman... I was listening and

sipping vodka all the while ... we were sitting on the stairs inside the apartment complex

she was calm now and her eyes were no longer red and wet with tears.

she is a very attractive auburn red-haired lady shoulder cropped hair... I started to feel very attracted to her...

I said she was very beautiful and that she could have anyone she wanted... (she could have me for FFS :) )

she turned over her shoulder and looked me in the eye...and then she kissed me ... gently at first ... lips gently

teasing each other, I got so turned on I could feel that heavy surge of lust deep in my scrotum... you know that feeling where your brain can’t be rational... (you just got to follow the orders of your desires...) I returned the compliment of the kiss

passionately and with interest... I manoeuvred on top of her kissing harder and my hands holding her tight to me...

I don't know how long we were kissing but my hands were working by themselves ... feeling her beautiful body through her cloths...

My throbbing erection was protruding and pitching an uncomfortable tent between me and her ... after what seemed an eternity, she said stop ... I said sorry... she just looked at me and smiled...

she took my hand and brought me to her room ... the room she shared with her sister... she told me be very quiet okay? ... I nodded like an obedient dog... (a dog that was well up for it) ... she left the light off in the room. and took off her clothes. her beautiful curvy yet toned silhouette casting a shadow from the amber streetlights outside...She beckoned me as she lay in the bed... (you didn't have to ask me twice I can tell you) I took of my clothes as quickly and quietly as I could. My throbbing cock hooking my boxers and momentarily preventing me from getting completely naked with this beautiful hottie.

we kissed again passionately... I kissed her on the lips, on the neck ... gently kissing her ear lobes and gently sucking on them she had moved her hands to my aching and bulging penis she was rubbing it against her clit... her pussy was not as wet as I was heard but she persisted in rubbing my penis against the lips of her vagina... gently yet persistently ... I lowered my head to her chest her breasts were nice perky with small rock-hard nipples.... they tasted so nice ... I loved how they reacted to being in my mouth and her gentle moan as I sucked gently on them... she whispered to me I want you inside me ... ...I need you inside me ... she widened her legs and I climbed up higher so I could I start kissing her again (while entering her I love the intimacy kissing while penetrating)..she grabbed the base of my shaft and directly guided it into her... I was more than willing to help we both winced as my pulsating penis broke through and into her snug tight vagina.

(I have to say it hurt me as much as it must have hurt her...) but that brief sting gave way to a wave of pleasures like a wave of pleasure and relief coming from the tip of the penis through my whole body, a wave of pleasure that starts to slowly unwind the sexual tension built up in the base of my balls ...

we humped, wrestled, held on to each other as we writhed in the bed... for a time ... I don’t know how long it was... maybe it was the drink, but I was not able to cum... she was willing me ... begging me to cum... I kept going and going pushing and pushing, grabbing and thrusting pinning her hands to the bed... she came biting my shoulder gently as her pussy massaged my cock... I kept feeling successive crescendos, but I could not climax... we both were wrecked… we couldn’t keep at it any longer …we kissed and held each other as we fell asleep

to be continued….

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