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Fucked in the Woods

"Little Blue Knickers"
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When Joanne told me that she had tried dogging with a previous partner I was, as she says herself, less than impressed. I was jealous and annoyed but after I digested the information, and masturbated about it multiple times, I found myself wanting give it a go. She often told me that one of her fantasies was to be stripped naked and tied to a tree in the woods, blindfolded and fucked by strangers. When I told her I wanted to do it she was hesitant at first but eventually said she was up for it but with one caveat....that we picked the guys that would "find" her ahead of time. I was happy to agree to that, so we posted on Swing4ireland. As you can imagine there was no shortage of replies and we eventually picked three guys and arranged a date and time. We decided on the location, a discreet little wooded area just outside Galway and scouted out the perfect spot.

During the days leading up to the encounter I had many second thoughts. This was before we had so done any real swinging and I found that I was both horrified and aroused by the prospect in equal measure. Joanne on the other hand was 100% committed to doing it. We had the most amazing sex every night leading up to the meet. Before this she wasn’t really into dirty talk while we fucked but now she couldn’t stop and I loved it. From how she would walk through the woods to the spot wearing just her heels and little blue knickers to how she loved the thought of being blindfolded and not knowing who was fucking her or even if it was a stranger who happened upon our little outdoor sex party, I was in a state of hyper arousal and couldn’t get enough of it.  

The day finally arrived and again I questioned whether we should really do this. My brain may have been struggling with the idea but my cock wasn’t and as usual my cock won out. Joanne was in no doubt either; she came downstairs wearing exactly what she had promised. She has the kind of arse that every man dreams about, just the right size with dimples in all the right spots, and her blue jacket just about covered it. She is about 5’8” in the heels and has double D tits with perfect nipples that stand right up when she is horny. I was rock hard just looking at her standing there. Her jacket was open and she was wearing that tiny blue g string that barley covered her delicious waxed pussy. I grabbed her, bent her over the couch and fucked her right there before we left. I didn’t even pull her knickers down, just pulled it to one side and slid into her we pussy and she loved it, telling me how horny she was and how she couldn’t wait to be tied to the tree. I was so turned on that I came within a minute. She turned around and kissed me before whispering “let’s go” in my ear and off we went.

When we got to the arranged spot it was 3pm and my heart was pounding. Not in a bad way, it was that pounding feeling you get when you are aroused and full of adrenaline, normally when you are doing something you shouldn’t be. It’s addictive and it’s a feeling we both love and also one of the reasons we are so good together. We were early as planned, and there was no one around as we had hoped when we scouted the place. We kissed again in the car and she stroked my throbbing cock one last time. Then with one last quick look around we got out. She took off the jacket while looking me dead in the eye and tossed it to me before setting off up the path as if it was the most normal thing in the world. My cock was so hard I could barely walk as I followed her at a slight distance. My eyes were glued to her beautiful ass. It jiggled slightly as she walked and I could see her tits bouncing with every step. The thought of meeting someone out walking their dog or something was both worrying and delicious at the same time. I knew that this was something that she found incredibly erotic too; she loves being naked outside, and often went to nudist beaches with male friends before we met. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, we didn’t meet anyone and we arrived at the spot. She took off her knickers and gave them to me then she got down on her knees, took out my cock and slowly kissed, licked and sucked every inch of it while I sniffed her soaking wet g string. She stopped before I came, stood up and walked over to the tree we had picked out. I followed her and bound her hands to a good thick branch using our pink but very real hand cuffs. Finally I kissed her again and then put on the blindfold before slapping her on the arse and retreating into the trees to watch. I couldn’t stop stroking my cock and sniffing her knickers as I waited, heart still pounding in my chest. We had arranged for each of the guys to arrive twenty minutes apart and I didn’t have to wait long before I saw someone approaching. He didn’t see me but I could clearly see him. His name was John, or so he said when we spoke on the phone. We had exchanged photos and chatted a few times with each of them so we knew what to expect. He was a nice enough guy, in his early 30’s, black hair and average height. I watched as he approached Joanne. He glanced around as he undid his trousers and started felling her ass and pussy. I heard her moan in pleasure as he started fingering her wet pussy. Wasting no time he quickly got into position behind her and she moaned again as he slid his cock into her. He slapped her ass and squeezed her tits from behind as he fucked her. The moans grew louder as he increased the pace and I was sure someone would hear her and come looking. Then with a loud grunt he came inside her, thrusting a few more times until he was done. Then he slapped her ass again and I heard her gasp in surprise and delight, pulled up his trousers and just walked off without a word.

