Written by razzor33

22 Apr 2009

When 5:30 arrived finally after 2 hours of giving each other I so want you now looks Mary tidied up her desk and said are you ready ?? `you bet I am' we left the office and got into my jeep and Mary immediately leaned over and kissed me hard I was so horny again.. Mary then spotted that my Jeep was a commercial with loads of room in the back and with the blacked out windows no one can see in, have you ever had sex in the back.. I replied yes, why do you think there is 2 quilts spread across the back its great cause no one can look in, this put a dirty smile on Mary's face'¦

We headed of and Mary was constantly rubbing my leg and making my cock rock hard, all the time I was telling her to behave lol'¦ but she wasn't listening.. I asked her had she put her under ware back after earlier, she said no, so I told her I wanted to see her pleasuring herself as we drove along it was so horny'¦. She made herself cum in the middle of traffic so sexually charged unbelievable she then relesed my cock from my pants and started pulling on my cock I almost came their and then luckily as we in a jeep we were high up but a van passed and he could see exactly what was going on and blew his horn at us and waved'¦

We eventually got to Mary's house with me still hard and she said to wait in the jeep as her daughter was home from school and she was just going to check on her and a quick change, which got me thinking the evening is not over yet.

About 20mins later Mary came out in runners, short skirt and tight teashirt so looked so hot'¦ Mary said it's a lovely evening lets head to the beech for a walk and some fun if your up for it.. So we headed for a local beech only about 20mins away. As we were chatting and getting to know more about each other and who we knew and where we went out etc.. Mary let it slip that I had dated one of her friends a few years back and she had rang her to ask me about what was I like seemingly my ex told her that I was a cool guy but horny as fu*k and always up for anything and she wanted to test that out'¦ I said make sure you remind me to thank my ex and we laughed'¦.

We got to the beech and parked up at the far end, the advantage of the jeep is we could drive along the beech so it was very quite up our end'¦ I stop the car and we immediately started kissing and feeling each other again Mary was not wearing any underware this so turned me on'¦ Mary said lets get in the back and as quick as you could imagine me jumped in the back and were ripping each other clothes of, Mary quickly started sucking my cock and I had two fingers in her pussy she was trying to moan but was difficult with my cock in her mouth.. she was so wet then like a flash she took my cock from her mouth and put her let over and was on top of me so fast it almost caught be by surprise I slipped so easily as due to Mary been so wet we went at it so vigoursly the jeep was shaking and anyone who seen us would have know what was going on.. Mary came and screamed out so loud it was amazing I said I also was about to cum and she jumped of me and took my cock into her mouth and started blowing me I shoot my load and Mary swallowed everything it was amazing'¦. We lay their for what seemed like an age taking in the moment Mary still had my cock in her hand and was wanking it back to life'¦ she then stopped and said lets go for that walk and we laughed'¦ so we got out and I noticed a couple walking their dogs and it was obviously they were watching us earlier as walked passed and looked at us'¦.. we just laughed and walked up the beech and went up towards a cliff path that at the top you can see down the estuary and for miles, Mary walked up infornt of me and I could see right up her shirt and of course never one to miss an opportunity I started feeling her ass and rubbing her pussy, she said to stop as it was making her horny again I just replied that's the idea'¦. When we got to the top the view was amazing and their was a cool breeze we went over to a large stone and just sat their and enjoyed the view and started kissing we were like 2 people who were never going to have sex again lol.. I then put my had up Mary's short skirt and her pussy was so wet 2 fingers slipped in so easily'¦ Mary was saying not here someone might see us'¦ I just continued kissing her neck and her moans gave me the sign to continue.. Mary pulled away and went down on her knees and took my cock out and was blowing me I leaned back to enjoy the treatment is was amazing and because I had just cum I could last so much longer'¦ I then took Mary up and turned her around with her hands on the rock I entered her from behind just going at it like two teenagers'¦it last ages and Mary came twice before I pulled out and Mary sucked me to finish again she said she loves the taste of cum'¦ we tidies up and walked back to the jeep chatting like old friends and not like two people who had just meet today and had just shagged each others brains out'¦ amazing woman'¦.

We headed back to Mary's place and I dropped her off she said she would ask me in but her mother and daughter was their and would be so much questions I laughed and said no worries we can catch up another time.. she replied defiantly and we parted with a tender kiss their was a serious attraction between us.. well maybe it was just serious lust lol'¦

I phoned John on the way home and thanked him for the use of the office and he said no worries and how did I find Mary, he said she can be a bit uptight with people she doesn't know. I said she was lovely and gave me everything I need and I might have to come back into the office later in the week if my internet is not restored'¦

I will let you know if anything further happens