Moments later the second guy arrived. He could have been watching from the distance, that’s what I would have done. Danny was from the Netherlands. He was also dark skinned and extremely well hung. Joanne was very keen on him when we were screening for some reason, she likes black cock though so I wasn’t surprised. He just walked right up to her and without even looking around dropped his pants. She groaned loudly as his big cock entered her. He grabbed her hair in one hand and pulled her head back as he fucked her with long slow thrusts. He said, “You like that Joanne?” in an unmistakable Dutch accent and I heard her say "yes" through her moans of pleasure. He started fucking her harder then and she stared moaning louder and louder. I heard her saying, “Im cumming, im cumming”, but he didn’t stop. He kept going for a good five minutes like that until finally he groaned loud enough to be heard in Amsterdam and emptied himself inside her. I saw him pull her head back and whisper something in her ear before sliding out of her, pulling up his pants and looking around as if it was nothing. Then he walked off and disappeared into the trees.

By this point I was about to burst, I was so turned on. I could see Joanne was ready to go again. She was leaning against the tree, bent over with her arse up, legs wide apart invitingly just begging for more. I decided to take my turn and I made my way over to her. I could see cum dripping from her pussy and down her legs and she moaned as I approached, not knowing it was me. I took out the lube from my bag and started fingering her ass, she moaned as I slid two fingers in and squeezed her tits with my other hand. Then she cocked her ass even more and I slowly slid my cock into it. She moaned again as my cock went all the way in. I fucked her ass hard, pulling her hair as Danny had but not saying anything. Then I heard someone else approaching from behind. I slid out of her and turned around half expecting the Guards to be standing there. It wasn’t the Guards, it was Mike, our final friend for the day and he had another guy with him. This wasn’t part of the plan and I was annoyed at first but then not. He nodded to me and then made a gesture at all three of us to say we could all fuck her. Mike was in his late 20s and from Derry, but he was an Italian looking fucker, and was working in IT in Galway. He seemed like a decent lad and his buddy looked clean cut and sound enough too. I knew Joanne was up for anything that day so I decided to go for it. We undid the cuffs silently and she moaned in excitement when she felt multiple hands on her. We all stood there feeling her tits, ass and pussy. She loved this and before long we got her on her hands and knees. Mike then got underneath and she took his big cock inside her with another moan. She leaned back and started riding him, grinding him hard and slow. Then Mikes friend, stood in front of her and she started sucking his cock. I stood there stroking my cock and sniffing her knickers while I watched, oblivious by now to anything else. Then I got down behind her and Mike. I pulled her hair back again as I slid my cock inside her ass, not so gently this time. She shuddered in pleasure as we rode her like that, eventually finding a rhythm and picking up pace. Mike’s friend came first. I was still holding her by the hair when he took his cock out of her mouth and ejaculated all over her face and tits. This was too much for me, I couldn’t hold off anymore and I came harder than I had ever cum before. I thrust my cock inside her one last time, emptying myself in her sexy ass, before pulling out. I stood watching with Mike’s friend as Joanne and Mike got carried away. She was in ecstasy as she rode his big cock with complete abandon. Finally she leaned back and her whole body shuddered as they both came. They stayed there like that with his cock inside her and her big tits jiggling in is face as he emptied his load deep in her pussy. It’s the horniest thing I’ve ever seen to this day. Then she just got off him and stood up. She went over to Mike’s friend and kissed him before walking to me and taking her coat. She put it on and we walked back to the car. There were more cars in the car park when we left so we must have been seen, but we didn’t care, we got what we wanted and more.   


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